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Nov 7, 2011

Hola Familia!

Sounds like you had a good week :) What are your research papers on? Feel free to just use whatever picture you have on the plaque. That's funny that it still isn't up yet. The weather is decent. It's still sticking in the 50's. But the lows have been as low as 25. brrrr. It's gonna come quick. I've heard that since the winter is taking so long to get here then it is gonna be pretty horrid. And we've heard that this winter is supposed to be worse than last winter (which was one of the worst winters they've had in a really long time), but then I've heard that after a harsh winter comes a mild winter. So, we are praying for the mild winter. :) It's supposed to flurry on Wednesday morning, hopefully it doesn't. Once it starts to snow, it keeps snowing for six very long months. But, either way "I will survive!"

What to say about the week? We taught Jenny this week! We taught her the Restoration. She shared some special personal experiences and we invited her to be baptized. She expressed some potential hardships that could cause with her family, but told us that she had been considering it already and that if God told her this is what she needed to do, she would do it. She was unable to come to church Sunday because she was visiting her parents.

John--was interesting. We taught him, well actually we double booked and had to go on splits which is the first time I've tried to teach a lesson without a companion. But, overall it went alright. He had already read 2/3 of 1 Nephi. I'm sure by now he is in 2 Nephi. He said that what he really wants to know is what motivates Mormons to live the way they do and act the way they act. So, next week we will teach the Plan of Salvation. Hopefully he has been praying as well.

The investigator that Sister Cook was meeting with may have dropped us. He said that he will only show up this week if God tells him to. He's an interesting kid with a very interesting thought process.

Oh, yesterday night we had a 4 stake YSA meeting where they rearranged the 3 existing YSA branch/wards within the 4 stakes and turned them into 1 Twin Cities YSA Ward. So our area just grew from one stake, to four. That will prove to be interesting. We aren't quite sure if President wants us to go spend times in those areas or stick with the college campuses. We will find out.

So we taught a few other lessons, but our Recent Convert/Less Active stuff was really bad. None of them would respond to us. Finally on Sunday (which was Stake Conference) we were able to contact 3 of them and teach 2 of them.

Also on Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Macallister College and have lunch with the inter-faith council. That school is the 6th least religious school in the United States. So, it was a cool experience. We got to each (us and the elders) share our "conversion" stories, share our views on family and homosexuality and teach a full Restoration lesson. The Spirit was so strong, and each time that the Spirit was at the strongest one of the students or the Chaplain would say something and change subjects. It was a super cool experience :) We also watched the CES Fireside. It was really good :)

So, we actually come into contact with quite a few members of Judaism. Two of them were at the inter-faith council. Anyway, I was thinking about Judaism for some reason and I realized that they believe in only the Old Testament, which brings us to a conclusion that they believe in a God who calls prophets, but, where is their prophet? Anyway, just something I realized. In the common phrase of Elder Ruesch "The Church is true".

Well, that's all I've got for the week! I hope you all have a wonderfully awesomely amazing week! I will communicate with you next week and just as a heads up, the week of Thanksgiving, pday is moved from Monday to Thanksgiving Day. And to end the email, a little joke. What is December 23rd called?

Christmas ADAM! Because Adam came before Eve! haha. I love you!

Love, Sister Randall

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