Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving Break

So, for Thanksgiving I did a few different things. For the beginning of break I was at Tandy's house (my roommate) and we kinda chilled. We rode horses the first day I was there, stayed at home the 2nd day, went to church the 3rd day, went shopping the 4th day (and celebrated Tandy's birthday). Upon returning home the 4th day, the cows got out, so I went with Tandy and her dad and brother to chase them back in. That was fun :). Well, I really didn't do much. I almost died of asthma before I even got out to where the cows were, and by the time her and I did get there, they were almost in anyway. But it was entertaining. So on the 5th day (Tuesday) Tandy took me to Grace where I met up with my aunt Bridgette. I then went and stayed at her house. That night we celebrated my cousin Kambree's birthday. The next day I went to the senior center to get some service hours in. I got about 2 hours in when I had enough and took my first opportunity to leave. I was working putting pies together for people that had ordered them (there was a lot of pies) and I was working with a bunch of juvenile delinquents who were on probation needing service hours. So it was way weird. Then I went to my grandma's house and mowed her front lawn for her (boy am I SORE!). I then began to cut quilt blocks for her, before heading back to my aunts. I got about 3 1/2 hours of service done. I needed ten. Yep, I got a lot accomplished. I did however get my computer project done. That's a lot of relief. That was a big deal. I still have like 4 papers to write. One due the 3rd, one due the 4th, another due the 5th, and one or two on the 12th. Plus some more assignments in my computer and Book of Mormon class. So I'm gonna be busy for the next two weeks (but then I come home, so I'm excited!!)! Anyway, so on Thanksgiving we ate around 1pm, and then I worked on some homework. Then I went out and went on a 4-wheeler ride. And once we brought my uncle's wife and son back I drove (yep I drove the 4-wheeler for the FIRST time...and I absolutely LOVED it). We went and visited my great grandpa's grave. It was weird, because I went to his funeral when I was 2 and I can still remember standing there, everything seemed to be familiar. So then my cousin and I rode around some more, and then him and I went and visited my great grandma, which was interesting. I got confused quickly, but I pretended to understand. Anyway, so then today (the day after Thanksgiving) I went black Friday shopping. I got up at 3:20am so that we could leave by 4am. It was quite an interesting experience. I got the Christmas present I needed for a sibling, and I got a new flash drive...4 gigs for $9!! That's right, I got a good deal! haha, my old one is about ready to break! So now, I'm home (my apartment in Rexburg) and I'm sick (I got some nasty cold my little cousin Thayne had). I'm miserable, should be doing homework, but I'm seriously considering sleep instead. I can do homework tomorrow and Monday, and Tuesday before anything is due...right? I know it's gonna really stink once I get into it..but right now my body just needs to sleep. So I'm gonna take some nighttime cold medicine (ruin my REM sleep in the process--I learned about that in Psychology!!), and go to sleep! I'll do my homework in the morning. Since it's a little after 7, I'll probably get up around 8. It'll be a nice long sleep :) So goodnight world :)

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