Thursday, December 10, 2009

<3 Family, Friends, and More <3

I have been taking a family foundations class this semester and I have learned so much! It has easily been one of my favorites! However it has made me miss my family so much! I'm excited to travel home to see them! I'm also very excited that I will get to take a paid vacation (with the plane ticket paid) to go home to see my family while I am nannying! I think it's very easy to take your family for granted until you've been without them and remember all the good and defining moments you've had together! I'm excited to go home!

Other updates:
I started dating a guy named Curtis. He's a real sweetheart. I didn't think I'd start dating anyone because of long distance, but I am! It will be sort of difficult, but we already have a "long distance" relationship. He lives in Logan (for school) and so I don't get to see him very much. But we talk everyday and have gotten to know each other pretty well, although there is still a lot to learn! He makes me happy and he is coming up to visit tomorrow. I think he is leaving Sunday evening to go home to Salt Lake. I am excited to see him.

Classes are almost over! I've got one more project to complete. Five homework assignments, three quizzes, and six tests (two of which are NOT finals). I need to practice the piano--the choir is singing on Monday night for FHE. Also, my apartment is hosting a hot chocolate night on Sunday at 6:30, so got to get ready for that as well! Then next Friday I will spend all day packing and cleaning. Saturday morning I leave for Salt Lake at 9:30am and arrive around 1:30ish. I fly out Sunday around 8:30pm and get home sometime early in the morning on Monday. I'm then home until the 2nd of January and then I fly out to Arizona! Everything is happening so fast! It's exciting and stressful all at once!

Well, that's practically everything that I've been up to! I'm certainly keeping busy! :D

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