Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aug 22

Hey family!

I wish I had some awesomely amazing news for you! Wednesday we taught our recent convert, Ryan. He is doing better and seems to be more himself finally. We had an appointment fall through with the kid who answered the phone drunk, and we had dinner with a member (I think I eat the healthiest I ever have on my mission at their house--and it's a couple of YSA boys!) Thursday we spent the majority of the day at home, Sister Stephenson was sick. But, we did go to our dinner appointment, and help a member stain her deck--even though Sister Stephenson wasn't feeling well. Friday, was kind of the same, but we had a lesson with Kipp (who is doing AWESOME and will be baptizing his friend next week!), and we had 2 hours of weekly planning, dinner and another lesson, and about an hour of tracting. We actually tracted into a YSA that we are hoping to be able to set up an appointment with. He had a friend that was LDS passed away about a year ago. He said he went to the funeral and people kept talking about the Spirit World and he didn't understand why that was so important. We had a really good conversation. It's interesting how you sometimes have to stick out a street where no one is answering to have the last person you talk to be the reason you were there. Friday night the zone leaders came and gave Sister Stephenson a blessing. She was up most of the night, sick, but slept in and was feeling much better. So, we actually worked! We did some tracting, and had dinner with a member, and did some more tracting. Sunday was good. Church is a time where it feels like we can rest from our labors! Patrick came to church! Ryan was sick :( We did some tracting and only talked to a few, but then Kipp and April came with us to President's Fireside--which was really good. I love going and hearing the testimonies of recent converts, it's super awesome! And that concludes our week.

As for the video I promised...I guess I can't send it, because it's too long. It's like 4 minutes long. Bummer. I'll show you eventually..... This coming week we have district meeting, Thursday night visits, a couple less active and recent convert lessons and hopefully a couple investigator lessons.

So, I think I might have an ingrown toenail, and I don't know how to make it better. Any ideas? Anyway, I really wish there was more to share...Oh, I know! The weather is always a good topic of discussion! the leaves are changing, at least on some trees. That means that summer is almost over...I swear summer just started. I'm not certain I'm ready for the long and bitter winter, but of course that doesn't stop me from anything. Ready or not, here I come!

It sounds like you are all staying busy. Is school going well for everyone? How is work? How is the relief society doing? Well, I love you all, sorry this is so short and lacks the promised video. Have an awesome week and keep working hard!


Sister Randall

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