Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Security Complications

So Sam, Erin (his girlfriend), and I flew to Chicago on Sunday night. Since I was moving all my stuff home, and Sam and Erin were just coming home to visit they agreed to take suitcases for me. Out of 6 suitcases between the 3 of us, 5 of them were full of my stuff. Also, out of 6 carry-ons, 3 of them were mine, BUT I got EVERYTHING that I needed home by plane! Including 2 comforter sets, my clothes, shoes, books, notebooks, laptops, pictures, and other random items. Anyway, one of the bags we were going to use as a carry-on was my 72 hour kit mom sent to school with me. I thought nothing of the bag and had Erin take it as a carry-on. I made it through security and was trying to get my stuff situated when I looked back to see that Erin and Sam were pointing at me with the purple backpack that served as my 72 hour kit. I went over to see what the problem was. Little to my knowledge but stowed in the front pocket behind a trashbag was a pocket knife, not to mention also in the bag were 4 water bottles, 2 cans of soup, matches, flammable sun screen and a couple other problematic items. I had to go to the gift shop, buy an envelope and send the pocket knife home--everything else got thrown away. THEN, we found out that Erin had, in the bottom of her bag, a self-defense weapon she got from Tai-Kwon-Do (or however you spell that..). Security didn't like this very much. They patted her down, then made her fill out an incident report. This weapon too, was put in the envelope to be sent home. It was such a FUN experience...quite entertaining now that it's over! We made it to our flight, which left late, then made it to our other flight right before boarding, and then landed in Chicago around 11:30 central time. We made it home at 4am Tuesday morning! It's good to be home for Christmas! :D

Moral of the story: Don't take weapons OR liquids through airports with you...people don't like it much :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

<3 Family, Friends, and More <3

I have been taking a family foundations class this semester and I have learned so much! It has easily been one of my favorites! However it has made me miss my family so much! I'm excited to travel home to see them! I'm also very excited that I will get to take a paid vacation (with the plane ticket paid) to go home to see my family while I am nannying! I think it's very easy to take your family for granted until you've been without them and remember all the good and defining moments you've had together! I'm excited to go home!

Other updates:
I started dating a guy named Curtis. He's a real sweetheart. I didn't think I'd start dating anyone because of long distance, but I am! It will be sort of difficult, but we already have a "long distance" relationship. He lives in Logan (for school) and so I don't get to see him very much. But we talk everyday and have gotten to know each other pretty well, although there is still a lot to learn! He makes me happy and he is coming up to visit tomorrow. I think he is leaving Sunday evening to go home to Salt Lake. I am excited to see him.

Classes are almost over! I've got one more project to complete. Five homework assignments, three quizzes, and six tests (two of which are NOT finals). I need to practice the piano--the choir is singing on Monday night for FHE. Also, my apartment is hosting a hot chocolate night on Sunday at 6:30, so got to get ready for that as well! Then next Friday I will spend all day packing and cleaning. Saturday morning I leave for Salt Lake at 9:30am and arrive around 1:30ish. I fly out Sunday around 8:30pm and get home sometime early in the morning on Monday. I'm then home until the 2nd of January and then I fly out to Arizona! Everything is happening so fast! It's exciting and stressful all at once!

Well, that's practically everything that I've been up to! I'm certainly keeping busy! :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holy Intense!

I was given this quote to answer a question for a class of mine. The question is: What can you do to avoid wild speculation and extravagance in your own life? I thought it was a fairly intense and interesting quote...sort of makes me want to be dead before this happens..I guess we will find out, won't we?

"An army of Elders will be sent to the four quarters of the earth to search out the righteous and warn the wicked of what is coming. All kinds of religions will be started and miracles performed that will deceive the very elect if that were possible. Our sons and daughters must live pure lives so as to be prepared for what is coming. After a while the gentiles will gather by the thousands to this place, and Salt Lake City will be classed among the wicked cities of the world. A spirit of speculation and extravagance will take possession of the Saints, and the results will be financial bondage. Persecution comes next and all true Latter-day Saints will be tested to the limit. Many will apostatize and others will be still not knowing what to do. Darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the minds of the people. The judgments of God will be poured out on the wicked to the extent that our Elders from far and near will be called home, or in other words the gospel will be taken from the Gentiles and later on carried to the Jews. The western boundary of the State of Missouri will be swept so clean of its inhabitants that as President Young tells us, when you return to that place, there will not be left so much as a yellow dog to wag his tail. Before that day comes, however, the Saints will be put to tests that will try the integrity of the best of them. The pressure will become so great that the more righteous among them will cry unto the Lord day and night until deliverance comes...

(Blaine and Brenton Yorgason, Spiritual Survival in the Last Days [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1990], 41.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Roommates--Can't live with 'em, Can't live without 'em!

Roommates can be such blessings at times :) I know I have complained about my roommates, especially one in particular. But as of late, things are going great in our apartment. As hard as it is to sometimes get along with 5 other girls, I'm grateful to have roommates who care and are willing to serve! They are truly wonderful!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'M GOING TO...........

Some of you know that I have been searching for a nanny position to go work for a year after this semester is over. I had my first interview with a Sean and Beki Clark on Friday! We had a 1 hour and 20 minute phone interview/conversation. They are members of the church and have one little boy. He is 21 months, so almost 2. He's adorable! This is Wesley:
Isn't he adorable!? Beki and Sean called me last night and told me that they would like to offer me the position :) I will be flying to Arizona, probably on the 2nd of January. I am really excited for this opportunity, and frankly quite nervous! It's like I'm gonna be a mommy..without actually being a mom! I have full responsibility over this kid from 8am-6pm! I'm in charge of helping him learn and develop! It's a scary responsibility! However it will be an awesome experience, and a great opportunity to learn more about the care of children.
Sean told me that there are more guys than girls in the area and that I won't have have a shortage of guys asking me on dates. lol. We shall see. Even better they both fully understand that I want to serve a mission at the end of the year, but still offer a bonus if I choose to stay for another year. I am really excited...and I might be needing motherly advice and ideas of things to keep him learning, growing, and entertained! Any input is awesome. He is a very hands on kid, and likes to help bake, learn sign language, press keys on the piano, and other hands on activities!

Other random exciting information:
I got an email from my friend who is on his mission in Norway today! It's the first time I've heard from him since he left! I was SOOO excited, and he is doing wonderful :) I miss Torvald!!
It's been a great start to the week..and Thanksgiving is next week :) (I get my wisdom teeth out a week from today :/ It's only the bottom 2, but I'm going to be awake during the procedure, I'm really scared) So life is wonderful and I'm super excited right now!

Input is welcome!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Masquerade! Paper faces on Parade! Masquerade!

