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Oct. 10, 2011

Well, it's been a pretty good week! We've had some awesome conversations on campus, have some sweet potential investigators and had an AWESOME Sunday. But first, I'll let you know that I picked up on the hint. Thanks for being so...subtle? It definitely took me until the 2nd hint to figure it out. haha. I thought maybe you were trying to make reference to my terrible use of "alypsies"? What can I say? I like my dot dot dots :D

Anyway! I'll start with Sunday, because it was awesome. Remember Ann? The recent convert from Kenya, whose father is a Lutheran pastor? Well, she got up to bear her testimony on Sunday and she said that 2 months ago when she got baptized she told her mom that she had joined the church, and just trusted that she would tell her dad. Well, yesterday morning she got a call from her dad. He said, "What is the name of your new church?" She said, "The Church of Jesus Christ," and paused because she couldn't speak. He then said, "Are you going to tell me the full name of your church?" So, she told him the full name. He then said "Will you send me a copy of the Book of Mormon?" The Spirit filled that room so full and so quick. I am excited for her father to read it, and hope that he will find that it is true and that it can unite him and his wife in a religion (it's been a topic of much contention between them for years). So that was awesome moment number 1!

2nd! I told you about the elder's investigator Anton. Very sweet kid. Anyway, Tuesday Anton came to the institute VERY upset. He went and had a lesson with the Elders and a girl named Jen who converted from Catholicism maybe 2 years ago? Well, he got into some temple anti--which is pretty nasty stuff. He felt betrayed, but the elders helped him realize that the reason he felt like he was going to throw up while reading that is because it wasn't true! So, he's doing better. We met with him Friday with the elders and helped him realize that he has already received answers to his prayers. Elder Ruesch read a scripture out of 2 Ne 32 (I think) that invites all to fear not, to repent and to be baptized. They told him to pray to find a date to be baptized. The spirit was SUPER strong, so we had a kneeling prayer where Anton pretty much bore his testimony in and asked for the correct date to be baptized on. Sunday the elders followed up and he decided he needs to be baptized THIS SATURDAY! We are super stoked! Now, he just has to tell his family...

President called us this week. We are getting a Nauvoo sister coming up to do proselyting for the next 6 months-ish? And, she's gonna come be in a three-some with us! So, that's gonna be super exciting! We are looking forward to that...except for the laundry part, we will have to do like 3 or 4 loads instead of 2. Bummer!

We are having Mission Tour this week. Elder Cook is coming to speak to us Friday from 12:30-4:30. That should be fun!
We have had some really good lessons this week, one with a less active, one with a recent convert, and we taught one to a kid named Karthik (Car-tick). He's Hindu. Our whole lesson was spent on trying to explain who God is. He believes that anyone and anything that is good, is god. He said that if someone is nice to him than he/she is his "god". It was interesting. He said he can't meet for another 3 weeks, so we will see what comes of that.

Remember the car/milk story? So, it was a whole gallon of milk in the back of the car, but only 1/2 of the milk was in the gallon. So, that's why it smelt SOOOOOOO bad. Sis. S and I went and bought some shampoo stuff and tried to wash the carpeting, but it wasn't working. We finally called Elder Braun who is over the cars and told him the problem. He had us take it to get detailed. They shampooed it and then it smelt like a mixture of shampoo and milk. We haven't driven the car since then, but the elders say it still smells REALLY bad. I dunno what they're gonna do about that.

Last Monday we biked to FHE, which is probably 4-5 miles each way. It was great. I've been dealing with a cold? I don't know. It's been weird. First it was just a runny nose at night, then it was during the day... Thursday Sis S was sick, so I took a nap too and I was out for 1 1/2 hours. I felt a bit better. Then I developed a cough one night, which comes and goes. I don't know. It's weird. I've tried allergy meds and sudafed. Sudafed has helped the most with my nose. Anyway, last night I was thinking about it and I realized that it's probably side affects from my Flo Vent inhaler. So, I didn't take it this morning and I feel great! I'm gonna talk to the pharmacist when we go grocery shopping today. I dunno what I'm gonna do. One of the most common side affects is an Upper Respiratory Infection. Hopefully that's not what I've got. We shall find out.

Overall it's been a pretty good week! I'm glad the garage sale went well. I don't remember if this is already gone or not, but remember the white dresser with the mirror and 4 dressers, is that the one you got rid of? Anyway, I'm not too attached to anything in particular. As long as you didn't sell my siblings...even though it might have been tempting ;) Hmm, how did mom's tests go? Have fun with the YW, RS, Primary meeting! That will be super cool!

I did hear that it snowed in Utah. I'm worried because we've had SUPER nice weather (well, to some it's way too hot, it must be the AZ still in me, I thought it was beautiful) the last couple weeks. It's been 80-85. The next few days should be in the 70's, then it's supposed to drop into the upper 50's again. I'm really not looking forward to winter, because once it's here, it's here for good. Well, 6 months, but that's a LOOOOONG time! They say it's supposed to be worse than last winter, and last winter was one of the worst winters they've had in a really long time. The metro-dome collapsed last year. I see that place every day. Oh, and remember the bridge that collapsed several years ago? Or whenever it was. That's here too, the new bridge has a memorial for those who died and has really cool lights that light it up at night. I should take a picture.

Anyway, I could keep talking, but we need to get going. We have a lot to get done today and I still need to email Koltn, Shae, Miranda (who didn't email me ) and President. So, I love you all. I hope all is well with each of you! Keep smiling and remember I LOOOVE YOU!

Sister Randall

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