Wednesday, September 14, 2011

July 11

It's Pday once again! The weeks just fly by. I'm in the middle of my 4th transfer, and enjoying it so much. We have a huge list of potential investigators that we have been able to gather over the past week or so. We have 15 people we need to get in contact with. Which is AWESOME in our area. We have never had that many possibilities. The Lord is definitely blessing us. This past week we saw the most lessons this area has ever seen. We taught 16 lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The goal is 20 each week and so we really want to get there. It was an incredible week and surprisingly our finding numbers were better than the week before. That could have something to do with the parade that we went to and talked to like 30-40 people. It's so different contacting on the street rather than knocking on doors. It was fun.

Over the past week or 2 we have had 4 people randomly decide they were moving and are gone already. So that was a bummer, but we had a girl move in, I think I told you about Roseanna. Raised mormon, but not baptized. However, we are finding out some possible road blocks and explanations for that. It's interesting the things you come across as a missionary. :) We went on exchanges again this week. So I was with Hermana Blood. She's super awesome and was great at getting lessons while we were tracting. I really enjoyed my time with her. It's not very likely that we ever are companions, but that's ok. We exchanged after our meeting with the mission president, and we had never really talked much before, I was nervous that we wouldn't have anything to talk about. Well, Bloomington is a 15 min drive from Lakeville and about 7 mins from the exit that we wanted to take so we could go to dinner. It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes!!! So, my worry of us not talking was overcome in the car and the almost 2 hour (7 mile) drive was actually quite enjoyable. I almost got out and talked to the YSA in the car behind us, but I wasn't sure how well that would go over.

President Clements is going to be an awesome mission president. It's cool to see that they kind of go through the same phases you do. They aren't perfect the first day they are here. It will be cool to see them progress and become more comfortable as our president. I'm excited to get to serve with him and learn from the change! It's a good thing you taught me how to love and accept change. :)

Tell Austin to stop growing! He can't be taller than me!!! That's so weird. One of the girls mentioned that you are selling the house? Are you staying in Charleston? Sounds fun. I need the combination to oily stuff. I will use the tinted stuff I have in the winter, but it's pointless when I'm sweating it off anyway. I don't think I need anything else...I'm trying to stop snacking on junk food. I have come to like fruit. Yes, the girl who never ate strawberries, or cantaloupe, or blueberries, or raspberries.... So, hopefully I can find a way to be able to afford fresh fruit each week so that i can snack on instead of snack crackers and cookies and whatnot. I'm still not too much of a veggie lover, but we do try to eat vegetables with the meals we eat at home. We usually get a frozen combo of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. ooo but zucchini bread would be good...and i wouldn't complain if it was chocolate ;) (So much for being healthy...)

KIPP IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! I am sooo excited. It's awesome. 1pm is when it starts, so by 2pm Kipp will be baptized--my first baptism away from my trainer. It's pretty cool. Our branch president took several people up to the boundary waters this week, so instead of coming home Saturday, they will be home Friday night. Him and his wife are doing well, and our counselor's wife finishes her treatments today and should continually feel better! She was at church this week for the first time in 2 weeks. We've missed her.
We have a new investigator, we aren't sure where his desire to find out for sure is, but he is willing to listen, read and pray. He isn't sure that God exists. It's so hard trying to teach someone the concept of God. Well, that depends on their backgrounds. The hardest are those who were raised religious and have consciously decided that God does not exist and the bible is fake. But, we make it work.

Well, I'm glad that I wasn't supposed to remember Sister Benson. Tell her thanks for the letter though :) I'm sure that your ward will be replenished over time, it always has a way of working out. I haven't gotten to go back over there, but i think we are this week. The only one home that is YSA age is Nick. Mike moved in with Stacey in St Paul or Eagan or something. :( Nick is active--he teaches primary. maybe we can get him to serve a mission. Sis Sanderson is in the stake relief society, and I don't remember what Brother Sanderson does. Hopefully we can catch them at home!

I did call Kim, but it wasn't the right number. I thought I told you that, sorry...or maybe I did and you just pretend to read my emails ;) just kidding! Well, that pretty much concludes my week. It's been fun and we will be doing exchanges again this week. Austin, keep up the tennis. Our Mission president is a tennis player, him and his daughter. Anyway, I hope all is well. Sorry about the car. But, I love you and pray for you often! keep on keeping on, smiling, working hard, etc.

Sister Randall :D

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