Friday, January 20, 2012

Sept 26

Hello Family!

I do remember the temple talk from Grandpa, and it was when I was dating Justin, I do believe.  I'm sure I will remember it for the rest of my life :) As I have gone to the temple and studied in the scriptures and preach my gospel I have certainly come up with quite a few questions for whoever is gonna have questions, so we will have to go to the temple next year. There is SOOOO much to learn! So with all the moving will you get to sit down and watch general conference? How are mom's classes going? And the kids' schooling? Also, what do I need to do with the bank account? I have gotten a couple confirmation emails, but I don't understand what you want me to do about it. I should be fine on money, I guess I didn't realize how close to the end of the month it really was. I mean, I should keep a little more cash on me, but I'm fine right now.

Well, it's been a pretty good week! We picked up a new investigator-- Yvan. He's from Cameroon, but he might live out of our area :( He is awesome. I talked to him on campus the other day. I was walking down University ave and a kid came running up behind and said "What time is it?" He had plenty of time until the bus came so, he walked and we talked for a couple minutes. Turns out his family is being visited by the Maplegrove sisters. He told me he knew Sister Daniel, but he never gets the chance to be there when the sisters are there. So he asked if he could give me his number and we could set up a time, and of course I said YES! We met with him this past week, and he is just awesome! I'll be sad to pass him off to other missionaries.

We had a really good district meeting this past week. I heard a lot of things I needed to hear. One of which was another poem. I don't know what it is about the poems, they get me almost everytime. Anyway, this one is called He Has Been There Before. It goes through a missionary's day and he was in a hard area and that night he cries and expresses his feelings in prayer about how he hates biking because he sweats so much that it gets in his eyes and having to wear a helmet because people make fun of him, and how his hands hurt from knocking all day, and people don't listen, and he doesn't like his companion, then he goes to sleep and has a dream. In the dream the Savior approaches him to speak to him and say, I know how you feel. And reminds him that the donkey He rode was not equipped with 21 speeds, and people once placed a crown of thorns on His head and made fun of Him, and His hands probably hurt in a similar way when they pounded the nails into His hands, and the blood that he sweated was grievous to be borne, and how he once had a companion who sold His life for money. He then said, we have a lot of similarities, but the "difference is that I endured to the end, now go and do like Me."  It hit pretty hard. The Savior really does understand and sometimes we forget how much more He has done for us.

I finished Jesus the Christ! :) I probably started in the middle of 2 transfers ago, so maybe 3-4 months? I want to read it again before the end of my mission. It's an awesome book! It's hard to start, but it's really good. We biked to a dinner this week and once we got there it got really really windy and sprinkled a bit, so the ride home was a bit difficult going against the wind and at once point I almost got hit by a branch falling off a tree. It was exciting, but I'm safe! :D  Friday night I got sick :( Thankfully it wasn't too bad. I was super nauseous and had a bad headache but I was ready to go by the next morning! But, then Sis. Stephenson had it. We made posters for general conference and Sunday night we went around and posted them around campus. On the way back to the institute another group was hanging up banners over top several of ours :( So, after that event is over today we are gonna go and tear them down. We spent a lot of time on them. Oh! Something that was really fun for me is that we got the emails for the directors of the religion department and we wrote an email to the religion professors inviting them to invite their students to contact us with questions and to come to general conference. I guess I'm a nerd but trying to remember how to write a professional email was fun! I enjoyed it a lot. We are also preparing to have a Mormon Movie night on the 23rd of October. We will be handing out fliers and putting up posters around campus for that. We will show Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. Our way of proselyting is so different on a college campus than in any other area. It's a lot of fun :D

Hm, well that kind of concludes the week! Today we went to the Como Zoo, I'll attach some pictures from the zoo and other pictures I have!

I love you all! I hope all is well!
Sister Randall

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