Saturday, July 3, 2010

Missions :)

I'm excited and I really want to have my call already. My friend Emily Beu just got her mission call to the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors Spanish Speaking mission! That's 45 mins away from me! Of course she still has to go to the MTC...Maybe she'll be here before I leave to go home! That would make me happy :)She reports in September! Wow, as I see other people get their calls and get closer to submitting their papers it's getting me even more excited!

I wonder where I will go! It's exciting to think about :D I had a dentist appt yesterday so that I could get xrays taken so that I can go get my other 2 wisdom teeth out! I will schedule an appointment..probably Tuesday. I think most businesses will be closed Monday. I'm going to be scheduling the extraction for the last week of July. I'm also going to try to talk to President Anderson (my branch president) about mission prep stuff. Just to figure out what all I need to start doing and maybe even start on paperwork. I still feel like my mission is a goal I want to do eventually, but it's still forever away! Maybe it will feel more real once I start filling out papers and making preparations. Who knows. I think the only other thing after the removal of my wisdom teeth is the physical (so NOT looking forward to that). Then it's making sure I have all the financial covered...speaking of which...

I'M SUPER CLOSE TO HAVING MY SCHOOL LOANS PAID OFF!!! :D I have enough in the bank to pay them off but...I have a trip to Utah coming up, a dentist cleaning, then cavities to get filled, plus the removal of my wisdom teeth coming up, plus 2 paychecks of tithing, so I want to make sure I have enough money in the bank to cover it all... but I just made a big payment on it and now have $251.45! It's such a relief! After it's all paid off everything is going to saving!! (With some taken out for some spending) I need to relook at where I will be financially and create a budget so that I know where I will be at the end of the year! I'm excited! I'm pretty sure the next 6 months will go by fast and the next thing I know I will be in the MTC! :D


  1. Yay! I am already starting to budget for my mission and I didn't realize how much it really is until I look at the actual figures! :) You're gonna be such a great missionary! :)

  2. Good job with your loans! I cant beleive that you can turn your papers in 4 months, that crazy and exciting. I also like your hair, its gotten so long! Miss you lots.

  3. haha, actually that picture was taken just a couple weeks before I chopped it off again :) haha, it's short again! How is Taiwan?

  4. Dont worry the physical isnt that bad. At least mine wasn't. ;D you cut your hair? when did you do that? and I like the picture. I love you cousin!!!!!