Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sorry to all Adrianna's followers who have been wondering about her.
We will try to do better : )

Thanks for all the support you give to her as you can see she is a great missionary and her love of the gospel shows in her letters.  We are proud of her!!

Darin and Paula


Hey family!!
How are you all doing? I hear the blog isn't being updated? Those poor poor people who don't know how I'm doing ;) Haha, just kidding. I'm not too worried about it! Man, I am in such a giddy mood right now, but let's start at the beginning of the week!
It has been a tough tough week. Tuesday was great! We had our last zone conference with the Howell's. They go home at the end of June. The Spirit is so strong and we are always so excited to work after zone conferences. We went out and talked to 30 people that night and had 10 QGC's (Quality Gospel Conversations) by using the suggestions from zone conference! It was awesome. But, we still had no potentials :(  (Background on our investigators, the one we have had has been too busy to meet and flies home, so we have to drop her :( and the other one, we have finally come to the conclusion that he is not accountable for his actions and will not need to be baptized, so we lose our only other one, so we are back at 0) We have been working hard on getting our two programs up and running, there is a lot of technical and organizational work that has to be done before you can get something running. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on the computer this week typing up names and sheets and things to glue on the back of our pass along cards and all that good stuff. After Tuesday the week went pretty downhill and the work was pretty discouraging. We did everything we could to keep our hope up. It's been hard because this next week is "Set a date" week in the mission in preparation for our 60 baptisms in June. We want to be a part of that SOOOOOOOO bad! So, we are out searching for YSA's but, have yet to find any. We got a couple referrals on Thursday. We had a good feeling about going to see them so we stopped by them on Saturday. The first one, her dad said that she wouldn't be interested (man, why must parents make decisions for their children?). The next one, isn't technically a YSA but is divorced with 4 kids that she home schools and the elders felt she would be more receptive to sisters. So we went by...and the timing was interesting to say the least. We knocked on the door and this woman came out, we asked if she was Roxy, she said no and called Roxy out. As soon as Roxy got to the door this woman, who's name is Michelle started chewing us out about Joseph Smith and about how everything we have ever been taught is a lie. We stood there and listened, until I got tired of listening to her and interrupted her to find out if she had read the BoM. Sadly, she said yes. So, next we just testified of truth and that the only true way to know truth is through prayer. Only God can let us know truth. She left to go to a wedding and we spent 1 1/2 hours talking to Roxy. She wasn't very receptive but now has some questions about the bible talking about Christ preaching to the Spirits in Prison. Aaand she's gonna ask her pastor :(  Somewhere in the middle of our conversation though, she went in to find her bible, and while she was inside one of her sons came out. His name is Gabe and he is 6. As we walked toward us I said hi and asked his name. When he saw me though he sort of looked surprised and he said: "I know you! You look very familiar." Then he looked at Sister Stokes and said the same thing. Sister Stokes and I looked at each other and we knew that it wasn't just a random thing that he "knew" us. I wish Roxy would have been there at that moment, but that was inspiration for Sister Stokes and I not to give up on her. So, we will be going back to offer service, hopefully in time that will lead to her softening her heart and wanting to know more. All in all that visit was very frustrating and that feeling remained with us up into Sunday morning.

I have never realized how stressful ward council can be! But I have never realized how AMAZING church is. By the time announcements were done in Sacrament meeting I was feeling much happier and less stressed. (It is so tough to get these programs running! But we are almost there!) Church always leaves me feeling happy and energized. So we had dinner after church, then went out to tract. We ended up on the street we had planned, and of course I needed to go to the bathroom, so we decided to stick with only one of the circles we had planned. The third house we came to, a man opened the door. His name is Philip. He came out and told us that he had just talked to our "friends", the missionaries in Apple Valley, while he was out on a walk. He proceeded to tell us what they had told him and how it made sense to him. He also had a dentist in California who was mormon and had given him a BoM. We talked for a bit and he stated that he was raised Catholic, but he didn't feel that they had the truth and he has been searching ever since. I felt prompted to relate his experience to Joseph Smith. So I shared the very basic story of Joseph Smith and Christ restoring the fullness of the truth through him. He stopped me mid sentence and held his arm out toward us, pointing and said "look." I was confused but then I saw the hairs were raised on his arm. He had goosebumps. He knew that what we were saying was true. We continued on our conversation and eventually he told us his youngest sibling had died in a car accident and, after Sister Stokes shared a story about how and when she found out the BoM was true (involving the death of her grandma) he said that his dad was dead, and sometimes he still talks to him. The Plan of Salvation didn't come up in conversation, but I wanted him to know about it. So, we gave him a BoM and Plan of Salvation pamphlet. When he turned to go inside his wife had walked by and shut the door and locked it, not realizing he was outside. haha, he joked about coming with us to tract the neighborhood, and then we left to finish the circle. After we walked away from each house he would come back to the middle and talk to us for a couple more minutes. We let him use our phone to call inside a couple times and by the last time we talked to him he had read the first page of the Plan of Salvation pamphlet which talks about pre earth life. He said he liked that idea. He is such an awesome awesome man! (And yes, he finally got inside). As soon as we got in the car we called the Elders to give him his address and phone number. It was such a miracle and I really hope he gets baptized. Even though we still have 0 investigators, it was an incredible experience! :D Oh I just love it! It's moments like that that make a rough week like this completely and totally worth it!

