Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sept 12

Hey everybody! Well, it has been one of the longest and most expensive weeks of my mission! And that's not from the fair! The member that took Sister Stokes to the fair (who is also one that I know quite well) would buy the different deep fried foods and we would split them. Man they were SO good. The best was the deep fried cookie dough! mmmm :) Totally NOT healthy. I think I spent a total of $16 for my ticket, bus ride, and some water. So that was super nice.

So we are now here in Dinkytown and we opened up a new apartment. Wednesday night we literally had nothing. So we slept on the floor and hung old sheets that Sister Stokes had left behind, and a shower curtain on the windows. Thursday some man from the apartments showed up to put blinds up, and we also got our beds from the church. (I'm not sure I've ever been so grateful for a bed!) Yesterday a member came up and told us she had tons of furniture she was trying to get rid of, so we now have 2 desks, a table, 2 chairs, a shelf, and a dresser. Also the member that was at the state fair with us, Laura used to have sister who lived with her and when they moved out they had left a bunch of stuff behind. So Saturday she brought us two boxes of kitchen stuff including pots and pans and silverware. (The 2nd box I haven't opened yet, so we will see what there is!) However, Wednesday we had gone out to get the bare necessities, so we got a lamp, 4 spoons, 4 forks, 2 glasses, 4 bowls and a couple shower curtains. It was an expensive trip to the store. But, it's nice that our apartment finally looks like someone lives there and we now have a place to put our stuff! I am super grateful for people's charity and love.

Here in the Dinkytown ward I feel like I have gone out to eat for almost every meal. It's a terrible feeling and I don't like it. Unfortunately, it's hard to avoid when that's all the students have to offer. We also go out with a couple of Sister Stephenson's best friends in the ward on a fairly regular basis and we then pay for ourselves. I think 2 things are gonna happen this transfer. The number on the scale is gonna skyrocket and the number on my card is gonna deplete :S But, I guess I will figure out how to balance it all, right? It's crazy how different each area is.

There is this incredible recent convert of 2 weeks here! Her name is Ann. She's from Kenya. She said when she saw the elders walking toward her something told her that she was gonna go to their church. So when they talked to her, she just asked for the address and time and she showed up the following Sunday. Yesterday I was talking with her and she said that she was sort of mad with herself for being here at the U for almost 4 years and never finding this. She said she has always been searching for this truth. Her dad is a Lutheran pastor and she would ask him questions all the time such as, where were we before this life? Where are we going? The bible says to be baptized by immersion, how come we don't have that in our church? And he could never answer her. She is so awesome :D

Last night there was an awesome CES fireside. Sister Oaks is so funny! And Elder Oaks gave an awesome talk on Tolerance and truth. He talked of when to tolerate something and when to stand up for truth. He talked of uniting with all believers to stand up for truth. He said that we should be tolerant of the beliefs that do not coincide with ours and rejoice in the fact that we all believe in God and Jesus Christ. It was a really awesome talk.

Oh, so Sister Stephenson got a super bad ingrown toenail that kept us from being able to go out walking on campus. The earliest the Podiatrist could see her was Monday morning, but miraculously they ended up calling her and telling her to come in Friday. So, they cut it out and this week we should be able to go out and talk to tons of people! I look forward to getting busy!

So, did you actually sign for the house to rent? How come rent and not buy? Has anything happened with the auburn house? The rental house sounds absolutely....beautiful? At least the outside and the land it sits on...

I'm glad all went well with getting Miranda to school. I can't believe it. I'm glad work is going alright. I hear you are going to NE for Thanksgiving? That should be fun. Something really weird for me is that on the next transfer day I will be at my 1/2 way mark :S I hear that from that point down it flies, which scares me because from January to now has flown as well. I can't believe it's been this long, I feel like a brand new missionary still!! Anyway. I need to get going. I love you all and hope you are doing well! Have a great week!

Sister Randall

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