Sunday, June 28, 2009

A day of rest!

On Friday June 19 2009, my parents closed on our new house in Charleston Illinois! That afternoon we began the projects we had planned. Dad had all of the next week off and we figured things would go quickly and easily and we'd be moved in by Saturday June 27th. However we began the tedious task of peeling wallpaper. The top layer is the easy part, but to our horror we found that the 2nd layer would be worse than normal. As we began peeling away the bottom we found that whoever had put the wallpaper up had neglected to prime or paint the drywall before putting up the wallpaper (this means the wallpaper was getting all ripped up adding a patching/mudding step to our process). Now that was not the only thing! It appears that wallpaper is the first thing they put on after the drywall was up. No bother to put the door frames or the floorboard on first! So the wallpaper is underneath the wood, making it difficult to get the wallpaper so it wasn't visible! It took hours to complete ONE wall. Anyway dad tore our the upstairs and master bathroom and redid the flooring (they had CARPET in the bathrooms..eew.) We had flooring people come and redo the dining room (to currently be used as an office) and kitchen in vinyl that looks like wood floor, it looks good! They also put new carpet in the living room and the master bedroom. They will also replace the carpet on the stairs and upstairs hallways and closets as soon as we finish the wall in the entry way! You see, the entry way which is like 16ft tall also had wallpaper on the walls and seemed even harder to get off than the kitchen! It's been an interesting task! Anyway, the kitchen is ready to be painted! So we will be moving the rest of our stuff over to the house tomorrow (all that is left is what we have left in our apartment). After we get moved in we will work on the entry way some more! Eventually we will get to the basement...but we aren't rushing anything, we've had enough with home improvement projects for a little while! Oh I forgot to say that we also peeled wallpaper out of the upstairs bathroom and mom painted it yesterday! Dad was supposed to get an offwhite color for the bathroom, but I guess he got Shamrock White. I haven't seen it, but mom says it has a green I guess I'll see tomorrow after work what it really looks like! Dad goes back to work tomorrow, I think we are all glad this last week is over and we all looked forward to today, a day of rest! We would wake up around 7am everyday and get done at the house no earlier than 11:30. Last night mom and dad didn't get home until after midnight! Anyway so we are all very grateful for a day of rest. Dad said on the way to church that he now understands why the world has forgotten Sunday as the day of rest...none of them work hard enough to need a day of rest! lol

Ok, new topic. So a friend of mine in Rexburg got me an application for a new place opening in Rexburg, some sort of family fun place! I'm hoping to get the job, and if so I'll probably be returning to Rexburg earlier than I planned, only catch is that I will have to find a place to stay for a month! So I'm really hoping for the job, it would be great and I have a great availability schedule this next semester! Tuesday-Friday I'm done with classes by 11:15! Also ALL of my classes are really close to my apartment! They are all in the Smith building except one, which is in the Clark (not that that means much to most of you) But they are pretty much the closest buildings to my apartment! Like a 7 minute walk at most! I'm really looking forward to getting back to school!
Have a great week everybody! :D


  1. Yeah for the awesome schedule next semester. And good work on the home improvement. Any way you would feel like coming to Omaha to help Jeff and I. We are trying to decide to buy a house.

  2. lol, chances are pretty slim! I might be heading back to Rexburg before the end of July! We'll see what happens! I really need the job!