This work is hard, but it is the most incredible and most fulfilling work I have ever done in my life. So, the programs we have been working on are in the works. We are trying to encourage our members to read the Doctrine of Christ. (2 Ne 31:2-22; Alma 5:7-15; Alma 7:11-16; 3 Ne 9:20-22; 3 Ne 11:31-41; 3 Ne27:13-22; Matthew 3:13-17; Matthew 28:18-20) These scriptures have been a miracle to the mission! It has changed the way we, as missionaries, think, act, and approach our work. It is incredible how much understanding the very basics can change your attitude and understanding of everything else! Understanding the DoC (Doctrine of Christ) has really increased my understanding of the Atonement. The gospel rests on the Atonement. Without the atonement we have no faith. And faith is the very first principle in the Doctrine of Christ and leads to repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. They all work together to build the gospel. Those things are what we need and must understand in order to be truly converted to Christ's church. It's awesome. I suggest studying it at least as a family, if not trying to bring it into the ward as well. Our next step is helping members feel comfortable inviting friends to activities, church, and dinner with the missionaries. They all have invited friends to church before, the have 1 Sunday each quarter that they dedicate to inviting friends. So now, to get 1+ going, they need to bring their friends to our dinner appointments. We know that if they will start doing that, then the branch has the potential to become a ward (which is saying a lot, because they are at the scary edge of almost being dissolved for the lack of priesthood holders). Next, we have started our Thursday night visits, the Branch Presidency doesn't quite get it. They want us to be able to set up appointments with everyone so we KNOW we are getting in, instead of stopping by 3 people and not talking to any of them. But, it doesn't work that way in missionary work. We get stood up all the time, and the reason we must drop by people is because that is our best bet of making contact with them. So, we are trying to get those up and running and hopefully they will be successful at fellowshipping others and inviting them to the branch!

Man, I just keep going on and on and on and on. Things are awesome! I am glad that the girls camp garage sale went well! That sounds like it was fun, yet stressful. Mom, I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for forwarding Josh and Deanne's email! I am so excited that they can finally have a kid :D Adoption is such a miracle and I'm grateful that the Lord put me in the right places to be able to help in a very small way with that. :D I am extremely jealous that you are going to Kirtland! I wanna go! But in the words of my amazing companion, "Yeah, but you are doing something so much more amazing!" Which is true, so I hope you aren't jealous or anything ;) Are you gonna see Michael and Paola? Tell everyone hi and that I love them! Ok, well that's everything. Sort of. But I really have to write my mission president! ahhhh I wish I could just convey everything going on! I love being in a position to see so many miracles take place!!!!

Have fun at Kirtland! take pictures for me! I'm gonna attach pictures from here in Northfield, I don't think I've sent any yet. Maybe I did? I dunno, I'm attaching pics though. Love you all!

sister Randall

(The First few are from Minneapolis (Dinky Town) we went to the sculpture gardens with a couple girls from the branch. Stephanie is AWESOME she was baptized teh day before I moved to Dinky Town. Jen was baptized a little over a year ago. The next one is a view from my bedroom window in lakeville and then one of sister stokes and i as we were in the car waiting for the elders to bring us the key to the church....it was pouring that day.)
Oh and we tracted in the rain the other day, it was awesome. We taught a lesson to an older man who accepted a book of mormon and he seemed pretty cool. It was sweet! As for the tornados, hope you weren't worried. They happened in Minneapolis, we had nothing but pouring rain south of the cities! So, we are safe! Love you!


Hey family!
Well, technically we live in Lakeville. We live with the Lockett family. They have 2 daughters, 1 son, and a dog. We live in their basement. They are super nice and love having the sisters live with them! They missed having the missionaries in their basement during the 6 weeks that they were gone. The kids love having us there and it's fun to be in a family situation :D

Last night was President's Fireside, which if I haven't explained before is when recent converts share their conversion story and testimony. It's so awesome. I was privileged to play the piano! Brother Red Anderson spoke (from Oakdale) and I got to see Sister Sorensen! She told me that Bobbie Smith (the less active I told you about) has realized that she has been feeling the Spirit and everything we, as missionaries, have said is true!!! She hasn't come to church yet, but Sister Sorensen promised to call me when she came. That made me so happy! Moses got a job!! And his wife came to church! So did a couple other of our investigators who we had been working on for a long long time! So exciting!!

In the Northfield Singles Branch we cover the entire stake! We have no campuses or places to find singles so it's been a difficult week. There are 2 colleges in Northfield, but they are both Lutheran colleges and we aren't allowed on campus. I talked to the Sanderson's on Saturday! She sounds like she is doing well. She said that the last thing mom said to her was "You better write or I'll be mad" She feels bad about that. We are trying to get two different programs running in the branch. The first is called 1+. We were going to do that in Dinky Town, but we didn't have time. What it is, is having the members sign up for a lesson or a dinner and then bringing a friend along. Campuses in the Dakotas, Colorado and Wyoming are all running this program and are baptizing EVERY week. We aren't a campus, but we could certainly boost our numbers here! I was looking at the baptismal records for the last year and EVERY SINGLE BAPTISM in the past year was a member referral! And before that they hadn't had a baptism since 2008. The other program is actually something we did in AZ. We called it Wednesday night visits, but we are going to call it Outreach. It will be Thursday nights and we will have members meet at the church, then we will split into groups and go out on predetermined routes to visit single adults in the stake. (there are over 500 YSA in the Stake and over 400 are Less active). So we will visit active, less active, and new high school graduates to extend invites to the branch and activities, and to fellowship our fellow YSAs! If we can get these going and get the members excited, we will have miracles happen. The key is getting people excited to do it! Things are going well though. We have 5 weeks until Sister Stokes goes to the mission home to prepare for her flight home! Hopefully 5 weeks is enough to get things moving! We really want one or two baptisms in June, so lots of prayers for those goals would be appreciated. Our mission is shooting for 60 baptisms that month and we want to be a part of it!!

