Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aug 10

Hey family! Sorry this is late. We were invited to Zone Leader Council on Monday morning and Tuesday we had District meeting. So, today is Pday. Next week Pday will be on Tuesday. It seems like a lot is going on. This transfer is only 5 weeks long, and next one will be 7. I guess the MTC messed up their schedule.

(Grandma and Grandpa Randall especially...) There is a new senior couple in the mission, Elder and Sister Randall :) I talked to him briefly and he asked if we were descended from Alfred Randall, and I said yes. I don't remember which wife he said, but we are through Margaret, which makes Alfred my 4th great grandpa. Elder Randall gave me a little booklet to read about him and his 5 wives and said he could get a CD of it for me if the family wanted copies. The booklet is titled The True Life Story of Alfred Randall, Pioneer. So if anyone is interested in it let me know and I can get a CD and send it your way. It's a cool booklet and really helped me understand our heritage :) Elder Randall was so nice to me and told me that if I needed ANYTHING to give him a call and he would make sure I got it.

So, that is that. We spent 4 hours straight tracting on Thursday. That was a long, but good day. We have had 0 investigators and have had plenty of rejection. Yesterday after District meeting our district did a "blitz", meaning we all went tracting streets that sister Stephenson and I picked out, looking for investigators for us. We have a couple potentials from that and we visited an old potential and she is now officially an investigator. She was raised being taught everything from the church, her mom is a member, but was never baptized. She has taken the missionary lessons before but has never had the desire to find out if it is true. She said that when she decides it is true, she will give her all to the church, so we just have to help her close that gap. Other than those exciting events, nothing too exciting has been happening in the area. Kipp Wilson is still doing awesome! He has an incredible understanding of the doctrine and acts like a life-long member.

This coming Monday we have zone conference. We have had so many meetings lately, but they are always so spiritual and uplifting. I love President Clements and he is great at showing his love for each companionship, area, and each missionary. He is proving to be an awesome mission president.

Sister Stephenson just reminded me of what happened this past week. We decided to stop by Brittney Brenner, a girl previously active in the family ward, but recently not attending, and we've been trying to get ahold of her for weeks. On the door is a home typed sign saying "Gaurd Dog on Duty." And with the way the door looked, we kind of believed it. Suddenly the door opens with this man with huge chops on his face and out comes running this HUGE black dog that weighs 120 lbs and is nearly 3 feet tall running straight toward Sister Stephenson. She about tripped over backward from the scare. Thankfully the dog is harmless and Brittney's dad is just as harmless. We talked and he asked us not to give up on Brittney. Sunday evening we set out to tract and after we prayed I just felt very unsettled, so we decided to go stop by two of the people that we had planned. When neither of them had answered and tracting still didn't feel right we turned to prayer. The decision made was that we needed to go see Brittney Brenner. This time when we went, she was home! We got in, got to know her and had a little lesson, and she said that we could come back. It was a cool experience and I'm grateful for the direction of the Spirit in all things. It's a huge reminder that this is the Lord's work, not ours.

Anyway, that's the exciting news of the week! Congrats on your lab score, and the final grade in your class. Have you found a house to move into yet? The garden sounds like it is fruitful (or vegetable-full?). The Lockett's, the family we live with have a very successful garden as well. (And as a side note, apparently Alfred Randall had quite the fruitful garden as well). Yes, I took money out, I took $170, since I figured I would need most of it for my prescription. My preventative inhaler lasts 2 months and costs $25, which is cheaper than the albuterol. I have hardly used my albuterol at all since I started Flo Vent. But, go ahead and close the account. I might stop using the flo vent during the winter, since we won't be biking as much and then start up in the spring/summer time and hopefully stop after I get home. We will see what happens. It's been a huge help to me.

Well, I love you all. I'm glad things are going well. Time is running short to email, but I hope you have an awesome week. Let me know about the CD with the information about Alfred Randall and his 5 wives.

Keep on keepin on!
Sister Randall

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