Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cute Humor :)

The other day Jesse was on the phone with me right before we were gonna hang out and he decided he was going to write me a 5-minute funny poem. So he asked me for a random topic. I had Enchanted sitting on my dresser and so I said fairytale! Here is the poem he quickly wrote up:

There was once a girl from Nebraska,
With curly luscious locks.
She flaunted her gorgeous hair,
Quite like a fox :)

Thank goodness she was single, for in my heart I knew,
Girls like that were far and few.
So I made a point to meet her, with confidence in the Lord,
That this dearest girl would hopefully not get bored.

In the midst of my babbling, I noticed something new
I said to myself "This girl is actually listening to you!?!" :)
So the more we talked the harder I fell,
Though on the outside she could not tell....

I knew I was talking to someone precious,
A choice daughter of God
Who it's clear, holds to the iron rod
You are my fairytale :)

Cheesy? YES. But still cute. It made me laugh, and blush, and smile. He's basically a sweetheart :)


  1. That is ridiiiiculously cute Adrianna!

  2. This guy is good! And the poem is sweetly cute. ;)

  3. Ahh that is very sweet! Sweet love....