Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 4

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 2:10 PM, Adrianna Randall <> wrote:
Kim might be in our area. We cover East St. Paul, so I will give her a call this week and find out. Well, do you remember Chris and Ken White? They were in 3rd ward when grandpa was bishop. They live in my ward! They remember you. In fact at the baptism the other night she commented "I can see Darin in you. You are definitely a Randall." I hope that's a good thing!! ;) That was kind of fun. (The baptism was an 8 year old girl in the ward..not a convert baptism). We are waiting on a baptism though. We have to wait for clearance from President Monson. Crazy, right? He is such an awesome guy!
I never realized how much missionaries work with the ward...or the inactives. It's crazy! Oh, I suppose I should tell you: I'm in the Oakdale area. It covers Oakdale, Woodbury, East St. Paul and maybe a few other areas that I can't think of the names for. Right now I am looking out the window of a member's house and all I see is WHITE. It has been snowing since about 10am yesterday. We have gotten probably 20 inches or so. Plus all the snow already on the ground. We have a car. However, when the weather gets bad we have to park the car. We had to do that after church yesterday. This morning was clear again, so we got driving priviliges again. But now..I'm just waiting for the text from the Zone Leaders telling us to park it. Oh well, we will go with it. I still don't have boots. we went boot hunting, buuuutt there is almost nothing left. I found a really good boot for 1/2 the original price (great price) but they only had 7s and 8s. The boot is made for -40. We always go out, unless it's -40. Sooo yeah. It gets soooo cold. Oh, however we ran into a member on our way out of Target and she might have boots that will work for the remainder of the winter that she said I could have. We will go look at them tomorrow.

Our CO detector started going off last night..thankfully it was just a low battery. It put my trainer, Sister Sorenson and I on edge for a while. We finally got to sleep though. Sister Sorenson is from NORWAY. She is so awesome. She is happy and hard working and just sooo fun. She wears a small fake wedding ring because she has been proposed to a few times on her mission. She told me that I might consider doing that too. 

My first tracting experience: The first couple days here were surprisingly warm! The first day you hardly needed a coat, the 2nd was a bit colder. So, the 2nd day (my first day in my area) we went tracting. The snow had been melting, so we were trying to avoid this 1/2 inch deep puddle. (With big snow banks on either side). While we were working our way around it, a car came driving past on the road, hitting a puddle and splashed us. We were rather wet. I seriously thought that only happened in movies. It wasn't at foot level either. The sidewalks were higher than the road and the water went UP and then we got a shower. Haha, it was good. We have 2 potential investigators. One is a family who was going up to visit her brother for the weekend. Her brother is a member and they were going up for her neices BAPTISM. So, they had their first exposure to church. We will go back some time this week. It really is exciting. 

The members in the ward are awesome. They have really gotten excited about missionary work and are doing their best to help. The ward missionary leader has been here 3 months, and his humor reminds me of dad. He's fun. Wow, there isn't too much excitement right now. Lots of snow...we are in a new pilot training program. (I guess I'm just a testing dummy or something). Well, the term they use here is "Minnesota nice". Sometimes it's used rather sarcastically, especially in reference to the weather. :D

I'm quickly adjusting to missionary life. We went grocery shopping, finally! I've hated not having food. I had cereal, fiber 1 bars, bananas and a couple yogurts to get me by for the last several days. YAY for food. The members are great at feeding us though. 

I do have my bike. It looks like a great bike..however, we haven't used them. There is TOO much snow. Plus, the members are too conscientious of us to let us do that. Oh yeah, the St. Paul Temple is 1.3 miles away from our house. We live with  members. They built an apartment in their basement that their son and his wife lived in for awhile. It's practically like having our own apartment. We have our own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area... We actually have 2 bedrooms, but mission rules are to share a room. The members actually really like having missionaries living there. They are sweet people. Man, I feel like there is so much to say!

Ok, picture....I don't have my camera with me. I don't have an updated picture. I emailed one to Pres. Anderson several months ago. Maybe he still has it? I might could send one next week. I'll send a scripture next week too. Once again, I don't have my scriptures. Anyway. I have got to write Pres. Howell. 

Thanks for the Valentine's package! I really enjoyed the candy! It was DELICIOUS! Anyway, I hope you all have a good week. Dad, I hope work is still going well. Mom...good luck with Relief Society. Miranda, Austin, Shae. Sorry I don't have time to respond individually. The letter sounds great, Miranda. He's a good guy. Austin, The picture with the lightsaber is not photo shopped, but it's not the best picture. There is a trick to doing it. It's pretty cool. Shae, good luck with the musical. Don't be scared of your teacher, just do your best. I wish I could watch! I love you all!

Sister Randall

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