Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 RaNdOm things bout ME

1- Post the rules on your blog
2- List 6 random things about yourself.
3- Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
4- Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
5- Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I love chocolate!
2. I work at one of the worst places ever! (Western Wats)
3. I play the flute and piano
4. I'm very sarcastic
5. I am the 2nd of 5 kids
6. I'm SINGLE!!
I really don't think I have six people on my blog :S So Tandy, Katie, and Caleb.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So yesterday was my 19th birthday. It was just a normal day. I had my 7:45am class, and went through the motions of the day, except I had requested work off. Every once in awhile I'd see someone from my ward and say hi, and then a couple said "Happy birthday!" and I was like thanks, but then I thought about it, and they weren't my friends on facebook, and would have no idea it was my birthday..hmm (of course that was the extent of my thinking and I moved on to other subjects) So I was just sitting at home reading. Then around 6:30 (probably closer to 7) my roommates all took me to Applebee's for dinner. Then we went to Wal-mart so Erin could pick some things up. Apparently she needed ice cream for the ice cream sundaes I hadn't been told I was like, wait who's all coming?? And she replied that it was just our apartment, and once again I left it at that. So finally we returned to our apt. and when I walked in up jumped lots of people yelling "SURPRISE!!" haha. They got me. I'm not a very brilliant person for not putting one and one together! But it was exciting, the cake was yummy and we did NOT have ice cream sundaes. LIARS! hahaha. So that was exciting. :) Then I stayed up until like 11:45 talking to a friend and hadn't even touched my English homework. oops. So I was up until 1am doing homework. I finally went to bed and sadly 6:30 came way too fast. So I was up and going about my normal day again today. Well, moral of the story: If you want to have fun on your birthday, make sure you get along with your roommates!! (ok that was lame...but what can you do?)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

another boring update of my life!

Sunday was both a sad and good day. The amazing bishopric of my ward here in Rexburg got released, they were amazing. My bishop and his wife are going to Mexico for a mission! Then they called the new bishopric, who seem that they may be pretty good. It was interesting when they came over to talk, and before leaving asked if we had dedicated our home. We told him we hadn't, and he asked us if we could kneel in prayer, and if he could dedicate it. In his prayer he spoke of love and kindness, and having the spirit in our home...which if you have read any of my other blogs you might understand why it was interesting that he would be praying for these things. After the prayer he told us that he usually would not do that...hmmm what kind of feelings did he get when he walked into our apartment?? Anyway, they seem nice. They are starting to call students to the counselor positions. So we have one older guy and two students. It will be an interesting new experience :)

I have begun thinking about whether or not I want to stay in Rexburg over the summer. I would really like too! It will be warm and there will be fun things to do. I am currently trying to find a steady job that I could work 40hrs at during the summer, but I haven't had too much success yet. But I'd really like to stay here, especially since it will be my room roommates last semester!! I would then somehow find a way home for the 7 week break, but I haven't made a decision yet. I guess it just depends on where mom and dad are at around the time I need to buy a contract for my apartment.

School is stressful. I am keeping fairly busy. My business class is requiring more work than I expected from a 7:45am one credit class, and is requiring me to request several days off of work. Today my schedule is very crazy:
6:15am-wake up, get ready, finish homework...
7:35am-leave for Writing Foundation class from 8-9:30am
9:30am-go to accounting offices and fix insurance late fee and register for career workshops, go to health center and check price of inhaler
10:15am-well this is my time where I don't have time to go home now in order to get back to the Ricks for class, so I'm just messing around on the computer
11:30am-Math class until 1pm
1pm-go home, eat, change, go to devotional
3-return home, eat again
7:10-meeting with bishopric
7:30-8:30-flute sectionals
8:30-return home, eat, do homework, go to bed!

