Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recent Events

Well, I spent a week in Utah/Idaho and was really excited to see family and friends that I haven't seen in a really long time. Bear Lake was beautiful, and the inn we stayed at was AMAZING. I then took Miranda up to BYU-Idaho with me and Tonya and Rocio helped to give her a tour of campus :) I got to see some old friends...and find out that Pama, probably the girl who knows me best even though we don't talk much anymore, is ENGAGED. How exciting, but soo weird. Sometimes I still feel like we are in young womens! She can't be engaged yet! I've had so many friends become engaged/married recently that sometimes I'm sort of jealous. BUT! I remind myself of all the stresses that come with weddings and the wonderful fact that I am going to fulfill my lifelong goal and dream--to serve a full-time mission! :D Which I'm extremely excited for! I'm hoping to be able to start my papers soon. My branch President is meeting with someone today to help him get things set up for me!! I'll keep you all posted on my mission papers :)

Miranda came and spent this past week with me. We got in on Saturday evening in a car with no A/C. It was HOT but we made it :) She got to meet some of my friends and we spent a lot of time with Jesse and his two little siblings Jake and Tessa. We attempted hiking--Tessa, Jake, and I were regretting the decision, so we turned around went home. So Jesse, Keenan, Max, and Miranda finished the hike. We also went Cliff Jumping. No worries, Miranda and I did not jump off. We didn't go to where we had planned on going. We went with Jesse's cousin Bo and I swear that bad directions run in their family, but we still ended up at a lake :) The cliffs weren't the best, but a few jumped and had fun, and the rest of us just swam until a storm came in and we had to make the hike back to the car. It was quite the adventure and we were just as wet by the time we got to the car as when we got out of the lake!

The next day we went swimming at the public pool when another storm came in (it's monsoon season) and we were forced out. We played in the pool's sand volleyball court with some little kids who thought they were all that. I was sooo ready to smack the little boy. Apparently he was 12--he looked like he was 6 or 7 and his brother looked like he was older, but apparently that was not the case. That night we went on a group date--sort of. Jesse and I, Max and Corri, Wilson and Miranda, and then Jesse's brother Jake and another kid Matt came without dates. Basically Wilson, Jake and Matt surrounded my sister asking all kinds of questions and giving her undivided attention. It was pathetic. At the end of the night they were all asking her if she had a phone/facebook.... everyone wants her to come back. I think they like her more than me :/

It's weird having 2 weeks off and now having to jump back into routine. I saw Wesley Friday afternoon for the first time and he gave me a hug and let me hold him for like 3 minutes. He told me all about his vacation to Oregon. I have missed this kid..I just haven't missed the responsibility, pressure, and stress my job brings. Oh well! :D

Life is wonderful and my internet is back up. I haven't missed it too much, just the ability to stay in touch with my friends and family.

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