Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home for Christmas!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been planning our trip home from Rexburg, Idaho. Our original plans were to leave early Saturday morning around 6AM, however we learned of a large storm system moving in from Canada that was scheduled to hit around 11 or 12 Friday night. After much thought and prayer I concluded that our only reasonable option, to ensure our safe arrival home on Saturday was to leave Friday night. We decided to leave as soon as our white glove cleaning, finals, classes and check outs were done. We hoped that we could leave around 3 or 4 Friday afternoon, but we didn't get out of Rexburg until about 7pm. I rode with a friend of mine named Ned, and another friend named Cherean. We drove all night. Ned drove from 7pm until 3am, where I took over and drove from 3am until 7am(or 8am Nebraska time) We made it to Lexington to drop off Cherean around 8 in the morning, and arrived at my house at about 9:30am. We traveled through the Teton mountains with ease, it was slightly snowing, but was not sticking, and we were able to pass right through. The moon was bright, lighting up the road and illuminating our way. We were blessed with alertness so that we could continue to drive and arrive home with good time. It was truly an answer to our prayers. I prayed and fasted the Sunday before so that we could travel without encountering bad weather. Also an answer to my prayer of what to do, for if I had stayed in Rexburg I wouldn't be home yet. Then the prayer we said on our way out of Rexburg, for clear roads, animals to stay off the road, alertness, good time, good weather...we were very blessed and I'm very thankful that we are able to recieve answers to prayers. I'm so glad I listened to the Holy Ghost, and that we could return home in safety :)

That said, IT'S WONDERFUL TO BE HOME! I am looking forward to celebrating a wonderful Christmas with my family, and then returning back to Rexburg for another wonderful? semester of school! :D I can't wait to go back and catch up on everything with my wonderful roommates :) I might have a dull next week, mostly because mom, Sam, and dad will be working, and my siblings will be in school. And I will be carless :S I want to make it to Lincoln and see my friends...but I'm not sure that will happen either. I'm just happy to be able to relax for a little while! So, have a Merry Christmas, a happy new year, and I hope to see you all at some point in the near future! :D

Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, I have a TON of homework to get done today...and I CAN'T CONCENTRATE ON IT!!! I don't have any motivation to get it done! I've done well all semester, so not doing one or two assignments isn't going to kill me, right? No, I've got a problem. The majority of these are like 50 point assignments or more. I NEED to get them done!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE WEEK UNTIL I GO HOME :D! Just five more days of classes! I CAN DO THIS..........................i hope :S

well that's by little blog for the day :) Have a good day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Come What May, and Love it

Well, this post was going to be me venting. However, I am going to turn everything I was going to complain about into something as positive as I can manage. Ok, so the dishes have piled up, the crumbs have been accumulated on the counters, the dishwasher remains clean and full for a whole day and the stove has splats on it that you have no idea what made it! Sounds frustrating? Well, only if you take it that way. I'm going to force myself to see it this way: I had such a wonderful and loving mother who took the time to teach me how to clean and how to keep a clean home, and now it is my turn to practice. At home it was easy to say "But he's (or she's) the one who made the mess!!!!" and they had to clean it up, or you were forced to and you did it grumpily. However being a "mature" college freshman (I don't know how mature they can be...) you can't say things like that. You leave things, hoping they will pick it up, and finally when it drives you insane enough, you practice the skills your mother has so lovingly forced you to learn. And you clean. You are frustrated and annoyed, and you are thinking, when I'm married it won't be like this! haha, yeah. I'm sure all you married people are telling me to think again. Instead it will be your husband leaving his dishes and mess around the kitchen, the kids will make messes and dirty the furniture and windows and doors, the food will be on the floor and everywhere that it doesn't belong. And I tell myself, at least then it's my responsibility. But, I'm practicing. I'm trying to put a smile on my face and remind myself that someday these people will learn to clean up after themselves. Maybe they will learn that when you have turned out the light and gone to bed not to come knocking on your door. Or maybe they will realize that you are sick of them singing the entire song on the top of their lungs that you happened to just make reference to. Maybe...but chances aren't very high. So instead: Come what may...and love it. So this is now my new goal. Come what may, and love it. (I don't know how well that "venting" went positive, but I'm a lot more relaxed now :D )