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November 24, 2011

Hey family!
I hope you are all having an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Today is our pday, so we aren't doing too much. We are writing letters, emails, relaxing, and then tonight we are headed over to a members house with the elders to have Thanksgiving potluck with a bunch of his nonmember friends. So, it'll be perfect. We will probably spend the rest of the night there. It should be enjoyable. 

Send Great Grandma Burbank my love. I hope that she can find peace. 

I'm glad things are improving in the house. It sounds like everyone is doing well!  I have been writing most of these experiences down. Sometimes I choose sleep over journal...whoops? But, I will write a key in my journal with names of investigators and their code names and the area/date that we were teaching them. And, when I call on Christmas I can "reveal" the code to you! ;) haha. 

I am loving the ward here. The YSA's are so wonderful and loving. I love getting to know them and seeing how ambitious many of them are in their studies. They are also so willing to help out with joint teaching. I love it. Oh yeah, the wards are officially combined! That was a good Sunday. We had Jenny to church and another guy who we had talked to 2 weeks before and emailed a couple of times and he walked into church. I didn't recognize him at first and I thought maybe he was from another ward, but, it was him! He left after Sacrament meeting, and we sent a Book of Mormon with him. It's kind of funny because we have a parking problem here at the institute and so people end up blocking cars in and this investigator ended up getting blocked in. But, he didn't come find us. We happened to look out the window during Sunday School and there he was, sitting in his car! So, we ran out there to talk to him and he rolls down the window, holds up the Book of Mormon and says "It's ok! I'm reading the Book!" haha. Best ever! We got him unblocked so that he could go on with his day. It was awesome.

Elder Zwick from the 70 came and spoke to us. It was awesome. I had had lots of questions that I'd been pondering on for quite some time and during the 6-7 hours we were with him all of them were answered! It was amazing. I loved it! He asked me if I was related to the President Randall over the Japan mission. I took a wild guess and said "Not that I know of, but probably somewhere along the line, yes?" Us Randalls are EVERYWHERE. Everywhere I've moved to I have met Randall's. It's a good name :)

We taught Jenny. She is just absolutely amazing. So prepared. And she recognizes God's hand in her life. It's such a blessing to get to teach her. She's now living the Word of Wisdom! She was worried about coffee, but the day we taught her she'd only had 2-3 hours of sleep, got up and went to work and she told us that she was feeling great, and she hadn't had any coffee. She has so much faith. :)

John and our other investigator, I dont think I've given him a name are interesting. We found out our other investigator has paranoia schizophrenia. It's really interesting trying to teach him. John, has felt the Spirit, but isn't ready to admit it. He did accept the baptismal invitation if he received an answer. So, slow and steady wins the race. 

I think this weekend will be slow for the work, so many people are home for Thanksgiving. 

We went on exchanges this week. I was with Sister Elsholz (Like Dr. Scholz...gone spanish!)  She's great. I love working with her. I enjoyed the time with her and learned a lot. 

Anyway, there isn't too much exciting news. OH! I LOVED the letters I got in the mail! They were quite enjoyable. Dad and Austin were quite humorous, and Mom and Shae's were wonderful and informative! I enjoyed them all! It was like Christmas, getting 4 letters in one! Shae said you want my Christmas list...but I don't really have one. I will need another thing of face wash. I can always use shirts. Your clothes just get so boring after awhile. I know what I want when I get home! So yeah. I will enjoy a box full of love :) Well, I hope you have had an enjoyable week! Oh and next week we are going to the temple, so pday will probably be on Thursday again. Maybe Wednesday, but probably Thursday. Well, I love you!! Keep being awesome (especially you, Austin ;P ) Best of luck with everything!

Love, Sister Randall

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