Saturday, September 26, 2009

My New Life!

Well, I'm what, 3 weeks into school now? I think I have pretty much been stressed since day 1! I'm taking a 2 hour and 15 minute Business Fundamentals I class, which I actually kind of enjoy..then I have Econ 112 and Acctg 201 which are both kicking me in the rear end. On top of that I have CIT 138 (which may as well be an online class, I only have to go to class the 1st and last day!) Then I have Family Foundations, which requires a lot of time and effort. So Thursday I realized that between my Acctg and Family Found classes I had:
2 exams
3 readings (2 for fam found and ch. 3 for acctg--which is always super long)
2 acctg assignments
4 acctg quizzes
1 fam found Unit Response

So I got really stressed out! On top of that I'm having a really hard time with my roommates this semester. I'm trying to keep a positive perspective, but it's hard when you get ignored by your roommates and are typically the only one that doesn't have anything exciting to do on a Friday night (or any other night for that matter!) Well, OK, I do get to do some fun things. I hang out with Tandy on Tuesdays, and Erin and I hang out randomly too. Like last night! Last night Erin came over and we made fruit smoothies! It had strawberries, peaches, bananas, Strawberry Banana yogurt, Guava Strawberry Juice, and Pineapple Orange Strawberry juice in it. It turned out pretty good! Then we went and talked to a couple friends around the complex. That was exciting :)

OK, plus last Saturday Erin and her little sister Hailey and I took a road trip to.......


It was very exciting! We saw Bisallo (Erin's work for bufallo/bison) and Old Faithful and Firehole falls. Which is sort of a funny story in itself :) Erin wasn't having the best day for talking! Firehole falls were pretty awesome! I was scared I was gonna fall over the edge to my death!!

We had a super exciting moment! We were driving and we got held up in traffic for like 10 minutes! It had completely stopped moving, then it would go, then it would stop, then it would go. When we got to the front, we found out why!

This big guy was walking back and forth across the street, over and over again (there were others on the side of the road, not as exciting though). In fact he crossed right in front of us and stopped right outside my window! It was really actually sort of frightening!

His eye scared me really bad! I rolled up my window quite quickly, as did Hailey! But then I realized that even if my window was up, and if he got mad, the window would not really help any!
Old Faithful was..well Old faithful! Nothing much to say. I have most the pictures posted on facebook, but I thought I'd share the key ones! It was an exciting weekend, nevertheless it did make my Monday a little bit more stressed, but that's ok!
So here I am talking about always being stressed and I'm writing a blog. Oh dear I need to get my priorities straight..however I did read part of my readings while I waited for the pictures to upload! haha! Well, I don't have very exciting plans, I spend a lot of time studying and doing homework. Oh, I took my accounting test and got an 80%. I was hoping for a 90% but an 80% is better than anything lower than that! Plus I'm starting to understand! :D
So summarization of my life right now, I have exciting moments but for the most part I remain stressed and I'm really having a hard time with my roommates, I don't feel at home, and I sort of want to just go back to IL. But! I'm getting smarter and the end of the semester will be here before I know it! :D Got to go get my new laptop!! adios! :D

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