(Ashley and I)

Last night I went to a Masquerade Ball! It was absolutely positively wonderful! I had my roommate, Ashley, set me up with this guy David that she knew (I had met him once before, but only briefly). We got together Thursday night to create our masks, they all have a bit of our own personalities! After we made masks we played Rook until we decided to call it a night. After that Ashley and I decided to do facial masks, Mary Kay's Satin hands, and Mary Kay's Satin lips. It was fun :)
(Daniel and David)

I think we all had fun! Last night the guys came over, and we each made an appetizer! We had mozzarella sticks, cream cheese spread w/ crackers, cauliflower and cheese, and sausage wrapped in bacon with brown sugar--that was delicious! After eating and talking for some time we decided to get dressed, take pictures and go to the dance :)

(David, Me, Ashley, Daniel)
David is an awesome dancer, and even took the time to teach me (he didn't get impatient that I had issues with some of the steps and kept messing up...). It was soo fun. We danced pretty much the entire time, except for about 30mins when I told David to go dance with Ashley (her date couldn't dance for the life of him..poor guy..) My favorite was swing dancing! I think I was best at that one!

So random thought: I think David has a "Mr. Incredible" look to him...what do you think?

Well, since I had a blast yesterday and got practically nothing done all day, I now have to spend all day today doing it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"For once in your life why don't you be positive!?!?"

Well hello!! School has kept me crazy busy, and if I'm not busy I try to go out and socialize!!! I've been thinking about changing my major from Business Management to Accounting with a minor in Business. I think it would be a good idea, even though it would be SUPER hard! I think it would be a good idea! But it's ok, I have plenty of time to decide if that's what I want to do! I won't be returning next semester, but I'm going to take at least one online class so that I can remain a student and have student health insurance, since once I lose full time student status I lose dad's insurance. Exciting, right? Anyway, as of right now the plan is to return home and work. However I'm going to try to get an internship at Disney! They pay for your housing plus they pay you! All I would have to do is pay for food! :D I really hope I can get it! It would look great on my resume, and it would be an awesome experience! So that pretty much covers that, what else is new?

So, I've been aware, since High School sometime, that I have a somewhat negative attitude sometimes! I usually don't really pick up on it, but I'm aware of it and I've gotten a lot better! I am always trying to become more optimistic and whatnot but I guess I fail at that? Not too long ago two of my roommates decided to tell me they thought I was negative, and the way that they saw it was something I was not aware of, however I am not going off of what they say, because those two are the two that hardly ever talk to me, so they really have no idea what I'm like. Anyway, so last night Sam (my bro came up) and I cooked dinner for my apartment and Sam and my old roommate Erin Farrar. After dinner we went to the new Harry Potter movie. It was Sam & Erin (his gf), myself and Erin Farrar, and Rachel (Erin's roommate) and her bf Sam. So we had 2 Sam's and 2 Erin's! Anyway, I got home and the kitchen was still a pigsty! It had dishes from the day before and what I had used. Thank goodness for my roommate Liz, she got up and unloaded the dishwasher, she's so great! Anyway, so I was slightly irritated that I had so many nasty dishes to scrub and do. However I wasn't that upset. So then, we have this cooking grease that we've dumped into a bottle (we don't know what to do with it) and it's sitting on our counter. So I made a comment that we need to figure out what to do with it so we can get rid of it, and one of my roommates goes, "I think we should heat it up and dump it on 'Cloud 9' (which is what apt. 9 calls themselves). Of course I responded with "I think we should..." (well at least I was gonna respond with we neeed to do something nice with just dispose of it, but she cut me off) "You always shoot down my ideas! FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, WHY DON'T YOU BE POSITIVE!?" I couldn't really tell if she was serious or just joking but I made no response to her and she said nothing back. I finished the dishes and left the apartment without another word. Even if she was joking that is a subject that is very sensitive to me. I don't get offended very easily but what she said really hurt and it kept running through my head over and over again! I went and hung out with my friend Jared who helped me feel better :) We walked in the park, talked, got hot chocolate, talked, went up to the temple grounds and talked some more! I was feeling a lot better by the time I came home 2 hours or so later. I'm still bothered by the fact that she said that, and I don't really know how to react. Her and her roommate hardly talk to me anyway, so maybe I can finish off the semester peacefully. I'm sort of glad I'm coming home next semester, living with 5 girls is rough, especially the combination of girls I have! No joke I have THE weirdest and MOST hormonal group of girls you will EVER meet! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy talking to 3 of them...most of the time, but man our combination is SO strange! Anyway! Moving on.....

OH! I am going to a Masquerade ball this upcoming Friday! My roommate set me up with her friend David! I'm really excited! :D We are going to decorate our masks, have dinner and go to the dance. It should be lots of fun! I haven't figured out what I'm wearing yet or how I'm going to decorate my mask, but I'll get it figured out, eventually!

Well I hope you all have an enjoyable day!! I've got homework to tend to and then Rocio and I are hanging out, having a little family time. :D I'm super excited! :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My New Life!

Well, I'm what, 3 weeks into school now? I think I have pretty much been stressed since day 1! I'm taking a 2 hour and 15 minute Business Fundamentals I class, which I actually kind of enjoy..then I have Econ 112 and Acctg 201 which are both kicking me in the rear end. On top of that I have CIT 138 (which may as well be an online class, I only have to go to class the 1st and last day!) Then I have Family Foundations, which requires a lot of time and effort. So Thursday I realized that between my Acctg and Family Found classes I had:
2 exams
3 readings (2 for fam found and ch. 3 for acctg--which is always super long)
2 acctg assignments
4 acctg quizzes
1 fam found Unit Response

So I got really stressed out! On top of that I'm having a really hard time with my roommates this semester. I'm trying to keep a positive perspective, but it's hard when you get ignored by your roommates and are typically the only one that doesn't have anything exciting to do on a Friday night (or any other night for that matter!) Well, OK, I do get to do some fun things. I hang out with Tandy on Tuesdays, and Erin and I hang out randomly too. Like last night! Last night Erin came over and we made fruit smoothies! It had strawberries, peaches, bananas, Strawberry Banana yogurt, Guava Strawberry Juice, and Pineapple Orange Strawberry juice in it. It turned out pretty good! Then we went and talked to a couple friends around the complex. That was exciting :)

OK, plus last Saturday Erin and her little sister Hailey and I took a road trip to.......


It was very exciting! We saw Bisallo (Erin's work for bufallo/bison) and Old Faithful and Firehole falls. Which is sort of a funny story in itself :) Erin wasn't having the best day for talking! Firehole falls were pretty awesome! I was scared I was gonna fall over the edge to my death!!

We had a super exciting moment! We were driving and we got held up in traffic for like 10 minutes! It had completely stopped moving, then it would go, then it would stop, then it would go. When we got to the front, we found out why!