Well, that's really all that's going on. I think. I feel like tons has happened, but there really hasn't been. Oh, our backyard is GOREGEOUS. It's a beautiful green lawn that leads up to a lake (cuz there are tons of them in MN). It's SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. We are so blessed to live in a members home. Anyway. That's how things are going.

I enjoyed the pictures. Austin is certainly changing the most. I can't believe it! He's growing up! Next thing I know he's gonna be taking girls on dates and holding their hands! (ew...that's so weird to think about.) Just as long as he keeps his eyes on a mission, he can go on a few dates...I guess. Congrats on the graduation Miranda! I hope you got my card. I'm proud of you and I am excited for your future!  Shae, good job on completing track! Keep working hard! You are growing up too and it's SO scary. Let me know about news on Josh and Deanne. I'm so anxious. I don't know why, but this is so exciting for me and every time I talk about it, I get emotional and teary eyed. So, let me know! It would be nice if somehow you could tell someone in MN that could tell me. I think my friend and a Recent Convert in Dinky Town was gonna add at least Miranda on facebook...so if she did tell her to text me and tell me! Her name is Stephanie Svobada. She is awesome! Her brother and sister-in-law are NOT supportive, but her parents are at least not mad about it. She is an awesome awesome person and we will probably be friends for a long time! Anyway. I love you all! I've got to write a couple more emails! Keep smiling, have fun with work/school/church etc. Go out and have some fun!!

Sister Randall


Hey family!! It was awesome talking to you! I forgot how funny you all are! I just loved it! I'm glad everyone got their beautiful artwork. I felt like a 2 year old again :)

I'm glad my voice conveyed that I love what I am doing! Because I do! My companion, Sister Stokes is awesome, and I'm glad I can be with her before she goes home in 6 1/2 weeks! I'm gonna miss her (and I've only known her for like 2 weeks!) As for taking lessons from me...it has taken me years to get to where I am. It is a long process, but it is SO worth it. Ask Shae for the advice I gave her on becoming more positive. I had lots to say on the subject.

Tell Koltn congrats. It's weird, my current district leader reminds me so much of Koltn (in a good way) and he is way mature for his age (19). He is an awesome kid. Anyway, thanks for telling me about Josh and Deanne. I hope it goes well and I am excited to hear the outcome and see the pictures! If you talk to them, tell them I send my love to them, Sarah and her family!

It was nice talking to Beki yesterday as well. Sadly, Wesley was asleep. She woke him up but he was a tad bit grouchy and would only say "I don't want to talk!" haha. He is the cutest. He is now READING, WRITING, TALKING (more), and playing SOCCER! How cute. He is a genius boy.

Well, today is busy. Preparing for transfers. We have to get everything out of the apartment since no missionaries are moving into our apartment for awhile. We pack the car and drive to Northfield on Wednesday. It's a singles branch and covers the Burnsville stake. So, tell the Sanderson's I am in the general area! As the single's branch missionaries we cover the whole stake so we will be all over the place. It's awesome. Anyway, I've got to get going to get everything done! I love you all! Thanks for being awesome!!

And sorry for not commenting on the pictures last week!! The pictures I included are of me and sister stokes. One of them is with the nylons on my arms, but you can't tell as well as I had hoped, and we also have a sword randomly in our apartment! Awesome, right? So we took pictures with it! Enjoy! Love you all!

Sister Randall <3


It's been another interesting week. Sister X went home, which caused everything to get switched again, since there was an even number of sisters again. Sister Stephenson, who has been in Dinky Town for a long time got sent to Rochester. Sister Stokes Emergency transfered in 3 weeks before me, because her companion was a visa waiter, got her visa and went to her own mission. So, Sister Stokes and I are in Dinky Town together. We get along great and we have been working hard. The area hasn't been doing too great, since Sis. X couldn't really walk much. So, we have one progressing investigator, but she has a kid and will be transferring to the family ward missionaries. We had 11 lessons planned, 6 canceled. 2 were active member lessons, 1 was a recent convert, 1 was a less active, and 1 was an investigator who is a strong, practicing catholic. We got 3 potentials while working on campus. Which is not very many at all. The Elders in our ward get plenty. So, we plan on working really hard again this week. We are going to start a new program called 1+ that has worked for college campuses in Colorado. Those campuses are baptizing every week now! Once we meet with bishop we will get that into action. The semester is ending and everyone is busy with finals (which is a huge reason as to why we have struggled with appointments) but all the students are going home. So, one of the sets of missionaries will leave the area for the summer. We find out next week whether the sisters or the elders leave. Logically the Elders should stay, because they have investigators and they are doing really well. We essentially have nothing going right now. But, President will do what the Lord tells him to do. We assume that if we get sent out, we will just move to Northfield (I think) which is where Sis. Stokes was before her companion got her visa. That area is currently closed. So, we will see what happens. As of right now we are living 3 miles from the institute, in downtown Minneapolis.

Wow, there isn't much to report on. Next week is mother's day!! We usually are done at the institute around 1:30ish, but then we will go out and work for a couple hours. I will call between 3:30 and 4. That way we can have dinner at 5, Sister Stokes will call home at 6 and then we will do our 2 hours of study. Thanks for the number, I think I had mom's cell phone number. Is that the house phone then?

