Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growth--Not JUST at the Waistband!

I have almost completed my freshman year of college! It's so exciting to me :) Although parts of each semester have proved difficult, trying, and often times I wanted to quit, I can truly say that I've grown...and I'm not just talking about the junk food I ate during those difficult times (or any time for that matter) that upped my waist size! actually, surprisingly I don't think I've gone up in waist size...hmmm. Anyway, I definitely have come to have a better appreciation of several things:

1) Prayer/Priesthood blessings
2) The Lord's Answer
3) The temple
4) Church leaders
5) Roommates

Through the several things that I've experience this semester I've been able to realize the comfort that comes through prayer. At times I was experiencing some overwhelming feelings that some of the people closest to me were going to pass away, or were dead. It was not just a one time thing, but something that continued on for a few months. Finally, I asked for a blessing, and although I was not promised that I wouldn't lose those people I felt a little more at peace. Prayer also helped me be comforted for a short period of time. When the feelings were still coming, while in an interview with my bishop, I shared what I'd been experiencing and couldn't keep the tears within. He also gave me a comfort blessing, one that seems to have helped quite a bit. Once again, I may not have been promised the life of those I love, but I was promised that the Lord knew what I was experiencing and He also knew what I could handle better than even me. That blessing has comforted me in more than just that difficult time. When classes get stressful, or roommates get on my nerves (well usually my nerves are already short when that happens) I've been able to reflect on both that blessing and been able to resort to prayer to help me calm down and feel at peace and not take offense. I'm really grateful to those that gave me the first blessing, and my bishop for being in tune with the spirit to tell me the things I needed to hear to comfort me.

One day, someone really upset me and I really needed to be alone for awhile..and when you have 5 roommates you don't get that time when you REALLY need it. So I took a walk up to the temple grounds. While walking I was thinking about everything that was bothering me and why I was letting it bother me. When I got to the point that I could see the temple quite clearly I felt an overwhelming feeling that the Lord loves me, and I could feel the frustration and anger melt away as I drew closer to the Lord's house. I've truly gained an appreciation for this holy place. Also, it has been a place for me to find answers to my questions, it's the best place to be to feel near to the Lord....however the answers to my questions may not be what I had wanted to hear, I still received an answer, and I know the Lord is there to take care of me as I make the correct decisions in my life.

So that covers Prayer/blessings, church leaders, answers, and the temple...but I've also gained an appreciation for my roommates. Each one is different and beautiful in their own ways..I'm not just talking physically :) Each one has been able to hold me up from their own experience and their understanding. I'm really going to miss them when I leave...especially those I may not get to see again after this semester :( I've also been able to see the power of roommate scripture study and prayer in an apartment. We weren't very good at having our roommate prayer and scriptures study for the first half of the semester. Let's just say our apartment was pretty tense, and not a fun place to be. There were feelings of irritation everywhere, and it seemed like that was all you could think about...(well for me anyway) One day we decided to start having prayers, which helped immensely, it was an obvious change. No one could miss it, plus all of us felt better. (Once again I speak for me..but also Erin on this one..cuz we actually talked about it) Anyway, so now we try to have prayer and scripture study every night. I guess we have to thank our FHE brothers because they really did help encourage us and help us start the habit. It's truly blessed our apartment! Well this is a super long blog...but I wanted to share the things that I've learned this semester :) (I can't share it all because this blog would NEVER end ;) )

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