Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walking in a Winter Icy Land!

Lets see, update of my life:

My friend ticked me off, I tried to communicate with her about it and never got a response.
Another friend disappointed me...but that's better now :)
I started getting homework assignments in email before classes started
I bought books (always a wonderful experience!)
I started classes and I'm pretty stressed out with them
One of my roommates (same one that drove me crazy last semester) is beginning to drive me crazy...again
Dad lost his job

Anyway, we got one new roommate in our apartment this semester, her name is Michelle. She just returned from her mission that she served in Argentina. She is really cool, I approve :)
I've just been really stressed out lately, with classes and some of the above mentioned happenings of my life. I'm not really looking forward to the semester, but my apartment is being much more social and we are meeting more people. There are some cute RM's in the ward! hahaha!! Last night I went to a comedy improv. show. Kirby Heybourn was there, and a guy that played in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but I don't know his name..Corbin, I think. Anyway. It was awesome, at the end of the show they did a 45 minute improv musical. It was soo funny! It gave me a break from my torturous math reading :( I've been having problems comprehending what it all meant. You see my math teacher, Kent Bessey, wrote a book called To Infinity and Beyond! Anyway, so we have free access to the ebook of it and we had to read the first chapter where he is trying to explain infinity! And it doesn't make any sense to me, at all! So my old FHE brothers came over and attempted to help me and one lent me their graphing calculator only at the cost of making him dinner sometime!! So much cheaper then haivng to buy one, or getting up and being all the way up to the Ricks by 7am to get one for $5! So it has started to make more sense. Oh so my bishopric is getting released next Sunday. I am sooo sad about it. They are awesome. My bishop and his wife are going on a mission to Mexico. Well, I don't know, I'm just kind of rambling. Sam is coming to Rexburg on the 23rd, I am excited, we might go on a group date while he is here...well assuming I can find a guy...or maybe the problem is asking a guy. hmm. It's really icy here. I haven't fallen...yet. But there is lots of thick ice. Ok. I'm done rambling. Have a GREAT week :D

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