Curious, when is dad's birthday? 3/19/ xxxx  I'm gonna need that when I go to the dr's. I need to do that. I've been taking my inhaler a lot. Well, I guess this covers it for now and I will talk to you all on Sunday :D

Love ya lots!
Sister Randall :D

Suprise!!! 4/25/2011

Well, I don't think I will have enough time to write everything that has happened in the last week. But here is my attempt:
Sister Sorensen did not get her birthday wish of 100 contacts and here is why! I had an interview with president a week and a half ago and ever since I had the feeling that I was gonna end up in Dinky town if not at the end of this transfer then the next one. Well, because of health issues the was an emergency transfer and I am in Dinky Town and Sis. X is in Oakdale. However, she is going home because they can't figure out what is wrong and because she has had promptings that she needs to go home. So sometime in the next couple days she will be going home, and since I'm in a trio, one of the three of us will be going to Oakdale. But, I'm pretty sure it's not me. We should know by tonight. We got the phone call Tuesday night, and I cried. Sis. Sorensen and I were getting along so well, and the work was great! So, Wednesday we met with a couple people, said goodbyes, went to lunch at a member's house who did a surprise "tea party" style lunch for Sis. Sorensen's birthday, it was super cute. Thursday night I came to Dinky Town. Aaand, here I am.

I did get to see Bobbi one last time, and she was doing pretty good, but still refusing to come to church. It was hard to leave our investigators behind! Well, I guess not much really has happened, it's just been a crazy week for me. But it's great!

Send me a picture of the car!! That's crazy! How much was it? Wow, that's intense. :D He's gonna give it to me when I get home, right? ;)
The weather sounds crazy! We haven't had severe weather yet, but we did get snow on Sis. Sorensen's birthday! Today is probably the most beautiful day we have had yet. I would not complained if it stayed this way year round!

Oh I almost forgot!! I saw soo many little miracles happen in the few days before I got transferred! GUESS WHAT I FOUND!! MY CAMERA CORD! Right after lunch on Wednesday I happened to look down and see a cord under the passenger seat of the car, and it was my cord! It was incredible. So yay! My camera works now! I forgot to bring it, but I need to send pictures home. I'm not too worried about getting sent to a small town. Sisters mostly stay in the cities. Dinky Town is the U of M campus, which is in Minneapolis. So, I am in a singles ward, much sooner than I ever planned to be back in one! It's different being around people my age instead of families. I miss the families a bunch.

Here in Dinky Town we have just a couple progressing investigators, but one of my mission goals is to spend at least 2 hrs a day contacting, that way we can build up our teach pool, and keep it constant. Anyway, I don't really know what else to say. Things are just uncertain right now, and until Sister X goes home and one of us gets transferred out, things won't be stable. So yep, that's the mission!

Sounds like things are going great in IL, keep safe! Trust me, I'll be smart with the weather. The last thing I will do is go chase a tornado down! Well, I love you all. Sorry this is scattered. I hope you had a great Easter. We had 2 dinners, I was sooo full! I'm gonna get fat :S But no worries, we are almost out of miles so we will be biking like 12 miles tonight, and will probably bike a lot more now. Anyway, there I go again! Things are going great! :D

Sister Randall


Hey family!
It's been another busy week. Sunday was rather disappointing. We were expecting 5 investigators and only 1 came. Which, is still great! Jeremy is preparing for baptism and has set a date for the end of next month. Moses' wife went out of town, last minute and we don't know when she will be back. Sis. Hopper's daughter started having contractions, so she went to be with her daughter. Cynthia and Mike...they just slept in. It just helped me realize that these people MUST commit to the Lord, not to us. When they commit to the Lord, then they will act on those commitments.
I got the Easter package, thanks so much! The shirts will work, but in the future size small would fit better for fabrics that don't shrink at all or very much. I was excited to get it and the facewash came just in time! We are going to Bishop Seilbach's for Easter dinner, he is a very humble, kind, serving and successful man. He has his own business, and he is a pilot and has a plane...yeah, he is well off, but so humble about it. Always serving.
We are on the 3rd week of the transfer. We had interviews with Pres. Howell. He told Sis. Sorensen that she wasn't going anywhere for awhile, but of course the Lord could tell him otherwise. I'm pretty certain that I'll be transferred this next transfer, but who can be certain? If not this transfer than definately the following transfer. I will probably go get Singulair because I am taking my inhaler 3-5 times a day, even without exercise. We have pulled out the bikes a couple times. When I was in Dinky Town we probably rode them 6-7 miles, plus walked all over campus. We had a couple BEAUTIFUL days. Then, on the 15th we woke up to a white backyard. It melted by noon, but we are supposed to have another winter storm this week. Will it ever end? Sister Sorensen should have a white birthday, since her birthday is Wednesday. She wants to contact 100 people on her birthday, we will see what happens.
Well, that's the happenings of the week. I still haven't found my camera cord, I will have to buy one, because the battery is finally dead. I'll be going on exchanges again either this week or the next. I'll be back up in Dinky Town. It is certainly interesting to serve in a singles ward and on a college campus. It is so different.
We have a mission goal to get 60 baptisms in June. We almost reached 50 in January and as a going home present for the Howells we want 60. Elder Hinckley came to the mission last year and told them they could double baptisms. It was around 30 at that point. So, we are all fasting and praying and trying to expand our teaching pool so that we can reach that goal. It would be really cool to set a new standard of 60 baptisms a month. They want us to contact an average of 25/week this week. If the whole mission contacts that average, together we will have talked to 16,000 people in one week. So that's this weeks goal.
I attatched some pictures. I'm using sis. Sorensen's camera. There is one with DJ, he has down syndrome and just had a 2nd surgery on his arm. He broke it really bad before I came out here. He is just the cutest little boy. One is a picture of me for the plaque, finally. And the other is a view of our backyard in the middle of April. Haha. We are blessed to live in paradise! :)
I sent the taxes last week, so I hope everything goes ok with taxes and for the Clarks. I'm glad everything is going well. I've got to write President and respond to some other emails. I love you all! have a great week!
Sister Randall


