Saturday, November 6, 2010

NE, AZ, Mission, Jesse

Once again I have found myself back in Nebraska. It certainly has been a trip down memory lane and it has definitely become a piece of my past! I know, or maybe I should say talk to, almost no one here anymore. I have spent a long time thinking about things that have happened in various places, the people I've known, our relationships, the good times, the bad times. Just memories. It's awesome to look back over my life and see how each experience shaped me and prepared me for where I am now.

My stay in Arizona is coming to an end, so very quickly. I have about 6 1/2 to 7 weeks until I arrive home in Illinois. Which is 28-31 days of work left. I've recently been realizing how much I love Wesley and how hard it's going to be to just leave him to a new nanny. The Clark's were interviewing a girl the other night and I found myself wondering who she was, what she was like, what she looked like...just questions about her in general. I had to force myself to realize that it wasn't my choice and that the Clark's would choose whomever they felt would take the best care of Wesley. I love that little boy. I'm certain that the only way I could love a kid more is if they are my own...buuut we will leave that one to test out WAY later.

I'm still waiting for my mission call. If I haven't said it on here already, I knew from the beginning of this year that the Lord was gonna teach me patience, and He certainly is. It probably has something to do with me asking him to get it to me on Thursday instead of Friday so I didn't have to wait until Tuesday to open it. Haha, well, I guess I'm a slow learner.

It has been 2 days since I've talked to Jesse, 3 since I've seen him, and I miss him. Lots. I feel pathetic. Last night I was wondering how in the world I was going to make it 2 seems like such a long time. This afternoon I was reading Preach My Gospel and read this quote from President Ezra Taft Benson:
I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work! If a missionary works, he will get the Spirit; if he gets the Spirit, he will teach by the Spirit; and if he teaches by the Spirit, he will touch the hearts of the people and he will be happy. There will be no homesickness, no worrying about families, for all time and talents and interests are centered on the work of the ministry. Work, work, work--there is not satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work.

So, if I work work work and do my best, I'm certain the time will fly by :)It's still weird to think that I'm old enough to serve a mission. I used to think that the missionaries were old and I'm older than a lot of them :S haha, oh how time changes everything! <3

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