Tuesday, January 20, 2009

another boring update of my life!

Sunday was both a sad and good day. The amazing bishopric of my ward here in Rexburg got released, they were amazing. My bishop and his wife are going to Mexico for a mission! Then they called the new bishopric, who seem that they may be pretty good. It was interesting when they came over to talk, and before leaving asked if we had dedicated our home. We told him we hadn't, and he asked us if we could kneel in prayer, and if he could dedicate it. In his prayer he spoke of love and kindness, and having the spirit in our home...which if you have read any of my other blogs you might understand why it was interesting that he would be praying for these things. After the prayer he told us that he usually would not do that...hmmm what kind of feelings did he get when he walked into our apartment?? Anyway, they seem nice. They are starting to call students to the counselor positions. So we have one older guy and two students. It will be an interesting new experience :)

I have begun thinking about whether or not I want to stay in Rexburg over the summer. I would really like too! It will be warm and there will be fun things to do. I am currently trying to find a steady job that I could work 40hrs at during the summer, but I haven't had too much success yet. But I'd really like to stay here, especially since it will be my room roommates last semester!! I would then somehow find a way home for the 7 week break, but I haven't made a decision yet. I guess it just depends on where mom and dad are at around the time I need to buy a contract for my apartment.

School is stressful. I am keeping fairly busy. My business class is requiring more work than I expected from a 7:45am one credit class, and is requiring me to request several days off of work. Today my schedule is very crazy:
6:15am-wake up, get ready, finish homework...
7:35am-leave for Writing Foundation class from 8-9:30am
9:30am-go to accounting offices and fix insurance late fee and register for career workshops, go to health center and check price of inhaler
10:15am-well this is my time where I don't have time to go home now in order to get back to the Ricks for class, so I'm just messing around on the computer
11:30am-Math class until 1pm
1pm-go home, eat, change, go to devotional
3-return home, eat again
7:10-meeting with bishopric
7:30-8:30-flute sectionals
8:30-return home, eat, do homework, go to bed!

What a fun day!! haha. Tandy and I went to the duck park the other day and took pictures, I just haven't put them on my computer quite yet. It was fun and the pictures are quite entertaining. Sam is coming to Rexburg on Friday to come spend the weekend up here, I am kind of excited to maybe have something to do!! I turn 19 tomorrow, but I don't have anything fun planned. I have class from 7:45am-3pm, with breaks in between most of my classes. But I took work off, so maybe I'll make myself cupcakes and enjoy eating junk food! haha. Who knows. Well, that is my update of my life...sorry to inform you that I have no dating prospects! haha. However we do have a pretty good FHE group with some cute boys! hahaha, whatever. Well, have a good day :D

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  1. Hy beautiful!!! I miss you!! You should come HOME for the summer!! :-)