Friday, January 20, 2012

October 17, 2011

Well, it's been an eventful week! It sounds like yours has been too! I'm glad to hear all has gone well with selling the house. It sounds like your meetings in St Louis were great! Shae said she held Sister Dalton's hand. haha, she would ;) I am super excited that NE is coming here for the MN homecoming game! We were out walking Saturday night and I saw a family and I didn't even realize it until we were walking past them but the girl was wearing one of the Corn hats and they were all wearing Nebraska hoodies! I was so excited, then I was confused because they are a week early. I keep wondering if the pep band is coming and if I still know anyone in it. That'd be crazy! If I do, they should walk around campus while they are hear and find the mormon missionaries! ;)
We are now in a trio. Sister Stephenson, Sister Cook and I. It's been incredible! Sister Cook brought an unbelievable amount of faith with her and we have seen the evidence of her faith and exact obedience. I have really appreciated having her here. Thursday we had interviews with President and I briefly mentioned that I was going to have to have college stuff figured out in a couple months and he gave me permission to start looking at school websites...I'm gonna push it off for probably a month though. Friday Elder Quentin L Cook spoke to us. It was really good, and before he started he shook each of our hands and asked our names. When he finally got up to speak he said "It was nice to have a brief spiritual interview with each of you." That was a little intimidating! Saturday, the baptism was postponed because of family and other reasons, but they are shooting for the middle of November.
So, last night we sat down to do numbers and it has been one of the best weeks number-wise that I have had since I left Oakdale in the middle of my 2nd transfer! We taught 17 lessons, got 4 new investigators-one of which is currently progressing! It was awesome. By the way, new rule that we can't use the names of investigators or recent convert/ less actives. Sorry :/
But, like I said we got 4 new investigators! It was sooo cool. We had a pretty good lesson Saturday with one of them and he is such a sweet kid. At the end he was like, "Well, I guess I need to really think about this!" Right after his lesson we taught one that we've been teaching for awhile and we finally cracked down and told her that she needed to make the Book of Mormon a higher priority. So, she said she would read 2 chapters a day this week and pray to know if it was true each time. She went to the Uptown ward and she texted us this morning and said that it was interesting and she had lots of questions and that she was going to keep reading so she might have dozens of questions. So, I'm excited to see where she goes. She will be an awesome member when she knows its true. We learned from a member of the Uptown ward who talked to her for awhile that our investigator has been defending the church when things come up with her friends and stuff. So that was good news! :)
For this coming week we already have several lessons set up with potentials, so we should have several new investigators this week. It's going to be an incredible week :) Lots of big plans!
The smell in the car has decreased A LOT because of the cooler weather- I just hope that I don't have this car next spring when it starts to warm up again! :/ Quick question- for my bank account, how much is in there? By the way, I'm probably gonna need my black down coat, unless you want me to buy another one. And I need ear muffs, mine got ruined back in March. I have a few winter necessities I will have to buy. If you happen to want to send me a box of hand and foot warmers, I wouldn't complain. Anyway, I'm short on time today, we are in a hurry to get everything done on time and I have other emails to write. I love you all! Keep smiling and working hard!!!
I hope you weeks go well and that you remember that you have a missionary praying for you and loving you! :D
Sister Randall

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