Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Security Complications

So Sam, Erin (his girlfriend), and I flew to Chicago on Sunday night. Since I was moving all my stuff home, and Sam and Erin were just coming home to visit they agreed to take suitcases for me. Out of 6 suitcases between the 3 of us, 5 of them were full of my stuff. Also, out of 6 carry-ons, 3 of them were mine, BUT I got EVERYTHING that I needed home by plane! Including 2 comforter sets, my clothes, shoes, books, notebooks, laptops, pictures, and other random items. Anyway, one of the bags we were going to use as a carry-on was my 72 hour kit mom sent to school with me. I thought nothing of the bag and had Erin take it as a carry-on. I made it through security and was trying to get my stuff situated when I looked back to see that Erin and Sam were pointing at me with the purple backpack that served as my 72 hour kit. I went over to see what the problem was. Little to my knowledge but stowed in the front pocket behind a trashbag was a pocket knife, not to mention also in the bag were 4 water bottles, 2 cans of soup, matches, flammable sun screen and a couple other problematic items. I had to go to the gift shop, buy an envelope and send the pocket knife home--everything else got thrown away. THEN, we found out that Erin had, in the bottom of her bag, a self-defense weapon she got from Tai-Kwon-Do (or however you spell that..). Security didn't like this very much. They patted her down, then made her fill out an incident report. This weapon too, was put in the envelope to be sent home. It was such a FUN experience...quite entertaining now that it's over! We made it to our flight, which left late, then made it to our other flight right before boarding, and then landed in Chicago around 11:30 central time. We made it home at 4am Tuesday morning! It's good to be home for Christmas! :D

Moral of the story: Don't take weapons OR liquids through airports with you...people don't like it much :)

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