Hey Family!
Yes, it would have been nice to let you know, buuuut you know the rules about contact with family! So, don't worry if my email doesn't come on Monday, but if you still haven't heard from me the Monday after that...then you can call the mission home and ask.
I will get the tax forms turned in, I will probably send it today, so I hope Beki doesn't get a W-2.
Tonight I am headed to Dinky Town and Sister Xidis is coming to Oakdale. My companion is in charge of exchanges for the sisters, so I'll be traveling around this transfer. I will be in Dinky Town until Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday we have another meeting with SLC about the pilot program. Thursday we have specialed training for our zone with President Howell. It's going to be another busy and interesting week.
Saturday Moses got baptized. It was interesting because we combined with another ward (not to mention stake) who had a 9 year old baptism. But, the important part is that he was baptized and he received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. His wife came to the baptism and at the end Sis. Sorensen saw her crying by the wall. She went up to her and asked her what she was feeling. Her response that she had a "good feeling, in here." Pointing to her chest. Sis. Sorensen told her it was the Holy Ghost comfirming that what had happened here today was truth. (Her name is Sando Matee, but Matee for short) She agreed to come to church the next day and to take the lessons. She didn't show up to church, I guess she woke up late, but Sister Sorensen and Xidis will probably go visit them on Tuesday. I hope she will join too so that they can be sealed in the temple, that would be such a beautiful day!
Speaking of sealings! The Escobar family got sealed Saturday morning. We were excited to be in the session and really know what was said in a temple marriage...well it was great and the Spirit was there, but they did the sealing en espanol! So, I picked up on some words, but I'll just have to wait for an english sealing. They were so beautiful and were just glowing. The Escobar's have 2 sons, and the family all bore their testimony on Sunday. It was such an incredible experience!!
The weather here has been incredible! Yesterday was very muggy until around 4:30 when it suddenly cooled off. We tracted for 3 hours yesterday and had some interesting experiences. We tracted into a man who had attempted to end his life a few weeks ago and was angry with God. He wants God to give him a sign that He really exists, and that sign cannot be a feeling, but God or Christ appearing to him. We had a long talk with him and left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We will stop by again sometime. I hope his heart softens. We also tracted into a man who started criticizing the church. I didn't think I'd ever be able to keep a smile on my face while listening to someone talk like that about Joseph and Brigham. In all honesty it was rather humorous, yet it was sad that his heart was so hard. If only we could have helped him understand things better. It was a successful day!
We are teaching Cynthia and Mike. They were supposed to come to church yesterday, but didn't. We also stopped by their neighbors again, Tommy and Lacey. He is interested in learning, so we will go back and teach the restoration soon. Jeremy accepted the invitation to be baptized! We will set a date for probably the middle or end of May. He has a strong desire to change. I don't know if I told you how we met him. An older lady in the ward lives in the same building as him and he is always helping her out and driving her to church and stuff. She invited him to Red Anderson's baptism, and when he heard the name Red he was like "I knew a Red way back in the day..." (back when Brother Anderson used drugs). So, he came to the baptism! He saw the change in Brother Anderson and wanted that in his life too. He felt the Spirit and agreed to meet with us. He's doing great! The two boys are good, I assume. It's a different teaching situation. They want to read the Book of Mormon before we really talk about it, so that they know what's in there. They are putting in a lot of effort before we teach them. They don't want to just accept what we tell them, which is great! It would make such a huge difference in their lives!
The rest of our investigators are doing well also.
It's been a great 4 days since I last emailed you. I'm getting more and more adjusted to missionary life and I feel more like a missionary. It's so hard buying food off 150 for a month. I know it's possible, but if you want to eat healthy, it's hard. The healthier the food, the more expensive it seems to be. I guess missionary life isn't about being healthy? Haha, not to mention that some of the money goes to things for baptisms and other living essentials. oh well, I will survive!
The cheese making class sounds interesting, you'll have to let me know how that goes! What else is new? Sounds like things are going well. Good luck with everything at work, dad. Oh, I think I'll be going to the doctor in about a month or so to get Singulair. So many people have cats plus we will be on bikes a fair amount now that the weather is nice. Since it fights both allergies and asthma, it might would be a good investment. What do you think?
I still haven't found my camera cord :( But, what can ya do? Anyway, I'd better get to writing President Howell. Have an awesome week!
Love your favorite daughter/sister,
Sister Randall!


