Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time, It's all about time.

Well, the end of the semester is drawing nearer and I both want time to speed up and slow down. How I long to be able to go "home" and see my family again, but I'm not prepared for the end of the semester. I have group projects, and individual projects galore that I need to get done. OK, so I'm slightly exaggerating! I have two groups--I have an English group project where we have to write a research persuasive paper together. So we are writing it on how the family values and morals need to be revised and we are looking at homosexual couples, cohabitation, divorce, and duo income families and the effects that they have on the kids as well as the family in general. Then I have a "Heroic Journey" humanities group. We do practically nothing IN class, but we have lots of work assigned outside of class. It's kind of stressful. We have a project due tomorrow, plus we have to go to cultural art events as a group (we have 1 of 4 left) and we have one more project due in class in a couple weeks. It's sort of stressful. Then I have to complete EVERYTHING for my business class this week, so my website has to be complete, I'm missing a few things, but I have a mock interview and a resume review this Friday. So I'm getting close to being done. I have one more test in my math class, and also one paper (yes, we write papers in my math class) due this Thursday. So in that sense I'm ready for the end of the semester because it's kinda stressful, but I need time to complete everything! haha.

Anyway, so I'm going to be spending two weeks in Nebraska during April before going to Illinois to my family. I should arrive on April 11th. Shannon and I will be leaving the night of April 10th and go as far as we can and then stop and stay somewhere. Then on April 11th we will drive to Lincoln where I will go to grandmas and get my family's car! Then I hope to be visiting friends and family while I'm in Nebraska. I really really can't wait :) It will be super exciting. I get to see one of my friends from elementary school who I haven't seen in 7 years! I really am excited. Plus I get to see my high school friends, and Justin who I haven't seen since June(?) of last year. So it will be a wonderful visit. Hopefully I'll get to see my new cousin while I'm there too! Sam flies into Nebraska on the 23rd of April around 12:30, so I have to pick him up in Omaha. Then we will return to Lincoln so that he can visit a friend of his and see family as well. Then on Sunday the 26th after attending church in the Nebraska City ward we are going to drive to Illinois. So as much as I want to return home I'm looking forward to getting to see my friends and family :) :) :)

Well that's the update of my life! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day :)

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  1. Go get a stress relieving face mask from Wal-Mart, they are great fun. Also we would love to see you and Sam when you are in Nebraska and McKenna just told me that she is excited to meet you (haha)