Sunday, September 14, 2008

BLOG 1 (for the lack of a better title)

Well I'm at college, and I absolutely love it. I love my classes and instructors, and I love my roommates most of the time! ;) The only times I don't like them is when I'm tired, want to go to bed and they still have lots of energy!! I still haven't met too many new people. But I'm being patient and still trying to get to know people. But I love the spirit here on campus! It's amazing and I love the combined spiritual and secular learning!! I do really miss being home sometimes, but I am learning a lot! Both in school and in the apartment. I've been pretty good at keeping my room clean and eating regular meals...sometimes it gets late before I remember that I still haven't eaten dinner, but I am staying fed :D But that's just how college life is so far! I enjoy it lots and lots!!!

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