This big guy was walking back and forth across the street, over and over again (there were others on the side of the road, not as exciting though). In fact he crossed right in front of us and stopped right outside my window! It was really actually sort of frightening!

His eye scared me really bad! I rolled up my window quite quickly, as did Hailey! But then I realized that even if my window was up, and if he got mad, the window would not really help any!
Old Faithful was..well Old faithful! Nothing much to say. I have most the pictures posted on facebook, but I thought I'd share the key ones! It was an exciting weekend, nevertheless it did make my Monday a little bit more stressed, but that's ok!
So here I am talking about always being stressed and I'm writing a blog. Oh dear I need to get my priorities straight..however I did read part of my readings while I waited for the pictures to upload! haha! Well, I don't have very exciting plans, I spend a lot of time studying and doing homework. Oh, I took my accounting test and got an 80%. I was hoping for a 90% but an 80% is better than anything lower than that! Plus I'm starting to understand! :D
So summarization of my life right now, I have exciting moments but for the most part I remain stressed and I'm really having a hard time with my roommates, I don't feel at home, and I sort of want to just go back to IL. But! I'm getting smarter and the end of the semester will be here before I know it! :D Got to go get my new laptop!! adios! :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back To School!

I flew into Salt Lake last Tuesday and stayed with Kristie and Bob (thanks SOOO much) and got a ride up to Rexburg the following Thursday and stayed with Tandy (my roommate from my 1st 2 semesters). Friday I went out and applied at the library on campus and then at Broulims (the grocery store) I called it a day after I walked into a restaurant and they told me that they weren't hiring and that they were out of applications. Tandy and I then went to Lava and went swimming :D It was a perfect day to go. Her sister-in-law and her 2 little nieces met us there and it was so much fun playing with them. Little kids are the cutest. After swimming we went to a Thai restaurant, it was delicious. Then the older of the 2 girls looked at me and goes "Adrianna, I love you." awwww it was sooo precious!!

So today I moved into my apartment. After awhile I decided I needed to go to my storage unit in Carriage House, so I went to get the key and the manager offered to have her husband take me--I was only going to dig through and get my bedding since I was car-less. So I agree and we go and I find my suitcase, my backpack, and 3 totes. The bag that I had stuffed all my bedding in and my winter coat was gone :( We looked for a good 10-15 minutes. The room really isn't very big so we searched pretty good. It was frustrating. So then I had to go to the store to buy new sheets and blankets and mattress pad. So there goes $50 I wasn't planning on spending!

Also, I went and bought my books for this semester, which were cheaper then I thought, and for at least one of my classes there is software we have to download along with the books. So I was looking at my software for CIT and realized that is requires internet explorer to work. For those of you who don't internet explorer crashed and no longer runs on my computer. I can only use Firefox and Google Chrome. So now I have to figure out how to get it to run again so that I can successfully use the software. CIT requires you to use your laptop during class, so it's necessary that it runs on my computer, I can't just go to the library. Anyway, it's sort of been a stressful day.. I haven't gone grocery shopping yet and I'm hungry. I have 2 oranges a box of rice-a-roni and some cereal left. Oh I have potato pearls and spices...looks like I just found dinner! Hope your days are going a little bit better...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Days

It's nearly the end of summer break, and surprisingly this has been one of my best summers in a long time. Typically my summer consists of working, working, some church activities and a random movie night or other activity with my friends from school. This summer was different, yes there was working and worrying about not enough work, but something changed when we moved to Charleston. Coming home it was easier to appreciate everything mom does for me, the comfort of home and the blessings of family. But not only do I have my family, I felt free to be myself, unconcerned with what others thought, and even better I made friends who have helped make this a wonderful summer! I got to see my friends typically twice a week, where we would just hang out, goof off, laugh, and talk. We didn't go anywhere that cost anything, we spent most of the time in parks, swinging or gazing up at the stars. There was hardly a dull moment when I was with them! It's sad to think that I will be, once again, leaving my friends behind. You would think I'd be used to this by now, but I want friends who are going to stay! I know I can text them, talk to them online, call them, but I want that friend who is there by your side in your most exciting and most difficult times! I've never really had that. Pama was always there to talk to, but we didn't get to hang out all that often. I had my school friends, but sometimes they just don't understand the things church friends do. I guess I should count my blessings that I have friends in many areas, so I'll always have a friend to turn to.

This is a picture of us goofing off one night, we are a bunch of dorks :)

As I'm getting ready for school I'm looking at my financial situation and trying to figure out what to do. I'll scrape by this semester, but next semester will be a different story. I have yet to find a job (I'm going in person soon though, hopefully that will help), and I just don't have the money I need. I would like to go on a mission, so I want to get all my debt paid off, and it's hard to do while going to college. So my alternate plan is to attend a 2yr university near home so all I have to pay is tuition and books. I want to get an associate degree in psychology, then go on a mission, go back to BYU-Idaho and finish up my bachelors in business with a minor in computer information technology.

So sometime this summer I did something to my left thumb. Not sure what, I just know that it hurts, kinda bad. Then tonight I was teasing Miranda and my thumb got knocked and now it hurts really bad. So I'm going to try and see a dr tomorrow and see what's wrong with it. OK, that is really all I've got right now. It's strange that I'm heading back to school, but I am excited to get back. I hope all is going well for everyone! Have a great week :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sudden Reminder

After returning home from work today mom had Sam and I read a news article and watch a short movie on what had happened at Beaver Lake in Nebraska. A 23 year old male had fallen off a boat, then got hit by the same boat and wasn't seen after that. His body still has not been recovered, but they are still searching. Confused at why I was watching this I asked mom if she knew who the boy was, since no name had been given. She said yes and told us that it was her cousin (I won't give the name since the news hasn't released it yet..) I've met him once or twice and was of course saddened by the news. At first I wanted more details of what happened, who he was with, his activity in the church things like that. Then I got to thinking about how our lives can be cut short! Every day could be our last day, do we leave the house saying kind words to our loved ones? Do we go to bed with a hug or a kiss? What small gestures could we give to remind our loved ones that they are special to us? How horrible would it be to leave after an argument and never see the other person again...Sure, it's sort of depressing, but I think it helps us keep our lives in perspective. We need to live each day to the fullest.

..Live each day as if it were your last..
I think that if I were to die tonight I would regret being upset with my brother
I'd regret not getting to know my family better
I'd regret all the times someone passed me by looking down, and I did nothing to help
I'd regret not constantly striving to be a better person.

Remember that each and every day is a gift, not a promise. Treat it like a rare possession, and never take it for granted.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family update!

