Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Days

It's nearly the end of summer break, and surprisingly this has been one of my best summers in a long time. Typically my summer consists of working, working, some church activities and a random movie night or other activity with my friends from school. This summer was different, yes there was working and worrying about not enough work, but something changed when we moved to Charleston. Coming home it was easier to appreciate everything mom does for me, the comfort of home and the blessings of family. But not only do I have my family, I felt free to be myself, unconcerned with what others thought, and even better I made friends who have helped make this a wonderful summer! I got to see my friends typically twice a week, where we would just hang out, goof off, laugh, and talk. We didn't go anywhere that cost anything, we spent most of the time in parks, swinging or gazing up at the stars. There was hardly a dull moment when I was with them! It's sad to think that I will be, once again, leaving my friends behind. You would think I'd be used to this by now, but I want friends who are going to stay! I know I can text them, talk to them online, call them, but I want that friend who is there by your side in your most exciting and most difficult times! I've never really had that. Pama was always there to talk to, but we didn't get to hang out all that often. I had my school friends, but sometimes they just don't understand the things church friends do. I guess I should count my blessings that I have friends in many areas, so I'll always have a friend to turn to.

This is a picture of us goofing off one night, we are a bunch of dorks :)

As I'm getting ready for school I'm looking at my financial situation and trying to figure out what to do. I'll scrape by this semester, but next semester will be a different story. I have yet to find a job (I'm going in person soon though, hopefully that will help), and I just don't have the money I need. I would like to go on a mission, so I want to get all my debt paid off, and it's hard to do while going to college. So my alternate plan is to attend a 2yr university near home so all I have to pay is tuition and books. I want to get an associate degree in psychology, then go on a mission, go back to BYU-Idaho and finish up my bachelors in business with a minor in computer information technology.

So sometime this summer I did something to my left thumb. Not sure what, I just know that it hurts, kinda bad. Then tonight I was teasing Miranda and my thumb got knocked and now it hurts really bad. So I'm going to try and see a dr tomorrow and see what's wrong with it. OK, that is really all I've got right now. It's strange that I'm heading back to school, but I am excited to get back. I hope all is going well for everyone! Have a great week :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sudden Reminder

After returning home from work today mom had Sam and I read a news article and watch a short movie on what had happened at Beaver Lake in Nebraska. A 23 year old male had fallen off a boat, then got hit by the same boat and wasn't seen after that. His body still has not been recovered, but they are still searching. Confused at why I was watching this I asked mom if she knew who the boy was, since no name had been given. She said yes and told us that it was her cousin (I won't give the name since the news hasn't released it yet..) I've met him once or twice and was of course saddened by the news. At first I wanted more details of what happened, who he was with, his activity in the church things like that. Then I got to thinking about how our lives can be cut short! Every day could be our last day, do we leave the house saying kind words to our loved ones? Do we go to bed with a hug or a kiss? What small gestures could we give to remind our loved ones that they are special to us? How horrible would it be to leave after an argument and never see the other person again...Sure, it's sort of depressing, but I think it helps us keep our lives in perspective. We need to live each day to the fullest.

..Live each day as if it were your last..
I think that if I were to die tonight I would regret being upset with my brother
I'd regret not getting to know my family better
I'd regret all the times someone passed me by looking down, and I did nothing to help
I'd regret not constantly striving to be a better person.

Remember that each and every day is a gift, not a promise. Treat it like a rare possession, and never take it for granted.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family update!

Well I guess we are pretty much settled in. Mom is still going through stray boxes in the basement, but otherwise we are doing great! We love the new house and we like the town still! Miranda and Shaelyn are gone until Friday at girl's camp, Austin is bored without them! Sam and I are now working for KIMA cleaning. They always have a couple weeks where they get really busy and offered us 40hrs/week. So we are cleaning college apartments..they can get REALLY nasty! Sam heads back to Utah on the 22nd, I think and I go to Idaho at the end of the month! I'm excited, but it's bittersweet. I've made some friends up in the singles ward and it'll be sad to leave them! Dad recently traveled to Tennessee for a couple of days and came back exhausted, he works so hard! Mom is at home most the time, sacrificing and letting the kids use the cars so we can get where we need/want...she's a great mother!

So the people we bought this house from offered to pay Sam to take down the playset that had been left in our backyard (it was HUGE) and told him he would need some help so offered to pay Austin and one other person that Sam found. So they were outside working on the playset and Austin was climbing off the playset onto the ladder that was standing next to it. He was probably on about the 3rd wrung from the top when the ladder collapsed and down came Austin! He landed on top of the ladder and also the mulch. He stood up and acted all tough telling Sam and Brandon that he was ok, and then made his way into the house with a bleeding knee. He called for mom and we could tell something was wrong. Mom went in and started cleaning the cut and decided to take him to the hospital for stitches. As they start cleaning the cut they find that one of the wood chips from the mulch had stabbed into his knee and the cut was deeper than it appeared. So they gave him stitches to help the cut heal. Also while he was there they gave him his "Tetris" shot (Tetnus--Austin kept calling it tetris) and another shot for his school vaccinations. Early the next morning Austin was up sick to his stomach. He reached a fever of 104 degrees when mom gave him ibouprofen and called the hospital. Anyway, Austin is ok, he was cold all day but is much better now :) So that's our little adventure for the year. This is Austin's 3rd set of stitches, i told him he was getting stitches for me, since I've never had to go to the hospital for anything!

Well, I think that pretty much covers what's going on in our lives! Oh, well Sam is dating a girl, she goes to BYU-Idaho. And well, that's the end of the story! Have a good week!