Wednesday, September 14, 2011

July 18

Hey Family!

Sorry I don't have creative subjects, but that's one of my favorite quotes, I keep it in the front of my planner :) I have several that I keep close by to keep my smiling and positive! So, what happened this week? Well, we will just start at the end and work back to the beginning!
Saturday KIPP GOT BAPTIZED! I will try to remember to include a picture or two. It was awesome. Sister Hart and I played a piano duet of I am a Child of God. It went pretty well. I want to record us playing it so you can hear it, it's pretty! We had the elders teach a short Restoration while Kipp and brother Little were getting dressed. From what we could tell his mom really enjoyed it and I'm sure she felt the Spirit. Now, how to get the missionaries in to teach her? We also had Kipp share his testimony--which was awesome! I think I will try to have any investigators that ever get baptized do that. It was an awesome opportunity for Kipp but also his mom to hear the things that he knows. He bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation and His love for Him and also of Joseph Smith and Pres. Monson. It was awesome. He was confirmed a member of the church on Sunday and also received the Aaronic Priesthood, and he might be going to do Baptisms for the dead tomorrow! How awesome would that be?!? I am super excited for him.

We went on exchanges again this week. I got to go back to Oakdale and was companions with Sister Whetten. It was weird being back. Katie, one of the people that was baptized while I was there isn't doing so well :( She wouldn't even come to the door when we stopped by. She just wants to be left alone. I wish there was an answer to how to help people remain strong. I think the secret is the family support, friends at church, continued spiritual experiences (new member lessons and visiting/home teaching), and a responsibility. I have found that the hardest thing is utilizing the members that aren't the RS president, EQ president etc... The members without the high stress callings are so essential! They just don't know how to help, or what to do or say, and they don't realize how much they affect the RC, LA, or Investigator. I wish I knew how to help them see that.

Another one of our recent converts is moving at the end of the month. She is headed to Arkansas, and all I can say is that I hope she finds what she is looking for and that her life starts to look up. We have had several people move away and will have several more leave in about a month. The transfers are in 2 1/2 weeks. Hermana Hart goes home, and from the looks of things, my area will probably close :( I really just want one more transfer here, but "I'll go where the Lord wants me to go." I'm sure I will love my next area just as much as I love this one. :)

The weather has recently gotten super hot and humid, but up till this point it hasn't been bad. But, I guess it will be this way all week, yuck! But, come October/November, I'm gonna want it back! ;) Well, mostly we've stayed busy, but nothing exciting has really happened (with the exception of Kipp's baptism!)

My friends Jason and Amber (from Arizona) are getting married this weekend. I should make a prediction of how many weddings will happen with my friends and family while I'm away....This one will make 2, plus I know more are already planned. It's so weird that life back home keeps going while mine is on "hold" in a sense. I have been trying to imagine my little Austin all grown up and teenager-ish, but I just keep seeing a little 7th grader! Sorry buddy, I know you probably don't like that! ;)

How is tennis going? And how did your test go? Anything fun and exciting happening? I can't believe Kevin has been gone for 2 years! For real? Wow, time flies. I realized that I will hit my 6 month mark next week, it does not feel like it's been 6 months. I still feel like I'm brand new and learning everything! I've heard that feeling never leaves though. Anyway, enough about that. (It's hard not to realize these things and wonder what you are gonna do at the end of 18 months when 1) You are a planner and 2) Your companion is making those plans now...)

Well, family! I love you all. Keep smiling. Keep working hard. Tell Kevin hi and sorry he had to leave the "real world".
Love ya guys :D
Sister Randall <3

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