Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aug 1

Well, it's been a great week. We did lots of contacting and we have been challenged to invite 1 person to be baptized everyday. So, we have been trying to invite people we meet on the streets to be baptized. Overall we have invited 5 people to be baptized since last Tuesday. It's not an easy thing to do, but it is kind of cool! Saturday we talked to 58 people, had 10 Quality Gospel Conversations, invited 4 people to be baptized and gave away 7 referrals! it was an awesome day :) I love giving referrals away! It's a really cool experience.

Tell Austin Happy Birthday for me, i was going to put his card in the mail late last week and forgot, but it is getting sent today! But, I did think about it and had it ready last Monday (It's the thought that counts, right?) I can't believe he is all grown up and getting his license! My little brother is getting so big!

Well, I have been anxious for transfer calls, wanting to know what was going to happen. There were so many possibilities and the result FINALLY came this morning at about 9am. (Waiting for transfer calls is one of the most nerve-wrecking things ever!) They started making calls at 7:30, so an hour and a half really gets you anxious. Well, President told me that some changes were coming my way and that Sister Stephenson would be coming to serve with my in my area. (SURPRISE!) I was so happy my area didn't close. I really wanted at least one more transfer here. It's fun serving in a singles branch, definitely very difficult, but it's an incredible experience. I was with Sister Stephenson for a week during all those random emergency transfers my 2nd transfer. So, yep. It should be a good transfer.

The weather has been hot, humid and sticky, but bearable. Tuesday we agreed to go help a member, Andrew, work on the house that he is living in (fixing it up in exchange for a place to live). So he had Laura, the woman who owns the house, pick us up at the church and take us to Northfield. On the way out we learned that both her and her husband were religion majors and she told us that we were welcome to give them our "schpeel" after dinner. Well, Andrew ended up having to leave to go to rehearsal during dinner so sister Hart and I were left at the table with two religion majors. So, as agreed, we left a scripture and talked about faith. We then asked a question, probably about how do we exercise faith, and it was quiet....and quiet....and more silence. Then their daughter came running into the room, causing a distraction and Laura goes, well I don't mean to interrupt but we should probably get you home. It was extremely awkward, but that's what makes a mission a mission, right? haha, It was quite the experience!

We had a branch activity Saturday which was themed Jumbo Jamboree and they had jumbo twister, tic tac toe, hot dogs, etc. Well, they pulled out the jumbo twister board and a couple of non member YSA's came over and asked if they could play,even though they were intoxicated. Only a few people joined the game and it seemed ridiculously easy, but I guess a simple task such as putting one hand on red is not so simple under the influence of alcohol. Needless to say it was fairly entertaining, but sadenning all at once. There is joy outside of sin.

Hmm, well that seems to complete our week! Today is super busy with getting stuff ready for Sister Hart to go home and her interview in Bloomington, and cleaning and grocery shopping and all that.

Good luck with girls camp! That should be fun! Don't worry about the zuccini bread, I do need some face wash and moisturizer though. I'm currently using noxema and I'm just not a fan of what it does to my face. Blech. maybe 2 would be better, so when I'm on my last one I can let you know early? How did finals go? How is Sam and Erin doing? It's been ages since I have heard from them!

Oh, last week, or maybe 2 weeks ago, I got a letter from Sister Martin, it made my day! I do enjoy getting letters :) Anyway, I'm excited for another 6 weeks in the Lakeville stake! It's pretty out here, I never have been much of a city fan.

Well, I love you all so very much and I hope all is well. You never did answer my question about selling the house? Ok, well, i guess that concludes this weeks email! Keep smiling and working hard!

Love your favorite missionary,

Sister Randall

(Ooo I can't say that anymore can I, Koltn is gone now, right? So many of my AZ friends have recently gotten mission calls, it's so exciting!)

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