Saturday, October 24, 2009

Masquerade! Paper faces on Parade! Masquerade!

(Ashley and I)

Last night I went to a Masquerade Ball! It was absolutely positively wonderful! I had my roommate, Ashley, set me up with this guy David that she knew (I had met him once before, but only briefly). We got together Thursday night to create our masks, they all have a bit of our own personalities! After we made masks we played Rook until we decided to call it a night. After that Ashley and I decided to do facial masks, Mary Kay's Satin hands, and Mary Kay's Satin lips. It was fun :)
(Daniel and David)

I think we all had fun! Last night the guys came over, and we each made an appetizer! We had mozzarella sticks, cream cheese spread w/ crackers, cauliflower and cheese, and sausage wrapped in bacon with brown sugar--that was delicious! After eating and talking for some time we decided to get dressed, take pictures and go to the dance :)

(David, Me, Ashley, Daniel)
David is an awesome dancer, and even took the time to teach me (he didn't get impatient that I had issues with some of the steps and kept messing up...). It was soo fun. We danced pretty much the entire time, except for about 30mins when I told David to go dance with Ashley (her date couldn't dance for the life of him..poor guy..) My favorite was swing dancing! I think I was best at that one!

So random thought: I think David has a "Mr. Incredible" look to him...what do you think?

Well, since I had a blast yesterday and got practically nothing done all day, I now have to spend all day today doing it!

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