Friday, February 4, 2011

MTC - Week 1

It's been so crazy! I am in the new Pilot program that will take full affect in probably May. We have already taught 2 lessons and will have taught 22 by the end of our 3 weeks. SOOOOO BUSY! On Thursday they asked us to have Doctrince and Covenants 4, Our Purpose, The 1st Vision (Just 3 sentences of Joseph's own words), the first 8 principles of the first lesson, and it seems like something else... but we were supposed to have it all memorized by Sunday and have read the white handbook. I didn't think I could do it--I have always been terrible at memorizing. We were in one of the buildings and I was trying and trying and trying to get everything memorized! I stopped and saw a picture of Christ walking on the water toward the boat (This is like the most beautiful picture EVER) and I remembered Peter and how when he doubted he began to sink. So, I put my faith in Christ and...I DID IT! That was on Saturday. Ok, let's start at the beginning.
I'm in a tri-panionship with Sister Xidid (ex-itis) and Sister Murray. They are both great. They both live here in Utah, but Sister Xidis used to live in Mesa. Friday we got asked to come to the front desk and were told that there was a sister who had been in isolation for a week with the flu and missed her departure date and her district left her. So, we now have a fourth sister until tomorrow. She leaves to go to Canada. (Wow this emailing thing is stressful. We only have 30 minutes and then it shuts down!) We will be both sad and happy to have her go. She's way ahead of us and in a way it is slowing down our learning process. But we have also learned so much from her.
Oh, I was called as the coordinating sister in our zone. Which is sort of like a relief society president but not really. I basically keep track of the Sisters and report on how they are doing. I also welcome new sisters and give them a tour of the residence hall and do some orientation things. Sadly, we are getting no new sisters this week. My companions and I are the only sisters in our zone. Our district is...well full of 19 year old boys. We are all either going to Minneapolis Minnesota or going to D.C. South. All English speaking. We stay so busy and we are all so exhausted! I was able to see a friend from BYU-I (she leaves tomorrow), I saw two of my friends from Arizona and a couple other people I recognized from BYU-I.
I think to basically sum up everything that has happend-- It has been SOO hard yet so rewarding. We are seeing the blessings everyday. We were so grateful to have Sunday come. It was relaxing, even though we still stayed busy. Sister Murray came to the MTC with a cold and Sister Xidis had Bronchitis right before she came. She's still been coughing. Sister Murray is better. On Saturday I had to accompany Sister Xidis off campus to an Insta care and then to a pharmacy (which all in all took about 4 hours). It was weird to be away from the MTC. Here it's normal to be a missionary but away it's not so normal! It was a fun experience, although we missed our 3 hour class and a workshop.
I'm trying to stay healthy, I had to get the flu shot, they made it required the day after I got here. I wasn't too excited about that. Really we have just stayed super busy. It takes forever to fall asleep and morning comes way too quickly and the showers feel like someone is melting ice on you if you choose the wrong one. For whatever reason I can't seem to get the one that gives you warm water. Maybe I'll have it figured out by the end of 3 weeks! Haha. Well, what can I say? My showers only last a couple minutes. Long enough to wash my hair and a quick wash of the body and then it's OUT!

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