Friday, January 20, 2012

Oct 31, 2011

Family! I hope you have enjoyed the Halloween season! The pumpkins look wonderful and Wesley is getting SO tall. I think that forwarding that is fine :) I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've seen him.
Thanks a million for the package! It's perfect! It brought lots of happiness (and I received it on my 9 month mark)
Shae said that you guys think she is a lot like me...that's a scary thought :S Tell her to be smarter than me and ignore boys until she's 50 ;) Ok, maybe at least until she's 17? Pleeaase? She won't listen to me but I tell her everytime I email her! haha.
That is exciting that Myles is a daddy! That makes grandma and grandpa great grandparents for the first time, correct? Crazy!!!
I love it when members are involved with missionary work and that is where our miracle of the week comes from! So last week we were home a little early so that we could update the area book, fill our paper work, make phone calls etc. when we heard a knock on the door! The three of us looked at each other a little confused, and answer the door. Well, we were all dressed in our sweats and the girl outside the door asked if we were LDS missionaries. We said yes and she introduced herself as "Jenny" from the apartment next door. She said that her best friend is LDS and she gave us cupcakes. We chatted for a couple minutes and then said goodnight. A couple days later we left a card on her door thanking her for the cupcakes and an invite to the Mormon Movie Night. She left a card in return with her contact info and apology for not being able to attend the movie night, but that she would love to attend other activities. So, we gave her a call later that week and invited her to the weekly Friday lunch devotional. She accepted the invite and we walked with her from our apartment building to the institute. On the way she told us that she had always wanted to come into the institute, but had no one to go with. She also told us that she had been to church with her friend in CA and that her friend had given her a Book of Mormon. She asked us where she should read at. Jenny also said that she had told her friend in CA that we lived down the hall and that we had been talking and her friend told Jenny that she'd been praying that she would be able to meet someone that could take her to church! Jenny took this as no coincidence and even came to church the following Sunday. She said that she is going to try to get all Sundays off so that she can come and she asked us if she could meet up with us and talk more about Joseph Smith!! We are going to try to meet with her tomorrow, but she is unsure of her work schedule. She is super awesome! It is amazing how God directs His work and that when the time is right He places people in the right place. I was thinking about it and I realized that it is SO important for us to talk about what we believe, even when our friends don't seem to be responsive. Because, like Alma the younger (Alma 36: 17-20) when he was humbled and ready to receive and act he REMEMBERED and then he received peace and joy and a remission of his sins. When our friends are ready to accept the gospel they will remember what we have said and who we were. This experience, and the next that I'll share, have both been huge testimony builders that the Lord is directing His work and all we can do is be prepared, obedient, and ready to work!
Two weeks ago we were at a bus stop and I talked to a kid named "John." His parents had been Lutheran Missionaries, but had a falling away and became atheist. Consequently so did the kids. Well, we had talked and I invited him to learn more and check out the website, but he didn't give me his information. Well, Thursday night we were out contacting and we walked with another kid to the same bus stop, while we were talking to him I looked up and saw John in the exact same spot that I had met him last time. He saw me too, we made I contact, I smiled and Sister Cook and I then finished up our current conversation and began walking away. But, I couldn't. I didn't really want to go back and talk to John because I didn't remember his name, his story, our conversation, nothing. But, I swallowed my pride and we went to talk to him. We had a good conversation, explained the Book of Mormon, gave him a copy and then invited him to come to the weekly friday lunch devotional. He accepted the invitation. We still didn't have his contact information. Friday morning the elders texted us and asked if we had a guy named John coming to the lunch. We were confused at how they knew, but it turns out that their investigator was roommates with John their freshman year and was cancelling their lesson at 11 so that he could come at 12 with John! (What a small world) Well, John showed up and much to my surprise he had already read at least the first 4 chapters of the Book of Mormon!! (I only know it was that much because he asked why Laban's servant couldn't recognize that it was really Nephi). Anyway, after the devotional we talked some more, we set up a lesson and he gave us his phone number! It was awesome! Things are picking up!
Last night 3 college students stopped us and asked if we could do a survey for them. They were each majoring in ministry. They asked us questions regarding sex and marriage. They were pleased to find that we had standards and let us know that it was so heartbreaking to find out what college students thoughts on those things were. We really appreciated their stand for truth.
well, this is all that is coming to mind. Sister Cook gave an awesome talk in sacrament meeting yesterday!
Since today is Halloween we are going in at 8. For us it would have made more sense to go in early Friday and Saturday. Here there won't be much trick-or-treating and the students did all their partying this weekend. Fridays and Saturdays are the most difficult nights in a college town. I am so grateful that I will never have to worry about being under the influence and not having complete control over what I am doing.
Thanks for being awesome! I appreciate your love and support. I hope you know that I pray for you and love you each dearly! Have an awesome week! :D
Sister Randall

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