Thursday, January 22, 2009


So yesterday was my 19th birthday. It was just a normal day. I had my 7:45am class, and went through the motions of the day, except I had requested work off. Every once in awhile I'd see someone from my ward and say hi, and then a couple said "Happy birthday!" and I was like thanks, but then I thought about it, and they weren't my friends on facebook, and would have no idea it was my birthday..hmm (of course that was the extent of my thinking and I moved on to other subjects) So I was just sitting at home reading. Then around 6:30 (probably closer to 7) my roommates all took me to Applebee's for dinner. Then we went to Wal-mart so Erin could pick some things up. Apparently she needed ice cream for the ice cream sundaes I hadn't been told I was like, wait who's all coming?? And she replied that it was just our apartment, and once again I left it at that. So finally we returned to our apt. and when I walked in up jumped lots of people yelling "SURPRISE!!" haha. They got me. I'm not a very brilliant person for not putting one and one together! But it was exciting, the cake was yummy and we did NOT have ice cream sundaes. LIARS! hahaha. So that was exciting. :) Then I stayed up until like 11:45 talking to a friend and hadn't even touched my English homework. oops. So I was up until 1am doing homework. I finally went to bed and sadly 6:30 came way too fast. So I was up and going about my normal day again today. Well, moral of the story: If you want to have fun on your birthday, make sure you get along with your roommates!! (ok that was lame...but what can you do?)


  1. WHAT!?!?! Do you get along with your roommates??? Hmmmm! Happy birthday!! Love your face!!