Monday, August 3, 2009

Family update!

Well I guess we are pretty much settled in. Mom is still going through stray boxes in the basement, but otherwise we are doing great! We love the new house and we like the town still! Miranda and Shaelyn are gone until Friday at girl's camp, Austin is bored without them! Sam and I are now working for KIMA cleaning. They always have a couple weeks where they get really busy and offered us 40hrs/week. So we are cleaning college apartments..they can get REALLY nasty! Sam heads back to Utah on the 22nd, I think and I go to Idaho at the end of the month! I'm excited, but it's bittersweet. I've made some friends up in the singles ward and it'll be sad to leave them! Dad recently traveled to Tennessee for a couple of days and came back exhausted, he works so hard! Mom is at home most the time, sacrificing and letting the kids use the cars so we can get where we need/want...she's a great mother!

So the people we bought this house from offered to pay Sam to take down the playset that had been left in our backyard (it was HUGE) and told him he would need some help so offered to pay Austin and one other person that Sam found. So they were outside working on the playset and Austin was climbing off the playset onto the ladder that was standing next to it. He was probably on about the 3rd wrung from the top when the ladder collapsed and down came Austin! He landed on top of the ladder and also the mulch. He stood up and acted all tough telling Sam and Brandon that he was ok, and then made his way into the house with a bleeding knee. He called for mom and we could tell something was wrong. Mom went in and started cleaning the cut and decided to take him to the hospital for stitches. As they start cleaning the cut they find that one of the wood chips from the mulch had stabbed into his knee and the cut was deeper than it appeared. So they gave him stitches to help the cut heal. Also while he was there they gave him his "Tetris" shot (Tetnus--Austin kept calling it tetris) and another shot for his school vaccinations. Early the next morning Austin was up sick to his stomach. He reached a fever of 104 degrees when mom gave him ibouprofen and called the hospital. Anyway, Austin is ok, he was cold all day but is much better now :) So that's our little adventure for the year. This is Austin's 3rd set of stitches, i told him he was getting stitches for me, since I've never had to go to the hospital for anything!

Well, I think that pretty much covers what's going on in our lives! Oh, well Sam is dating a girl, she goes to BYU-Idaho. And well, that's the end of the story! Have a good week!


  1. Well I'm glad that Austin is ok. That's scary! I like how the story about Austin was long and detailed, and when you got to Sam dating...end of story!! Haha!! Good luck with everything!!

  2. How can Sam be dating a girl that goes to BYU-I if he isn't even in Idaho or in the vacinity. Hey you should put pictures of your new house on your blog so I can see it.

    Stephanie and Jeff

  3. lol, she lives in Champaign where the singles ward is. lol. I will work on the pictures, we are supposed to get the rest of the carpet put in either tomorrow or the day after! Then we can take better pictures!