Well I guess we are pretty much settled in. Mom is still going through stray boxes in the basement, but otherwise we are doing great! We love the new house and we like the town still! Miranda and Shaelyn are gone until Friday at girl's camp, Austin is bored without them! Sam and I are now working for KIMA cleaning. They always have a couple weeks where they get really busy and offered us 40hrs/week. So we are cleaning college apartments..they can get REALLY nasty! Sam heads back to Utah on the 22nd, I think and I go to Idaho at the end of the month! I'm excited, but it's bittersweet. I've made some friends up in the singles ward and it'll be sad to leave them! Dad recently traveled to Tennessee for a couple of days and came back exhausted, he works so hard! Mom is at home most the time, sacrificing and letting the kids use the cars so we can get where we need/want...she's a great mother!

So the people we bought this house from offered to pay Sam to take down the playset that had been left in our backyard (it was HUGE) and told him he would need some help so offered to pay Austin and one other person that Sam found. So they were outside working on the playset and Austin was climbing off the playset onto the ladder that was standing next to it. He was probably on about the 3rd wrung from the top when the ladder collapsed and down came Austin! He landed on top of the ladder and also the mulch. He stood up and acted all tough telling Sam and Brandon that he was ok, and then made his way into the house with a bleeding knee. He called for mom and we could tell something was wrong. Mom went in and started cleaning the cut and decided to take him to the hospital for stitches. As they start cleaning the cut they find that one of the wood chips from the mulch had stabbed into his knee and the cut was deeper than it appeared. So they gave him stitches to help the cut heal. Also while he was there they gave him his "Tetris" shot (Tetnus--Austin kept calling it tetris) and another shot for his school vaccinations. Early the next morning Austin was up sick to his stomach. He reached a fever of 104 degrees when mom gave him ibouprofen and called the hospital. Anyway, Austin is ok, he was cold all day but is much better now :) So that's our little adventure for the year. This is Austin's 3rd set of stitches, i told him he was getting stitches for me, since I've never had to go to the hospital for anything!

Well, I think that pretty much covers what's going on in our lives! Oh, well Sam is dating a girl, she goes to BYU-Idaho. And well, that's the end of the story! Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Blog!

I have added a new blog simply for me to list the things I'm grateful for and to help me keep a positive outlook on life and keep in perspective everything I have and have been blessed with! If you are interested it is titled Buckets of Blessings...i'm not very creative..I'm still trying to come up with a new name..! Anyway, just thought I'd let ya know! :) If you would like we can turn it into a group blog, or you can just comment and whatnot! So what do you think? Should I add people and make it a group site to help us remember what we've been blessed with??

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Little Update

Well, the 4th of July was cold and rainy, we went to the parade. It was a little miserable. We went to the fire works Sunday night since they got rained out the night before, it was nice! We are starting to feel settled in in our house, though there is still stuff to do to finish moving in. We like it here, and it really does feel like home.

Well I applied for a job in Rexburg and would be going up there next week if I had gotten the job. BUT I did not get the job. I'm having a hard time finding work up there and I was really disappointed that I did not get the job. But to make me feel a little better there were 130 applicants and only 40 made it to the interview process...I was one of those. There are only 15 openings. So I'm a little bummed about that. I had felt so sure and it felt so right it was hard to take. But I know the Lord will provide as long as I remain faithful and keep the commandments. Thankfully I do have a job right now, and I have a little time to find a job in Rexburg. I'm just grateful that I have a job, and a fairly decent paying job at that. :D

Have a good day everyone :) I need to get ready to go to work :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A day of rest!

On Friday June 19 2009, my parents closed on our new house in Charleston Illinois! That afternoon we began the projects we had planned. Dad had all of the next week off and we figured things would go quickly and easily and we'd be moved in by Saturday June 27th. However we began the tedious task of peeling wallpaper. The top layer is the easy part, but to our horror we found that the 2nd layer would be worse than normal. As we began peeling away the bottom we found that whoever had put the wallpaper up had neglected to prime or paint the drywall before putting up the wallpaper (this means the wallpaper was getting all ripped up adding a patching/mudding step to our process). Now that was not the only thing! It appears that wallpaper is the first thing they put on after the drywall was up. No bother to put the door frames or the floorboard on first! So the wallpaper is underneath the wood, making it difficult to get the wallpaper so it wasn't visible! It took hours to complete ONE wall. Anyway dad tore our the upstairs and master bathroom and redid the flooring (they had CARPET in the bathrooms..eew.) We had flooring people come and redo the dining room (to currently be used as an office) and kitchen in vinyl that looks like wood floor, it looks good! They also put new carpet in the living room and the master bedroom. They will also replace the carpet on the stairs and upstairs hallways and closets as soon as we finish the wall in the entry way! You see, the entry way which is like 16ft tall also had wallpaper on the walls and seemed even harder to get off than the kitchen! It's been an interesting task! Anyway, the kitchen is ready to be painted! So we will be moving the rest of our stuff over to the house tomorrow (all that is left is what we have left in our apartment). After we get moved in we will work on the entry way some more! Eventually we will get to the basement...but we aren't rushing anything, we've had enough with home improvement projects for a little while! Oh I forgot to say that we also peeled wallpaper out of the upstairs bathroom and mom painted it yesterday! Dad was supposed to get an offwhite color for the bathroom, but I guess he got Shamrock White. I haven't seen it, but mom says it has a green I guess I'll see tomorrow after work what it really looks like! Dad goes back to work tomorrow, I think we are all glad this last week is over and we all looked forward to today, a day of rest! We would wake up around 7am everyday and get done at the house no earlier than 11:30. Last night mom and dad didn't get home until after midnight! Anyway so we are all very grateful for a day of rest. Dad said on the way to church that he now understands why the world has forgotten Sunday as the day of rest...none of them work hard enough to need a day of rest! lol

Ok, new topic. So a friend of mine in Rexburg got me an application for a new place opening in Rexburg, some sort of family fun place! I'm hoping to get the job, and if so I'll probably be returning to Rexburg earlier than I planned, only catch is that I will have to find a place to stay for a month! So I'm really hoping for the job, it would be great and I have a great availability schedule this next semester! Tuesday-Friday I'm done with classes by 11:15! Also ALL of my classes are really close to my apartment! They are all in the Smith building except one, which is in the Clark (not that that means much to most of you) But they are pretty much the closest buildings to my apartment! Like a 7 minute walk at most! I'm really looking forward to getting back to school!
Have a great week everybody! :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slow News week?

Well aside from Alissa and Victory's exciting announcement, it's been a pretty slow week for blogging! So I thought I'd share a little dumb moment of mine:

I was at my computer typing when this stupid little bug kept flying around my face, so getting fed up with it I swatted. I definitely made contact....WITH MY FACE!