Hey Family!
I hope you weren't too upset not to get an email on Monday. We had a super busy, super incredible weekend. So, today is p-day this week. Conference was amazing, I've never enjoyed conference as much as I did this time. The Spirit was so strong and they talked about so many things that could help our investigators. We are so blessed to have a prophet on the Earth today.  So, Monday we went to ZLC (Zone Leader Conference). It was a great ending to a great weekend. That meeting was so spiritual and so full of love. I know that many missionaries received revelation during that meeting, I know Sis. Sorensen and I did. I also was chastised/humbled by the Lord, through the Spirit. I've been frustrated with some situations and I came to realize that instead of being frustrated I need to be finding things that I can do to make the situation more helpful. After that meeting my attitude was sufficiently adjusted and I am happier than I ever remember being.
I really felt like conference had a lot of talks based on Charity. Something that I am always trying to improve on. I've been impressed to find that you can love people that you just meet. When we are at someone's door, or talking to someone on the street, I sometimes realize how much I love them and how much I wish they could have the gospel.
Moses is getting baptized on Saturday! I'm so excited!! It's been an incredible experience. He is still searching for a job, so maybe pray for him? His wife is also super sweet, and we hope that we can teach her too. She's coming to the baptism and church the next day.
We are teaching a new couple, they have 3 kids, I think. They came to Saturday morning session of conference and Jean A Stevens talk really hit Mike. We thought we saw him crying, and last night he told us that it really touched him. He's open and is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true.
We met James and Anthony a couple weeks ago. We were tracting and spent 45 minutes on their doorstep. They are high schoolers, and very into religion. They go to a Christian school. Sunday between sessions of conference they called us and told us that they had been talking about our conversation and wanted to meet up and talk more. So, we taught them yesterday. We talked a lot about the bible and authority, and we kept telling them not to take our word for it. We told them that the only way they could know if it is true is to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. After making reference to the Book of Mormon several times, Anthony said, so if it keeps coming back to the Book of Mormon, why don't we talk about the Book of Mormon? So, we did. James said he was going to read the Book of Mormon, because if it's true, than Mormonism is true. He gets it. So, he is beginning to study. Anthony's dad has met with missionaries before and had 2 Book of Mormons laying around. One is an 1830 edition! It's OLD. Inside one of them he has stapled a piece of paper with a list of places that he thought the BoM and bible contradict. I hope they read it prayerfully not looking for reasons that it's wrong. Because, just like Moroni said, you have to read and pray with real intent. They are cool boys.
Well, the Lord is blessing us here in Oakdale. We work hard and stay busy. We are going to get our bikes out soon and ride them. We just have to do in on a day where we aren't going from East St. Paul to Woodbury and back. I'm excited to get the bikes out. The weather is beautiful right now. It's supposed to get up in between 60 and 65 this week!! Beautiful! :D
Hmm, I think that covers our week. So, I know I keep promising a picture for the plaque...and I would have, but I lost my camera cord :S I'm looking for it. But, I haven't found it yet. I need it!! It charges my battery as well as connects to the computer. And, my camera doesn't run on AA batteries. So, if I can't find it, I will have to have to go to an electronic store and try to replace it. :( I'm sure it will turn up though.
Candy..I love peanut butter chocolate anything :) Just a reminder I need facewash. And, if you do go shopping, short sleeve shirts that don't need undershirts will be good. It's warming up and once it's hot, I'm not going to want tons of clothes on. I was looking at my clothes and I have 4 short sleeve shirts, but all of them need undershirts. I'm still good with what I have for now, but once it gets hot... I will need probably 7-9 shirts that will be comfortable in hot humid weather.
Question about the taxes. Are those last 3 pages just things for me to keep? One is a reprint of one of the sheets, and the others, I assume are for me to keep. I think I only have one book of checks. I'm trying to think of where my box of checks would be. It's either in my cedar chest, or in one of the boxes that I packed my stuff in. I wish I would of thought of that before. Oh, and who is Jen Armstrong? Should I know who that is? :S
I love you all! I'm glad things are going well. Is work going well? Haha, dad, in between sessions Saturday I did something, and then later said something, that made me realize that I am truly your daughter. I couldn't help but laugh. It's funny because when I picture your face, I picture you laughing, your true "that was funny" laugh. It always makes me smile. That picture came to mind during the Sacrament Song one Sunday...not funny. haha, but I couldn't help but giggle a bit. I love you! :D Good luck with sports, work, church, school etc.!
Sister Randall

