Sunday, February 22, 2009


Over the past two weeks I have gained a better understanding of charity as I have been praying for that gift for about 3-4 weeks now. As you've all ready read before you've seen how irritated I got with a certain roommate, well get ready for this.....I'M OVER IT! No more complaining b/c I can now see her as a daughter of God and see her for the good she is not the things that drive me crazy!! Insane right? Well the first time I got along with her for reals was two Mondays ago. We had a flour fight while preparing sugar cookies for FHE, fun huh? Yeah, well then she thanked me for the fun we had. At that time it was like a punch in the stomach like: look how appreciative she is for that and imagine how she's felt in the past when you've ignored her and excluded her..hmmm. Anyway so we've been getting along. It's been exciting and makes my life so much more fun and worthwhile! So I've been in a really good mood for the most part over the last week and a half-ish.

But I've just been super proud of myself for being such a social butterfly! Thursday night I went out to eat with 2 friends, then went back to Cherean's apt. and played games with a bunch of her friends. Then Friday night my apt invited a bunch of different apts over to play games at our apartment, which was fun. We played Cancellation Hearts (interesting game..) then we played Mafia. We played two rounds of that, the 2nd time around I was in the Mafia, yeah mafia kicked butt, and totally won. Me and Phylicia worked together on it and WON!!! haha. Anyway, so after that Phylicia, Tandy, Zach, Francisco, Jakob, Taylor and I went Latin dancing. It was WAY fun. Francisco was AMAZING, but no matter what our skill level we all had fun. Tandy and I had to leave after an hour so that we could get some sleep (we both worked at 8 am Sat. morning). So we left at 11. Then Saturday I worked from 8-12 and then had lunch with Tonya (my cuz) and then Phylicia and I decided that we wanted to go ice skating, so we called up Jakob and Zach, but Zach was sore from snowboarding that morning, so I called Taylor who agreed to go with us. (Jakob and Taylor are our FHE brothers) So we went ice skating and had TONS OF FUN! After ice skating we came back had hot coco and played hearts. Then around 11:30 they were gone and I made a phone call to my brother Sam and we talked for 30 mins when I finally laid down to go to sleep :) Then I woke up for church this morning. Anyway, I'm just so proud of myself for developing charity and for being sooo social! (oh and Jakob and Phylicia decided to try and dance on the ice..we got a video of it, up until Phylicia fell..they did pretty good though, I was impressed :D )


  1. Wow that is super social, it always makes life more fun to get away from the "I have to" excuses. Glad you've had a good couple of weeks.

  2. Yeah, Stephanie was kinda lame while she was at BYU-I, she was such the anti social. :) But I think she came out of that when I left. go figure. I'm glad you had fun!! A nice balance in life makes you feel wonderfuL!