Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jesse =D

Well, after some interesting ups and downs and many discussions...Jesse and I are officially dating. He started to try to push me away a couple weeks ago and his dad noticed something was up, sat him down and had a nice long talk with him. His dad essentially told him he was being an idiot and that there was nothing wrong with Jesse and I dating. Just so you know...I love his dad. I actually like his entire family...well I haven't met Stephen yet, but I might get to eventually! Both Jake and Tessa (his little siblings) and his parents like me and have all commented on that's a good sign!...right?

I've got a couple good pictures on my camera...but I don't currently have a way to upload those onto my computer. I can post a couple that I do have access to though. He's cute and he is a really big sweetheart!!

Oh...and I'm not as white as I am in those pictures anymore! I've gotten tan-ish. Or at least tan for me!

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