Thursday, August 26, 2010

Opinions Please?

So, I have been asked to give a brief mini lesson for Mission Prep class on The Gospel Blesses Families. I'm supposed to share a personal experience or a story. I can't think of anything besides sealing us together for eternity. I mean, some people HATE their families, why would they want to be with them forever? So, besides being sealed to your family forever, what blessings does the gospel bring to your family?


  1. When you experience something negative or positive in your life, the family who has the gospel, no matter what happens in that situation- you know, for a fact- that everything is going to be just fine. That you will make it through it. And if you feel alone, and think that no one understands; you always KNOW that Heavenly Father is there for you and that he has made the ultimate sacrifice so that we are not alone. Even if you are the first person in the world to experience something (which your most likely not) you are NEVER the first person to experience it. Heavenly Father has, and that is such great comfort.

  2. The gospel brings the peace of mind and the assurance that everything we do or try to do, success or failure is worth it. We are trying to become an eternal family while working with imperfect people, but it gives us the perspective that we are all children of God. And that's the family we are trying to return to, so even those people that hate their immediate families need to have that sealing blessing so they can be with God and the rest of His children, it's so much bigger than we usually think of. It blesses us with the Spirit to guide us in the discipline and teaching of our children. We also have the spirit to help us keep us safe, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Not to even get started on having the priesthood in our home. The gospel doesn't just bless families, it is ALL about families. Think about it.