week 9

Tell Josh and Deanne congrats from me! I about started crying when I read that! I hope she sticks to it and makes the right decision. She's such a great girl :)
So, I will take a picture this week...we just stay sooo busy. As for checks, I believe i have them. So, how much do I owe? How much is in my bank account? I hate not being able to know what's going on and able to take care of my taxes. It's stressful. I don't have my direct address. If you send it to the mission home it just takes one more day to get to me. Or, call my mission president and explain that you need to get tax information directly to me and he can give it to you.
I have a few requests as well. Can you find out Pama and Brea's addresses? And, I need some facewash pretty soon. Please? Thanks!
Miranda! Congrats on BYU-Idaho! That's exciting. You are lucky to not be there in the winter!!
So, Saturday night Sis. Sorensen and I went to Catholic Mass. It was interesting. Our District leader challenged us all to go to another church to try to understand how our investigators feel coming to our church. It was different.
Wow, I can't think of what happened this week. Bro. Moses Logan is getting baptized on the 9th. We've taught him everything and he has accepted it all. His wife comes home on Tuesday, so we can finally meet her.
We received a referral for a woman named Cynthia and her family. They just moved to our area and her mother joined the church within the last few years. She has seen how it has helped her mom and wants to learn more. Her boyfriend and her will hopefully be getting married, she said she wanted to. We will meet with them this week. We spent a little time speaking with her this past week, and she is excited about it. It would be so wonderful to watch her whole family join the church and be able to get sealed!
Oh, so the first week that I was here we were looking at the map of our area trying to find an area to tract in on Sunday. We both felt impressed to visit a particular street. However, that Sunday was a snow storm and we weren't able to go. Over the next several weeks we went back twice. Each time keeping track of who had and hadn't answered. So, this past week we went back to knock the last 5 doors. When we drove down the road I saw one of the houses and my heart just started beating fast and I felt the Spirit. We started down the road a bit, but when we got there my heart started pounding again. After I rang the doorbell I looked at Sis. S. and told her that. She told me that hers was pouding too and that the Spirit was strong. The man answered the door, we introduced ourselves, he told us he wasn't interested, we gave him a mormon.org card and left. I don't know what is going to happen, but I know that he is the reason we were on that street. In time, he will come to know the truth.
Last week the snow melted (except for the huge piles from the plows) and it was beautifully warm (in the 50's). Then, it snowed again. Ugh. I can't believe you are planting a garden, because here, the ground is still frozen. This week it will get into the 40's. I can't wait for spring!
Today was transfer calls, Sis. Sorensen and I are both staying. However, Sister Sorensen has been asked to do exchanges with all the sisters in the cities. So, I'll be out and about with other people in other places over the next transfer. That will be an interesting experience.
Thanks so much for your love and support. Did I tell you that Eugene and Charlotte sent me a package? It was super cute and I felt so loved! It made me smile. I sent them a thank you card. It was super sweet of them and was a fun surprise.  Hm, I feel like there is more to say, but I can't think of what it is. You asked who I write, I think. I email Randall, and sometimes Tonya. Rocio wrote me in the MTC but I didn't have her home address. Emily Beu and I have been writing. I need to find a way to get a couple more addresses. Two of my Arizona friends Reggie Nichols-in South Korea and Marcus Harding in Chile?? maybe. Then, in my hotmail account there should be saved somewhere Torvald's address in Norway. And if not, if you could send him an email and find out what it is? That would be awesome. I want to know how my missionary friends are! I have also gotten letters from other friends and past roommates :) Well, that covers basically what all is going on.
I love you all, I hope you are all enjoying your many activities and projects and what not. You all sound like you are good at staying busy. I love you!!
Sister Randall :D

week 8

What a crazy hectic week! I didn't hear from you, so I hope all is well. Dad, did you have a good birthday? What did you do? How's work?
The week here started out normal. Thursday was by far the most hectic, crazy, stressful day I've had yet. I didn't ever think about how Satan would work hard to discourage us the week of a baptism, let alone 2 baptisms. Crazy. So Thursday was just insane. Friday was Brother Andersons Baptism!!! We taught the Restoration while they were changing (and got 2 new potential investigators from that baptism!). I tried to quote the 1st vision and the words wouldn't come out. Sis. Sorensen saved me. I was so frustrated with myself and so stressed out that I started to cry after we were done. Just silently. I was soooo sick of not being able to speak. I've never really had that problem before. I know the gospel, I know these things, why won't they come out of my mouth!!!??? Then, a man in our ward came up after and gave us a "compliment" on being able to work so well as a companionship that with just a look at each other, the other one can pick up in the middle of the sentence. I didn't have nice feelings toward him that night. But, all is well, we all say things we shouldn't sometimes.
Just some info on Bro. Anderson: he is a Veteran, a recovered drug addict and alcoholic, has incredible faith (went from atheist to complete and total recoginition of a God). His wife and him are separated but now that he has turned his life around they are dating again. That's her in the pictures, the black woman. She is super sweet and she was impressed by the baptism and wants to know more (one of our potentials!). Our other potential is a guy named Jeremy who gives a woman in our ward rides to church and when she asked him for a ride to "Red" Anderson's baptism he was like...I knew a Red Anderson once... So he came, and it had been him! He told the woman he brought that his heart had been pricked and he wanted to know more! It was awesome
The next day was Katies baptism, it went really well. Her husband isn't big on organized religion, but is allowing her to join and take the kids. I think in time he will come around. He really enjoyed the baptism and was miraculously in a good mood for it! It was great. He's a good guy as well.
Sunday, was a pretty good day. We went to East St. Paul to contact a referral, but couldn't find him. So, we contacted on the streets. Guess what!!! I TAUGHT!! Sis. Sorensen hardly said a word! I DID IT! I had prayed so hard Friday night. I was feeling so discouraged. I wanted to be able to teach!!! And I did!!!! I still need to practice more, but I finally did it!!! :D So, it's been a great weekend.
Moses, well it's been a tough call. His baptism date was the 26th, but we still have a lot to teach him, and we don't want to rush it. We can't do it the next weekend because of general conference. They are supposed to be baptized and as close to the next Sacrament meeting as possible. So it will be April 9th. I don't think he is gonna like that. But, if he's serious and knows it is true, he'll do it. We haven't met his wife, and are a little confused with that situation. He first called her his girlfriend, then later told us they were legally married in Ramsey County. But, from our understanding she's not here legally? So can someone who is not legal, be legally married in the states? So we have to find more information out. It will all work out well though. He has committed and is living his committments. He wants to pay tithing, he is reading and praying and coming to church (without reminders), and is telling other people about it. What more can we ask for? He's great.
We find out about transfers next Monday. I guess there isn't a for sure on 2 transfers. My trainer and an Elder training in Cottage grove both have the transfer jitters. So, I guess we'll find out!
The pictures..could you save them in a folder on the computer for me? I need to buy a thumbdrive to save pictures on. Oh, and I forgot to take a picture of me...so will next week work? Or maybe at Sis. Cooper's I'll have her email you a picture of me? We are going over for lunch. She's super awesome. She's a breast cancer survivor. Anyway, I hope all is well. I love you and keep you in my prayers! :D
Love, Sister Randall 
(only 2 pictures are staying loaded...sooo I guess that's all I'm sending. So it's Bro. Anderson and Katie)

