Friday, February 13, 2009

What A Week!

It's been such a long week, yet it's flown by so fast! (yeah it doesn't make sense, but somehow it still happens) Anyway, so I've stayed pretty busy. I have classes, and homework, and I'm supposed to be working, but I've only worked one day out of 3 this week, because they just don't have any work. It's not good. So so far I've only worked 3 hours. I need to find a new job, so next week if I get called I'm going to go job hunting. Let's see, tonight I am baby-sitting for a guy I work with. It's his wife's birthday so I'm going to watch their kids (haha two days in a row the wife gets treated like royalty!! haha) Then Saturday I am calling my friend Boo Bah and asking her some questions for the profile paper I have to write, then Saturday night I'm going on a date. Yep..that's right I actually have a date for the weekend.

My friend Adrienne from Grand Island is taking a road trip out here to Rexburg, she's supposed to be here today. I'm also planning on taking a trip down to Salt Lake City. I want to see my friend Torvald Johnson before he leaves on his mission, and his older brother Eric who got back last year, but we never got to hang out. So I'm going to go and hang out with them and Randall :) I'm kind of excited. I just need to find a week I can go. One of my friends got her mission call last night to Brazil, Porto Alegre North Mission. So that's an exciting thing! It makes me very excited to go on a mission. Oh and the other day I was talking to my friend Pama and she said that hopefully the Winter of 2011 I would see her and this guy together a lot (because they will both be here at BYU-I and he will have just returned home from his mission) and I realized that I won't be here in the Winter of 2011! I'm going to be leaving for a mission!!!!!!! So I figured it out, I have this summer, 2 semesters, another summer, one semester and I'll be about ready to leave!!!! I am really excited :)
Ok, that's all I have to write right now, so have a fantabulous day :)



  1. Congratulations on having a date for Valentines Day. That is something I didn't accomplish until Jeff and I were dating. Have Fun.

  2. I would probably feel a lot better about it if it hadn't been the ONLY day all week that I had been available. Either way, I have a date, but now I won't be doing nothing on valentine's day! haha :)