Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sudden Reminder

After returning home from work today mom had Sam and I read a news article and watch a short movie on what had happened at Beaver Lake in Nebraska. A 23 year old male had fallen off a boat, then got hit by the same boat and wasn't seen after that. His body still has not been recovered, but they are still searching. Confused at why I was watching this I asked mom if she knew who the boy was, since no name had been given. She said yes and told us that it was her cousin (I won't give the name since the news hasn't released it yet..) I've met him once or twice and was of course saddened by the news. At first I wanted more details of what happened, who he was with, his activity in the church things like that. Then I got to thinking about how our lives can be cut short! Every day could be our last day, do we leave the house saying kind words to our loved ones? Do we go to bed with a hug or a kiss? What small gestures could we give to remind our loved ones that they are special to us? How horrible would it be to leave after an argument and never see the other person again...Sure, it's sort of depressing, but I think it helps us keep our lives in perspective. We need to live each day to the fullest.

..Live each day as if it were your last..
I think that if I were to die tonight I would regret being upset with my brother
I'd regret not getting to know my family better
I'd regret all the times someone passed me by looking down, and I did nothing to help
I'd regret not constantly striving to be a better person.

Remember that each and every day is a gift, not a promise. Treat it like a rare possession, and never take it for granted.

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