Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 5

Well, today we are going to the state fair! It should be good. Expensive, but good. 12 bucks to get in, plus lunch and all the other stuff. I don't want to stay as long as we are going to, but sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do--Actually a lot of times. So, we got transfer calls this morning. Sister Stephenson and I are moving to Dinkytown again, the college campus. She was trained there, transferred to Winona, transferred back to Dinkytown, transferred to Rochester, Northfield and now back to Dinkytown. The only question we have is where we will be living. We heard the roof collapsed in the old apartment that we used to live in. I was hoping to be able to go to a family ward, but if I need to be with the singles, then that's where I'll stay. But, Northfield is closing and the Zone Leaders will be taking over the singles branch.

Nicole dropped us. She said that she couldn't believe that Joseph is a prophet if he practices against what the bible teaches on polygamy, which is just an excuse. There would have to be much more to it if she won't even let us come back and talk to her about it. Robert--he cancelled our last appointment because he was going to a job interview and we haven't been able to get a hold of him since. Andrew, is awesome. He is such a sweet kid who sincerely wants to be forgiven and the plan God has for us. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. His dad died in June, and it's been really hard on him. Abby moved back this weekend, she has read the BoM twice, D&C twice, and really the only thing holding her back is her family. But, sadly, we won't be teaching her, since we will be gone. We have had some progression with a couple less actives, and I'm worried about how that will go with the change from us to elders. It's hard to leave this area. I love it so much. I guess you could say it was my first real area. It's beautiful here. Let me know how the house stuff goes. I pray for you and your ability to sell the house.

That's so cool about Ashley. She was truly converted to the gospel. It makes me think of Kipp. He didn't join for his girlfriend, but she was the means of introducing him to the gospel. He is just awesome. I love seeing people join and really just "get it". As for young people being more receptive, I found that the 14-16 age is prime for teaching them. Once they get older, they may listen to you, but are too stubborn to either believe or make the change. But when the timing is right, they are ready to receive the gospel.

I'm glad that dad feels cool in his car. I'm excited to see it in real life some day. haha.

Well, it's been a pretty dull week, sort of. Here's an entertaining story from tracting this past week. We were knocking doors and as we were walking toward the next house, there were 2 women outside and one said "Oh no, I've got to go." And got in her car, parked in the driveway. The other woman walked inside and shut the garage. So, we ignored the woman in the car, and went and knocked on the door, and waited. And waited. Then we rang the doorbell, and waited. Well, no one answered, but meanwhile the woman was still in her car in the driveway, and her car had totally broken down. So as we walked past Sister Stephenson called through the window and said "Do you need help?" She said no, as she put the phone up to her ear and she said, I'll call them and they will come out and help me. Oh dear, so we got in the car and they came out, and we flipped around and smiled and waved as we drove past. I guess that's what you get for trying to run away from God's servants?

Oh! EXCITING STUFF! Remember my companion Sister Stokes, who went home? SHE CAME TO VISIT!!!!! she was at church yesterday and is coming to the fair with us today. I MISS HER SO STINKING MUCH! It made my day. Anyway, that's about all. I've got.

The tights, probably a medium? Yes I would appreciate my coat, as for the brown coat, I don't know what I'll do with it yet. I can't believe winter is coming. I'm not ready to accept it yet. It's been chilly the last couple days, but nothing extreme. I love hearing all the things you have grown in your garden. Hopefully in the next house you will have a place to have a garden! It sounds like you have enjoyed it!

Well, I'm distracted by kids in the house and transfers and everything else. We've got to be leaving for the fair soon. Sorry it's short. I love you all! :D

Sister Randall

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