Friday, January 20, 2012

October 24,2011

Hello Family!
So good to hear from you! I heard that NE beat MN! We went out and handed out fliers for the mormon movie night before the game. Weekends are the hardest here, especially on Frat row. Everyone gets drunk out of their minds and it hurts your heart. It's so sad to see the decisions people make. We had our Mormon Movie Night last night at 7. We had 2 non-members come and probably about 20 members. One of the nonmembers was a members friend that she brought, he was nice, but not really interested. The other one was an older man, P.C. who showed up about 30 minutes early. He said that he saw one of the posters and he has been looking forward to it all week. (For names I'll just use initials). P.C. has felt drawn to the Mormon church ever since he got back from the Vietnam war. He knows all of the history and he stands up for the church when people say things against it. He said he won't ever convert because he feels that you need to believe with your whole heart and he thinks he's wishy washy and doesn't have courage. Oh, he was the sweetest man.
The scavenger hunt sounded like a blast! And, I'm assuming the choir sounded good? That quote from the desires talk is awesome and it already is in my collection, but I'm glad you thought of me! :) My favorite conference talk from this past conference was What Manner of Men and Women Ought ye to be. Or something like that. It's all about being and doing. It's awesome! One of our investigators concerns had to do with faith and works and this talk helps demonstrate how if you have faith you act. It says that if you "do" with out "being" you are a hypocrite and if your "be" without "doing" you are lying to yourself. It's an awesome talk. That's all. :D
So, as missionaries we have been asked to teach 20 lessons each week. Whether it be active, less active, recent converts or non-members. That has been the standard for a long time and for the first time since Oakdale WE TAUGHT TWENTY LESSONS (we even had 5 or 6 lessons fall through)! It was AWESOME. We tend to teach a lot of lessons while we are contacting on campus. It's awesome. Our female investigator J. who went to church last week claimed to have questions and concerns this past week, buuut her concerns were not legitimate concerns. We need to figure out what is underneath it all. I feel like since being in Dinkytown my teaching skills have improved (and still can improve). I've learned a lot this past transfer. Oh, so transfer calls were today. Sister Stephenson is headed to Oakdale to be with Sister Gibson (from Casa Grande, AZ). Sister Cook and I are staying here.
It's been a pretty fun week. We've worked hard, taught a lot, and had fun. I love meeting people and having conversations about their lives. You learn so much about life! It warmed up a bit this week! It's been between 55 and 60. Which has been nice. We are going shopping today to get Sister Cook winter stuff. I will probably be buying sometime in the next couple weeks earmuffs, a thicker hat, and thicker tights... but maybe I'll wait until the box comes and see what's in there. Other than that, I think I'm good to go for the winter. It's gonna be here before we know it. Anyway, things are going awesomely.  I'm not sure I have much more to report on....
I love you all and hope things are well. Have an awesome week and Halloween weekend. I'll email next halloween! LOVE YA!!
Sister Randall

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