Anyway that was one of my many DUH moments, and thought I'd share it with hope that it would bring a smile to your face :)

and here is a quote that one of my counselors in the bishopric at school liked to say a lot: "Put a smile on your kisser, and if you are lucky someone will plant a kiss on your smiler."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free Time is Finally Minimized!

Alright, so I went from having absolutely nothing to do, to being busy again! Yay me! I'm working as a cashier, I'm scheduled 24hrs this week and next week. I'm also teaching Miranda, Austin and Shaelyn piano lessons and I am teaching Shaelyn flute lessons (mom is paying me!) On top of that I am working selling Cutco Cutlery! It's a great product, I'll admit maybe a little bit on the pricey side, but if you tend to replace your knives fairly regurlary it's worth it! I won't go into detail on it! I'm sort of considering doing Mary Kay too, but I don't feel like I have time, or the money to start it all up. So I'm going to stick with what I've got. The Cutco job is great, because I can sell wherever I go! I finished training today and had my first appointment with a ward member. She didn't buy anything but she did like the stuff! I have two appointments Monday, at least so far. I would like to have at least 2 or 3 more, but it doesn't help that I don't know many people here. I could probably get one in on Tuesday as well...but once again I have this strange lack of knowing people. haha, oh well, I get paid by appointment, or commission, whichever one is higher. So we will see where this will take me, it should help me with my Business major. :) Then again, so would Mary Kay...hmmmm. Anyway, I have to go to County Market to work in an hour, so I'd better eat and get ready...maybe fit in a little nap? Oh..wait my bed is covered..there is nowhere TO

oh June 19th....We sign on the house, then we redo the carpeting, flooring, and entry walls! Right after that...WE MOVE IN! (I can't wait :D)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I decided to share this meatloaf recipe...I enjoyed it! Also I figured if I lost the recipe while I'm home I can always find it again on here it is!

1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1 sm onion
1/4 tsp ground ginger
3/4 cup finely crushed saltine cracker crumbs (or bread crumbs)

1/2 (+/-) cup brown sugar (enough to cover meat)
1/2 cup ketchup
1 tbsp Worcestershire

Preaheat oven to 350*. Lightly grease 5x9 loaf pan.
Mix ingredients and shape in loaf pan
Press brown sugar and ketchup over meat
Bake 1hr or until juices are clear
Makes 8 servings

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's all about MONEY

I miss the days where the only thing that mattered is that we ate and got to play outside with our friends! The days before the worries of the world hit. Before we understood the whole concept of money, and why we needed it. And how come before you get to college it doesn't seem like you'll really be getting yourself into too much debt, and then you start realizing just how much money you need? I'm sick of getting nagged on about not having enough money, I don't want to spend all of my teenage life working! Isn't this supposed to be the time where I have fun!? Aren't I supposed to be a little immature and go into debt, spend my money on gas and movies? How come I feel so much pressure NOT to go out and have fun? But I don't want to "waste" my summer away working, it's not fun. I want school to be magically paid for, I want money to fall into my hands! I want all interest to go away! I want a job to magically land in my lap. I don't want to have to search in every nook and cranny of this town just to find a 2nd job! I want scholarships, an internship for next summer, but most of all, I want to have nothing to worry about! Yes, college students are poor, I've always known that, but I never realized they were more than poor! They can't afford that candy bar as they check out the groceries they already can't afford. They are spending hundreds of dollars on books, that shouldn't cost that much! Tuition..that's another thing blown out of proportion! Yes, I understand the professors need money, the college wants a profit...but have you seen the cost of tuition for a state university!?!? I'm grateful to be attending BYU-I where tithing has helped lower the cost of tuition, but seriously I'm going crazy inside about how I'm going to pay for this, yet the outside of me wants to just stop, take a break and say hey, don't stress, enjoy this time you have cuz you'll never have anything like it again! I mean, seriously, once I'm done with school life will be about work! Work so you can pay for groceries, rent, occasional hang out with friends, plus social involvment in church (not saying work, but how busy you become), then you get married and you are taking care of two people, then you get pregnant..oh dear! I mean seriously I just want to be able to pay for my tuition...I'm jealous sometimes of those kids whose parents pay for everything, yet on the otherside I pity them, they don't understand what it means to have to work for a living! I don't know, pretty much I'm rambling and complaining about money and how it should grow on trees...Well, I'm still searching for another job...oh and if you know of any scholarships I could use those too! haha, I hope you are feeling brighter about your finances than I am mine...good luck :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

From the moment Sam and I drove into Charleston Illinois, everything seemed, well perfect! It felt like it could become home! I haven't met many people, and I don't get out much...I'm just here! However I believe I like it here...aside from the shopping selection! My family and I are SUPER! close! Oh and I'm not talking about like friendly close! I mean I walk in the 2 bedroom APARTMENT and my choices are, kitchen, living room, mom and dads room, laundry room, bathroom 1, bathroom 2, OR my room..oh yeah and all of my siblings as well! It's weird going from taking care of myself, doing what I want, etc. and going to a small. apt (well, it's bigger than the one I just moved from...but different) and having mom cook for you and take care of you! I am definitely not complaining about home cooked meals, but it's different. I have nothing to do. This seems to be my schedule thus far: Wake up @ 7, eat breakfast, lounge around (or fall back to sleep), get in the shower, take my time getting ready, hanging out with mom, pick up kids from school with mom, come home, watch Gilmore Girls, get on the computer because the second Gilmore Girls is over Sam takes over the TV with the Wii. Then I am bored until dinner time, at which time we eat, then I am bored again, get on the computer talk to friends and go to sleep (eventually). Sounds exciting, right? I just need things to do, people to hang out with. HOWEVER! I have a job interview at County Market tomorrow morning (it's the local grocery store) so, hopefully I'll start working soon! We found out dad's job is permanent, and we will be closing on a house next month! We all like it and will be redoing the main floor flooring before moving in, and tearing off wallpaper! We are putting hardwood floors in the entry and kitchen area, and carpet in the dining room (which will be an office) and the living room! We are all pretty excited! (I'm excited for some space and some alone time!) It's funny cuz when I get frustrated or upset it's because I'm alone, but not alone. So yeah. I need to start working. I have only applied at 3 places...but I'm being picky! I don't want a job that will make me hate my summer life! haha, well I think that is all my life consists of as of right now! We are hoping to make charleston our home until Shaelyn graduates, however I do not think I will be returning next summer...I'm thinking about going to Lincoln and getting an internship. We shall see :) Ok, I'm done talking! Have a GREAT summer :D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growth--Not JUST at the Waistband!