I still need to figure out how to get the pictures on here, sorry - Paula

week 7

Good news!! We have an extremely busy week (like usual). We have 2 baptisms this week. Brother Anderson received his letter of approval from the prophet last week and is getting baptized on Friday! Katie is incredible. she is getting baptized on Saturday. She's 23, has 2 kids and her husband is not interested. She has been smoke free for 11 days now and has spent a lot of time going to the lds bookstore and purchasing pictures and books to help her become a better "mormon mom". She has been reading LDS women and has been trying to improve. She really is incredible and has such an amazing understanding of the gospel. She's so excited. She told us Saturday night that she spent 3 hours reading the scriptures! She hadn't even meant to!
Moses is still awesome. He has had lots of people ask him questions about the church and he tells them that they can meet with the Sisters and ask them. Or "Come to church and learn the truth." Or "you can have my Book of Mormon, I'm sure the Sisters will give me another one." Haha, he asked us, "Is there anyway your church can tell the other churches the truth too!?" We gave him some pass along cards with our number so he can give them to his friends. He is having such a rough time. He has to come up with $1500 to help his cousin with his uncle's funeral. His cousin has to fly back to Liberia. Poor Moses needs a job, but he has such strong faith, it's inspiring to me.
I love living with the Sheffeild's. They are full of knowledge! We go up there when we have questions and they just love to sit down and explain to us. In fact today we went up with a question about the 12 tribes of Israel. We were up there for an hour while he explained it to us. They are incredible people. We learned so much and it made our purpose as missionaries more clear. We are gathering the "elect", for the elect hear the Lord's voice. And, as the Sheffeild's pointed out, the majority of the elect right now are from Ephraim and Mannaseh, whose responsibility is to gather. So, we are gathering the gatherers! It's crazy. The gatherers must first be gathered in order to gather in the rest! And then, when the other 10 tribes are gathered together they will bring family history, which is why we need temples, and as the Old Testament says, all the families of the earth will be blessed. Oh, it's an incredible circle and it all makes sense. At least, it does in my head, this email is short, and probably says very little about what I'm learning.
We have spent so much time teaching and with 3 baptisms in the next 2 weeks, we will have to go to finding. We will eventually spend a lot of time finding. Thankfully the weather is slowly warming up. It's supposed to be in the 50's this week!! However, it warms up a bit, then gets cold, then warms up again, and then gets cold. But, in time it will be hot and humid! I'm excited to get to ride my bike. My body needs more exercise, it feels gross. I wish I had more control over the food going in my stomach! If I come back with 30 more pounds on my body, I think I will cry! I refuse to get fat.
What else is going on...? Wow, there isn't much to say. I am still really struggling with contacting. My mind blanks at the door. I can introduce and ask questions, but I have a hard time going from their response of "I have a church", or "I'm a Christian" etc. and teaching them why they  need the gospel in their life. Especially Catholics. Because Catholics believe they have the Priesthood, they believe that they will be with their families forever. So, in their eyes, what do we have to offer? Speaking of Catholics, Miranda will you ask Taryn if she's gotten my letters? Also, last I heard, as of Thursday Elder Waite had not received any letters.
I got to see my MTC district on Thursday. People from SLC were here to talk about the pilot programs and how we can help it improve. They are solidifying it and it will go into full affect shortly. It was awesome seeing my elders and Sister Xidis. It was fun to hear of their experiences and see how much they had grown in just 3 weeks. It's really awesome being here in Minnesota. Despite freezing and all that, it's really quite incredible.
Oh, so I want more color. I feel soooo dull. So, we might go to a thrift store and see what we can find. But, also, if you happen to be shopping and see a cute shirt, or cardigan or anything with color, and it's on sale or cheap, I wouldn't mind receiving that! I'm fine with my skirts, what I really want are shirts. I'm gonna have to get some summer appropriate shirts here soon. I have quite a few sweaters, and I'm pretty sure that those aren't gonna fly in the summer.
Dad--best of luck with work. It reminds me of the hours you worked at ACI. You are such a good worker, they are lucky to have you :)
Miranda--a Daaate? How was that? Haha, my little sister is growing up!
Best of luck with all the sports and activities, it sounds like fun!
Oh, you should make mormon.org profiles!
Mom--good luck with the bathroom project. We were at a families house for lunch yesterday and I just loved the way she did her living room. it made me think of you and all your house projects! It's fun seeing families from an outside perspective. I'm learning so much, I wish I had words to express! It's funny because the more I understand the more I realize that I don't understand. There is a never ending process of learning. :D
I love you all. I hope all is well. Things here are hard, but awesome. :)  I get to witness a sealing next Saturday (26th) that will be really cool.
Oh, dad, I know it's not until Saturday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If I don't say it now, you'll get it late. What are you doing? How old are you gonna be? The more I'm around people, the more I realize how young my parents are! My comps dad is the age of my grandparents. haha, so, just remember you are both young :)