Monday, November 16, 2009

I'M GOING TO...........

Some of you know that I have been searching for a nanny position to go work for a year after this semester is over. I had my first interview with a Sean and Beki Clark on Friday! We had a 1 hour and 20 minute phone interview/conversation. They are members of the church and have one little boy. He is 21 months, so almost 2. He's adorable! This is Wesley:
Isn't he adorable!? Beki and Sean called me last night and told me that they would like to offer me the position :) I will be flying to Arizona, probably on the 2nd of January. I am really excited for this opportunity, and frankly quite nervous! It's like I'm gonna be a mommy..without actually being a mom! I have full responsibility over this kid from 8am-6pm! I'm in charge of helping him learn and develop! It's a scary responsibility! However it will be an awesome experience, and a great opportunity to learn more about the care of children.
Sean told me that there are more guys than girls in the area and that I won't have have a shortage of guys asking me on dates. lol. We shall see. Even better they both fully understand that I want to serve a mission at the end of the year, but still offer a bonus if I choose to stay for another year. I am really excited...and I might be needing motherly advice and ideas of things to keep him learning, growing, and entertained! Any input is awesome. He is a very hands on kid, and likes to help bake, learn sign language, press keys on the piano, and other hands on activities!

Other random exciting information:
I got an email from my friend who is on his mission in Norway today! It's the first time I've heard from him since he left! I was SOOO excited, and he is doing wonderful :) I miss Torvald!!
It's been a great start to the week..and Thanksgiving is next week :) (I get my wisdom teeth out a week from today :/ It's only the bottom 2, but I'm going to be awake during the procedure, I'm really scared) So life is wonderful and I'm super excited right now!

Input is welcome!!!


  1. Congrats on the job. Good luck taking care of a child. You'll do great.

  2. That little boy is adorable!!! How'd you get a picture? Congrats again! That'll be a good opportunity for you and I hope all goes well! Scope out all the hot guys for me, for when I get there! Haha!

  3. The family sent me pictures! I was really excited. Next time I see you I should show you the one of him dressed up for Halloween. He is ADORABLE! Haha! I'm still a slight bit anxious!! But I think I'll be ok! It will be a really good opportunity!! :D