Monday, November 15, 2010

11 Things People Should Know About Me

1) I HATE being late.

2) I hate it when meetings are unorganized.

3) I often give looks without meaning to and they convey the wrong if you are getting a cold look from me, don't take offense, I'm probably off in space thinking about something completely random.

4) I'm not shy, but I only open up to people who seem interested. If I don't feel like you care to listen, I just choose not to talk.

5) I'm a Mormon.

6) I love my family and friends and will stick by their sides through thick and thin.

7) I LOVE chocolate and ice cream.

8) I'm stubborn and will argue my point--that's why I did persuasive speaking in high school.

9) Just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don't like you.

10) I love to play the piano to relieve stress.

11) I like to be self dependent. I hate having to rely on others to get me to where I'm going or get me what I need. In most situations I'd rather walk than ask for a ride.

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