Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Tales from the adventures of Wesley and Adrianna!

Today at breakfast I was singing a song from one of the baby signing time videos it goes like this: "I really love my shoes." Well, that's one line anyway. It changes shoes for other items and has other words, but the chorus is mainly "I really love my shoes...I really love my socks...." So today I sang "I really love my shoes." Wesley then pitched in, "I really love my socks!" I replied with "I really love my shirt." His response was then, "I really love my sunglasses!" My brain started running out of ideas so I said "I really love" He then took his turn and said, "I really love my...pause...Adeneena!" (Which that is how he pronounces my name). It was sooo precious and the first time he has said that without being prompted. It was THE cutest thing, it made my heart melt a little.

This evening we were making some delicious, no bake, PB Chocolate chip recipe and I had just finished melting the peanut butter and chocolate chips on the stove. I told him it was hot and moved to the other counter, keeping one eye on him. He has understood for the past few months that when we say it's hot, DO NOT touch. Apparently he forgot, or just decided to see if we've been lying to him... He put his entire hand on the burner. It was sad to see him hurt but at the same time it shows us a pattern in our own lives. We know not to do different things, but sometimes we forget, or choose to test it and we end up hurt, broken and humbled.

The other day I was attempting to turn right out of the post office parking lot. There was a big red truck in the left turning lane who was blocking my view. I pulled forward a little bit, so did he. Frustrated I said "Get out of my way, fatty!" I then heard giggling in the back seat...I turned to look at Wesley who then, still laughing, said "FUNNY!!!" Maybe I should think about what I'm saying around him..?

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