Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Little Update

Well, the 4th of July was cold and rainy, we went to the parade. It was a little miserable. We went to the fire works Sunday night since they got rained out the night before, it was nice! We are starting to feel settled in in our house, though there is still stuff to do to finish moving in. We like it here, and it really does feel like home.

Well I applied for a job in Rexburg and would be going up there next week if I had gotten the job. BUT I did not get the job. I'm having a hard time finding work up there and I was really disappointed that I did not get the job. But to make me feel a little better there were 130 applicants and only 40 made it to the interview process...I was one of those. There are only 15 openings. So I'm a little bummed about that. I had felt so sure and it felt so right it was hard to take. But I know the Lord will provide as long as I remain faithful and keep the commandments. Thankfully I do have a job right now, and I have a little time to find a job in Rexburg. I'm just grateful that I have a job, and a fairly decent paying job at that. :D

Have a good day everyone :) I need to get ready to go to work :)

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  1. That's too bad that you didn't get the job. I was hoping it would work out. Just keep trying. You can apply at my job. I know they're hiring for August. Good luck!! See you soon!!!