I have almost completed my freshman year of college! It's so exciting to me :) Although parts of each semester have proved difficult, trying, and often times I wanted to quit, I can truly say that I've grown...and I'm not just talking about the junk food I ate during those difficult times (or any time for that matter) that upped my waist size! actually, surprisingly I don't think I've gone up in waist size...hmmm. Anyway, I definitely have come to have a better appreciation of several things:

1) Prayer/Priesthood blessings
2) The Lord's Answer
3) The temple
4) Church leaders
5) Roommates

Through the several things that I've experience this semester I've been able to realize the comfort that comes through prayer. At times I was experiencing some overwhelming feelings that some of the people closest to me were going to pass away, or were dead. It was not just a one time thing, but something that continued on for a few months. Finally, I asked for a blessing, and although I was not promised that I wouldn't lose those people I felt a little more at peace. Prayer also helped me be comforted for a short period of time. When the feelings were still coming, while in an interview with my bishop, I shared what I'd been experiencing and couldn't keep the tears within. He also gave me a comfort blessing, one that seems to have helped quite a bit. Once again, I may not have been promised the life of those I love, but I was promised that the Lord knew what I was experiencing and He also knew what I could handle better than even me. That blessing has comforted me in more than just that difficult time. When classes get stressful, or roommates get on my nerves (well usually my nerves are already short when that happens) I've been able to reflect on both that blessing and been able to resort to prayer to help me calm down and feel at peace and not take offense. I'm really grateful to those that gave me the first blessing, and my bishop for being in tune with the spirit to tell me the things I needed to hear to comfort me.

One day, someone really upset me and I really needed to be alone for awhile..and when you have 5 roommates you don't get that time when you REALLY need it. So I took a walk up to the temple grounds. While walking I was thinking about everything that was bothering me and why I was letting it bother me. When I got to the point that I could see the temple quite clearly I felt an overwhelming feeling that the Lord loves me, and I could feel the frustration and anger melt away as I drew closer to the Lord's house. I've truly gained an appreciation for this holy place. Also, it has been a place for me to find answers to my questions, it's the best place to be to feel near to the Lord....however the answers to my questions may not be what I had wanted to hear, I still received an answer, and I know the Lord is there to take care of me as I make the correct decisions in my life.

So that covers Prayer/blessings, church leaders, answers, and the temple...but I've also gained an appreciation for my roommates. Each one is different and beautiful in their own ways..I'm not just talking physically :) Each one has been able to hold me up from their own experience and their understanding. I'm really going to miss them when I leave...especially those I may not get to see again after this semester :( I've also been able to see the power of roommate scripture study and prayer in an apartment. We weren't very good at having our roommate prayer and scriptures study for the first half of the semester. Let's just say our apartment was pretty tense, and not a fun place to be. There were feelings of irritation everywhere, and it seemed like that was all you could think about...(well for me anyway) One day we decided to start having prayers, which helped immensely, it was an obvious change. No one could miss it, plus all of us felt better. (Once again I speak for me..but also Erin on this one..cuz we actually talked about it) Anyway, so now we try to have prayer and scripture study every night. I guess we have to thank our FHE brothers because they really did help encourage us and help us start the habit. It's truly blessed our apartment! Well this is a super long blog...but I wanted to share the things that I've learned this semester :) (I can't share it all because this blog would NEVER end ;) )

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time, It's all about time.

Well, the end of the semester is drawing nearer and I both want time to speed up and slow down. How I long to be able to go "home" and see my family again, but I'm not prepared for the end of the semester. I have group projects, and individual projects galore that I need to get done. OK, so I'm slightly exaggerating! I have two groups--I have an English group project where we have to write a research persuasive paper together. So we are writing it on how the family values and morals need to be revised and we are looking at homosexual couples, cohabitation, divorce, and duo income families and the effects that they have on the kids as well as the family in general. Then I have a "Heroic Journey" humanities group. We do practically nothing IN class, but we have lots of work assigned outside of class. It's kind of stressful. We have a project due tomorrow, plus we have to go to cultural art events as a group (we have 1 of 4 left) and we have one more project due in class in a couple weeks. It's sort of stressful. Then I have to complete EVERYTHING for my business class this week, so my website has to be complete, I'm missing a few things, but I have a mock interview and a resume review this Friday. So I'm getting close to being done. I have one more test in my math class, and also one paper (yes, we write papers in my math class) due this Thursday. So in that sense I'm ready for the end of the semester because it's kinda stressful, but I need time to complete everything! haha.

Anyway, so I'm going to be spending two weeks in Nebraska during April before going to Illinois to my family. I should arrive on April 11th. Shannon and I will be leaving the night of April 10th and go as far as we can and then stop and stay somewhere. Then on April 11th we will drive to Lincoln where I will go to grandmas and get my family's car! Then I hope to be visiting friends and family while I'm in Nebraska. I really really can't wait :) It will be super exciting. I get to see one of my friends from elementary school who I haven't seen in 7 years! I really am excited. Plus I get to see my high school friends, and Justin who I haven't seen since June(?) of last year. So it will be a wonderful visit. Hopefully I'll get to see my new cousin while I'm there too! Sam flies into Nebraska on the 23rd of April around 12:30, so I have to pick him up in Omaha. Then we will return to Lincoln so that he can visit a friend of his and see family as well. Then on Sunday the 26th after attending church in the Nebraska City ward we are going to drive to Illinois. So as much as I want to return home I'm looking forward to getting to see my friends and family :) :) :)

Well that's the update of my life! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Adventures

So my family is headed off on another adventure on Friday! How exciting, right? They are moving to Charleston Illinois. It's just crazy how fast things are happening, how short we were in Grand Island, it makes me wonder why we were even there. But no worries. I'm really excited to go "home" to a new home. It is going to be interesting. I can make more friends, and maybe I'll meet a boooooy! LOL. Anyway, I really am excited to be moving again, and yeah. I just thought I'd share that :) I hope I don't end up marrying someone who wants to stay in one spot their whole life..oh goodness, I'm not sure I could handle it! oh well, I'll worry about that when it presents itself...haha.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Over the past two weeks I have gained a better understanding of charity as I have been praying for that gift for about 3-4 weeks now. As you've all ready read before you've seen how irritated I got with a certain roommate, well get ready for this.....I'M OVER IT! No more complaining b/c I can now see her as a daughter of God and see her for the good she is not the things that drive me crazy!! Insane right? Well the first time I got along with her for reals was two Mondays ago. We had a flour fight while preparing sugar cookies for FHE, fun huh? Yeah, well then she thanked me for the fun we had. At that time it was like a punch in the stomach like: look how appreciative she is for that and imagine how she's felt in the past when you've ignored her and excluded her..hmmm. Anyway so we've been getting along. It's been exciting and makes my life so much more fun and worthwhile! So I've been in a really good mood for the most part over the last week and a half-ish.