What a fun day!! haha. Tandy and I went to the duck park the other day and took pictures, I just haven't put them on my computer quite yet. It was fun and the pictures are quite entertaining. Sam is coming to Rexburg on Friday to come spend the weekend up here, I am kind of excited to maybe have something to do!! I turn 19 tomorrow, but I don't have anything fun planned. I have class from 7:45am-3pm, with breaks in between most of my classes. But I took work off, so maybe I'll make myself cupcakes and enjoy eating junk food! haha. Who knows. Well, that is my update of my life...sorry to inform you that I have no dating prospects! haha. However we do have a pretty good FHE group with some cute boys! hahaha, whatever. Well, have a good day :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walking in a Winter Icy Land!

Lets see, update of my life:

My friend ticked me off, I tried to communicate with her about it and never got a response.
Another friend disappointed me...but that's better now :)
I started getting homework assignments in email before classes started
I bought books (always a wonderful experience!)
I started classes and I'm pretty stressed out with them
One of my roommates (same one that drove me crazy last semester) is beginning to drive me crazy...again
Dad lost his job

Anyway, we got one new roommate in our apartment this semester, her name is Michelle. She just returned from her mission that she served in Argentina. She is really cool, I approve :)
I've just been really stressed out lately, with classes and some of the above mentioned happenings of my life. I'm not really looking forward to the semester, but my apartment is being much more social and we are meeting more people. There are some cute RM's in the ward! hahaha!! Last night I went to a comedy improv. show. Kirby Heybourn was there, and a guy that played in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but I don't know his name..Corbin, I think. Anyway. It was awesome, at the end of the show they did a 45 minute improv musical. It was soo funny! It gave me a break from my torturous math reading :( I've been having problems comprehending what it all meant. You see my math teacher, Kent Bessey, wrote a book called To Infinity and Beyond! Anyway, so we have free access to the ebook of it and we had to read the first chapter where he is trying to explain infinity! And it doesn't make any sense to me, at all! So my old FHE brothers came over and attempted to help me and one lent me their graphing calculator only at the cost of making him dinner sometime!! So much cheaper then haivng to buy one, or getting up and being all the way up to the Ricks by 7am to get one for $5! So it has started to make more sense. Oh so my bishopric is getting released next Sunday. I am sooo sad about it. They are awesome. My bishop and his wife are going on a mission to Mexico. Well, I don't know, I'm just kind of rambling. Sam is coming to Rexburg on the 23rd, I am excited, we might go on a group date while he is here...well assuming I can find a guy...or maybe the problem is asking a guy. hmm. It's really icy here. I haven't fallen...yet. But there is lots of thick ice. Ok. I'm done rambling. Have a GREAT week :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back in Session!!!

I have returned to the wonderful town of Rexburg!!! It was soo wonderful to sleep in my nice comfortable bed, and be able to see my friends again :D Sadly the bus trip took 6 hours instead of 5...because of a bus driver who I was ready to tell my thoughts to!! haha. She treated us like little kids!! First she was very grouchy and rude when I first arrived, then she told us that our mommies weren't here to pick up after us, and that as college students we need to pick up after ourselves, and then told us that we would only be stopping to pick up and drop people off, if you needed to use the restroom, use the one at the back of the bus, and even if we were stopped for 10 minutes we could not get off the bus! So first she told us we were adults, but that we can't get off the bus because she didn't want to hunt us down...yeah. Whatever. Anyway, so I made it back and went to a late lunch/early dinner (since I didn't get lunch because I couldn't get off the bus!!) to Wingers with my roommates and Natalie. So that was fun. Then we did some grocery shopping!! After coming home and looking dreadfully at my room of stuff I decided I was not in the mood to mess with it. So we went and visited a few apartments and then went to the lounge and played Curses with a group of people. It was a lot of fun! So then we came back to our apartment and watched Iron Man and didn't go to bed until somewhere around 1ish! But it was a lot of fun! Then today church wasn't until noon, so I slept until 9, when I got up and got ready. But still we had to sit around and wait for it to be time for was a long wait! Anyway. So we put food in the crock-pot so that at 3:15 when we would finally make it home we could eat! It was delicious!! And now I'm gonna take a nice Sunday nap!!! And tomorrow I get to buy books, go talk to work and figure out my schedule...and probably organize my room!! I don't know. I'm just excited to be back!!! It's great! And I'm hoping I do well in all of my classes! Well that's the update on my life...The End...for now!