Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4

Hola mi famila! Como estan? Somos misioneras por la iglesia de la JesuCristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. Quiere que vengan otra misioneras que hablan espanol? Ha, that is my attempted spanish for the week. I'm slowly learning! :)
Sounds like you are having fun for the 4th of July weekend! We are having a normal pday. And we have FHE tonight at a park. So we are going to make flags with tags on them. It should be pretty cool. We are hoping to contact several people!
We went on exchanges this week. Sister Gibson (from Casa Grande AZ) came and spent a day with me. That was fun. It was a glimpse into training. Umm, the Howell's are gone. We had a conference call with them on one of their last nights. Now the Clement's are here, we will meet them tomorrow at Specialized Training.
One of our Recent Convert/Less Actives picked up and moved randomly. Hermana Hart talked to his madre. It was really sad. A lot of our lessons fell through. But, we had 2 investigators at church and a nonmember who just moved here from Scottsdale AZ. She grew up Mormon but her parents never had her get baptized. They told them to wait until they could make the decision. And she just hasn't decided to yet. So, we are hoping that she will decide to act on what she knows. We reached 58 baptisms last month. SO CLOSE! That is the highest amount of baptisms this mission has seen in a month! So, our goal for July is....60! :) We hope we can reach it this time through. Kipp is getting baptized July 16th at some point. And we are hoping to have at least 1 more baptism this month. The chances of this area being closed at the end of the transfer are pretty good :( I hope to be able to go back to Dinky Town in September, for the school year. That would be awesome. :D But, I'll go where the Lord wants me to go!
Ummmm, really, nothing exciting has happened. We have several potentials, hopefully we can move them to investigator status and then to member status! That would be neat. Let's see, I got a letter from Sister Torrie L Benson. Do I remember her? I feel terrible, but I can't picture her. And if I should remember her, don't tell her I don't :S Well, that's all that's going on here. Oh we tracted into a girl named Adriana, we taught her the Plan of Salvation. Hopefully we can go back and teach her more.
Sorry I forgot to say this in the last email, I could use some facewash and normal moisturizer sometime in the next month or so? Sister McGregor isn't doing so great. She's been in the hospital. She's the 2nd counselor's wife who is going through chemo and radiation. It breaks my heart and I wish there was something we could do. She is such a wonderful woman. Well, that's the update of my week.
From Miranda's email I had some pretty entertaining imagery of your canoe trip. I wish I could've been there. Our branch president is taking 9 people up to the boundary waters next week, and I wish I could go! How fun would that be? Maybe someday...
Mom I am sure your lesson was fine. Have confidence in yourself. When you believe in yourself it goes better. You have taught some awesome lessons and I remember how you talked about how much you enjoyed them. Never admit to the audience that you feel uncomfortable, nervous, unprepared, or worried. Stand tall and proud, smile and just go for it. The teacher is the Spirit, you are simply the instrument. :D
As for dad crying...I swear the older I get the more I cry...and the more grey hairs I get! I can't believe I'm 21 and already pulling grey hairs out of my head. I'm just gonna blame that one on dad, considering he has the greyest hair of the family...
Well, that's all. Have a great week! I love you. I hope all is well! Keep smiling!
Love Sister Randall!

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