But I've just been super proud of myself for being such a social butterfly! Thursday night I went out to eat with 2 friends, then went back to Cherean's apt. and played games with a bunch of her friends. Then Friday night my apt invited a bunch of different apts over to play games at our apartment, which was fun. We played Cancellation Hearts (interesting game..) then we played Mafia. We played two rounds of that, the 2nd time around I was in the Mafia, yeah mafia kicked butt, and totally won. Me and Phylicia worked together on it and WON!!! haha. Anyway, so after that Phylicia, Tandy, Zach, Francisco, Jakob, Taylor and I went Latin dancing. It was WAY fun. Francisco was AMAZING, but no matter what our skill level we all had fun. Tandy and I had to leave after an hour so that we could get some sleep (we both worked at 8 am Sat. morning). So we left at 11. Then Saturday I worked from 8-12 and then had lunch with Tonya (my cuz) and then Phylicia and I decided that we wanted to go ice skating, so we called up Jakob and Zach, but Zach was sore from snowboarding that morning, so I called Taylor who agreed to go with us. (Jakob and Taylor are our FHE brothers) So we went ice skating and had TONS OF FUN! After ice skating we came back had hot coco and played hearts. Then around 11:30 they were gone and I made a phone call to my brother Sam and we talked for 30 mins when I finally laid down to go to sleep :) Then I woke up for church this morning. Anyway, I'm just so proud of myself for developing charity and for being sooo social! (oh and Jakob and Phylicia decided to try and dance on the ice..we got a video of it, up until Phylicia fell..they did pretty good though, I was impressed :D )

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What are ya gonna do??

Well, we had a day off of school yesterday and I spent all day on my butt staring at the computer screen. It about drove me crazy. So then today I only had one class to go to, and we got out 30 mins early (1 1/2 hr class) and so I came home and was researching stuff for my paper for English. We have to write a paper about "The Other." Someone who has had an experience I haven't so I decided to write it on my friend Boo Bah. She is in her 30's and lives in Grand Island. So I decided to look up some background information so I had a better idea about what she was talking about. When she was about 7 years old her and her family left Laos when the communists were taking over and walked to Thailand. After that a church back in NE sponsered them to be brought to the US. So as I was researching I found information I had never known. I didn't know anything about "The Secret War" (haha imagine that) that occured DURING the Vietnam war. I was shocked to learn that when they were discovered as helping the US pulled out. The politicians afraid for their jobs backed out of the war, leaving the people in Laos to fend for themselves. (They had trained the Hmongs and were fighting along with them, so these people were automatically targeted by the government). They were forced to hide in the jungle and to this day there are still people hiding in the jungle, because those that turn themselves in are never heard of again and forgotten about, and those that remain in the jungle are hunted and killed. However as in the video that I watched we are about to do almost the same thing in Iraq. We started a war, we've stirred things up and now we are going to back out of this war. Ok that was off topic, Laos is the most bombed country in history because of "The Secret War". Innocent people were killed in an effort to stop communism, but then we backed out and let communism take over. It's really sad the things I learned today. I saw pictures of people who had lost limbs, someone who lost half their face b/c it was shot off, I read about the refugee camps in Thailand and how they were like prisons with no sanitation. It was terrible. And it definitely made me sad. I wish there was something we could do about it and help the people that are hiding for their lives. I can't imagine living in those circumstances. Also, how come after so many years "The Secret War" is still fairly secret? We don't talk about it in school, it's hard to come by on the internet unless published by non-American citizens. We should learn from history, and how do we do that if we don't know about it? If only there was more that we could do to help the Lao people.

Anyway I ended up spending all day staring at my computer screen again, and work called and told me not to come in, so all I have left is my flute sectionals. Then clean checks and some last minute homework :)

Here's the video I watched:

Friday, February 13, 2009

What A Week!

It's been such a long week, yet it's flown by so fast! (yeah it doesn't make sense, but somehow it still happens) Anyway, so I've stayed pretty busy. I have classes, and homework, and I'm supposed to be working, but I've only worked one day out of 3 this week, because they just don't have any work. It's not good. So so far I've only worked 3 hours. I need to find a new job, so next week if I get called I'm going to go job hunting. Let's see, tonight I am baby-sitting for a guy I work with. It's his wife's birthday so I'm going to watch their kids (haha two days in a row the wife gets treated like royalty!! haha) Then Saturday I am calling my friend Boo Bah and asking her some questions for the profile paper I have to write, then Saturday night I'm going on a date. Yep..that's right I actually have a date for the weekend.

My friend Adrienne from Grand Island is taking a road trip out here to Rexburg, she's supposed to be here today. I'm also planning on taking a trip down to Salt Lake City. I want to see my friend Torvald Johnson before he leaves on his mission, and his older brother Eric who got back last year, but we never got to hang out. So I'm going to go and hang out with them and Randall :) I'm kind of excited. I just need to find a week I can go. One of my friends got her mission call last night to Brazil, Porto Alegre North Mission. So that's an exciting thing! It makes me very excited to go on a mission. Oh and the other day I was talking to my friend Pama and she said that hopefully the Winter of 2011 I would see her and this guy together a lot (because they will both be here at BYU-I and he will have just returned home from his mission) and I realized that I won't be here in the Winter of 2011! I'm going to be leaving for a mission!!!!!!! So I figured it out, I have this summer, 2 semesters, another summer, one semester and I'll be about ready to leave!!!! I am really excited :)
Ok, that's all I have to write right now, so have a fantabulous day :)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 RaNdOm things bout ME

1- Post the rules on your blog
2- List 6 random things about yourself.
3- Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
4- Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
5- Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I love chocolate!
2. I work at one of the worst places ever! (Western Wats)
3. I play the flute and piano
4. I'm very sarcastic
5. I am the 2nd of 5 kids
6. I'm SINGLE!!
I really don't think I have six people on my blog :S So Tandy, Katie, and Caleb.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So yesterday was my 19th birthday. It was just a normal day. I had my 7:45am class, and went through the motions of the day, except I had requested work off. Every once in awhile I'd see someone from my ward and say hi, and then a couple said "Happy birthday!" and I was like thanks, but then I thought about it, and they weren't my friends on facebook, and would have no idea it was my birthday..hmm (of course that was the extent of my thinking and I moved on to other subjects) So I was just sitting at home reading. Then around 6:30 (probably closer to 7) my roommates all took me to Applebee's for dinner. Then we went to Wal-mart so Erin could pick some things up. Apparently she needed ice cream for the ice cream sundaes I hadn't been told I was like, wait who's all coming?? And she replied that it was just our apartment, and once again I left it at that. So finally we returned to our apt. and when I walked in up jumped lots of people yelling "SURPRISE!!" haha. They got me. I'm not a very brilliant person for not putting one and one together! But it was exciting, the cake was yummy and we did NOT have ice cream sundaes. LIARS! hahaha. So that was exciting. :) Then I stayed up until like 11:45 talking to a friend and hadn't even touched my English homework. oops. So I was up until 1am doing homework. I finally went to bed and sadly 6:30 came way too fast. So I was up and going about my normal day again today. Well, moral of the story: If you want to have fun on your birthday, make sure you get along with your roommates!! (ok that was lame...but what can you do?)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

another boring update of my life!

Sunday was both a sad and good day. The amazing bishopric of my ward here in Rexburg got released, they were amazing. My bishop and his wife are going to Mexico for a mission! Then they called the new bishopric, who seem that they may be pretty good. It was interesting when they came over to talk, and before leaving asked if we had dedicated our home. We told him we hadn't, and he asked us if we could kneel in prayer, and if he could dedicate it. In his prayer he spoke of love and kindness, and having the spirit in our home...which if you have read any of my other blogs you might understand why it was interesting that he would be praying for these things. After the prayer he told us that he usually would not do that...hmmm what kind of feelings did he get when he walked into our apartment?? Anyway, they seem nice. They are starting to call students to the counselor positions. So we have one older guy and two students. It will be an interesting new experience :)

I have begun thinking about whether or not I want to stay in Rexburg over the summer. I would really like too! It will be warm and there will be fun things to do. I am currently trying to find a steady job that I could work 40hrs at during the summer, but I haven't had too much success yet. But I'd really like to stay here, especially since it will be my room roommates last semester!! I would then somehow find a way home for the 7 week break, but I haven't made a decision yet. I guess it just depends on where mom and dad are at around the time I need to buy a contract for my apartment.

School is stressful. I am keeping fairly busy. My business class is requiring more work than I expected from a 7:45am one credit class, and is requiring me to request several days off of work. Today my schedule is very crazy:
6:15am-wake up, get ready, finish homework...
7:35am-leave for Writing Foundation class from 8-9:30am
9:30am-go to accounting offices and fix insurance late fee and register for career workshops, go to health center and check price of inhaler
10:15am-well this is my time where I don't have time to go home now in order to get back to the Ricks for class, so I'm just messing around on the computer
11:30am-Math class until 1pm
1pm-go home, eat, change, go to devotional
3-return home, eat again
7:10-meeting with bishopric
7:30-8:30-flute sectionals
8:30-return home, eat, do homework, go to bed!

What a fun day!! haha. Tandy and I went to the duck park the other day and took pictures, I just haven't put them on my computer quite yet. It was fun and the pictures are quite entertaining. Sam is coming to Rexburg on Friday to come spend the weekend up here, I am kind of excited to maybe have something to do!! I turn 19 tomorrow, but I don't have anything fun planned. I have class from 7:45am-3pm, with breaks in between most of my classes. But I took work off, so maybe I'll make myself cupcakes and enjoy eating junk food! haha. Who knows. Well, that is my update of my life...sorry to inform you that I have no dating prospects! haha. However we do have a pretty good FHE group with some cute boys! hahaha, whatever. Well, have a good day :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walking in a Winter Icy Land!

Lets see, update of my life:

My friend ticked me off, I tried to communicate with her about it and never got a response.
Another friend disappointed me...but that's better now :)
I started getting homework assignments in email before classes started
I bought books (always a wonderful experience!)
I started classes and I'm pretty stressed out with them
One of my roommates (same one that drove me crazy last semester) is beginning to drive me crazy...again
Dad lost his job

Anyway, we got one new roommate in our apartment this semester, her name is Michelle. She just returned from her mission that she served in Argentina. She is really cool, I approve :)
I've just been really stressed out lately, with classes and some of the above mentioned happenings of my life. I'm not really looking forward to the semester, but my apartment is being much more social and we are meeting more people. There are some cute RM's in the ward! hahaha!! Last night I went to a comedy improv. show. Kirby Heybourn was there, and a guy that played in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but I don't know his name..Corbin, I think. Anyway. It was awesome, at the end of the show they did a 45 minute improv musical. It was soo funny! It gave me a break from my torturous math reading :( I've been having problems comprehending what it all meant. You see my math teacher, Kent Bessey, wrote a book called To Infinity and Beyond! Anyway, so we have free access to the ebook of it and we had to read the first chapter where he is trying to explain infinity! And it doesn't make any sense to me, at all! So my old FHE brothers came over and attempted to help me and one lent me their graphing calculator only at the cost of making him dinner sometime!! So much cheaper then haivng to buy one, or getting up and being all the way up to the Ricks by 7am to get one for $5! So it has started to make more sense. Oh so my bishopric is getting released next Sunday. I am sooo sad about it. They are awesome. My bishop and his wife are going on a mission to Mexico. Well, I don't know, I'm just kind of rambling. Sam is coming to Rexburg on the 23rd, I am excited, we might go on a group date while he is here...well assuming I can find a guy...or maybe the problem is asking a guy. hmm. It's really icy here. I haven't fallen...yet. But there is lots of thick ice. Ok. I'm done rambling. Have a GREAT week :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back in Session!!!

I have returned to the wonderful town of Rexburg!!! It was soo wonderful to sleep in my nice comfortable bed, and be able to see my friends again :D Sadly the bus trip took 6 hours instead of 5...because of a bus driver who I was ready to tell my thoughts to!! haha. She treated us like little kids!! First she was very grouchy and rude when I first arrived, then she told us that our mommies weren't here to pick up after us, and that as college students we need to pick up after ourselves, and then told us that we would only be stopping to pick up and drop people off, if you needed to use the restroom, use the one at the back of the bus, and even if we were stopped for 10 minutes we could not get off the bus! So first she told us we were adults, but that we can't get off the bus because she didn't want to hunt us down...yeah. Whatever. Anyway, so I made it back and went to a late lunch/early dinner (since I didn't get lunch because I couldn't get off the bus!!) to Wingers with my roommates and Natalie. So that was fun. Then we did some grocery shopping!! After coming home and looking dreadfully at my room of stuff I decided I was not in the mood to mess with it. So we went and visited a few apartments and then went to the lounge and played Curses with a group of people. It was a lot of fun! So then we came back to our apartment and watched Iron Man and didn't go to bed until somewhere around 1ish! But it was a lot of fun! Then today church wasn't until noon, so I slept until 9, when I got up and got ready. But still we had to sit around and wait for it to be time for was a long wait! Anyway. So we put food in the crock-pot so that at 3:15 when we would finally make it home we could eat! It was delicious!! And now I'm gonna take a nice Sunday nap!!! And tomorrow I get to buy books, go talk to work and figure out my schedule...and probably organize my room!! I don't know. I'm just excited to be back!!! It's great! And I'm hoping I do well in all of my classes! Well that's the update on my life...The End...for now!