Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's been another interesting week. Sister X went home, which caused everything to get switched again, since there was an even number of sisters again. Sister Stephenson, who has been in Dinky Town for a long time got sent to Rochester. Sister Stokes Emergency transfered in 3 weeks before me, because her companion was a visa waiter, got her visa and went to her own mission. So, Sister Stokes and I are in Dinky Town together. We get along great and we have been working hard. The area hasn't been doing too great, since Sis. X couldn't really walk much. So, we have one progressing investigator, but she has a kid and will be transferring to the family ward missionaries. We had 11 lessons planned, 6 canceled. 2 were active member lessons, 1 was a recent convert, 1 was a less active, and 1 was an investigator who is a strong, practicing catholic. We got 3 potentials while working on campus. Which is not very many at all. The Elders in our ward get plenty. So, we plan on working really hard again this week. We are going to start a new program called 1+ that has worked for college campuses in Colorado. Those campuses are baptizing every week now! Once we meet with bishop we will get that into action. The semester is ending and everyone is busy with finals (which is a huge reason as to why we have struggled with appointments) but all the students are going home. So, one of the sets of missionaries will leave the area for the summer. We find out next week whether the sisters or the elders leave. Logically the Elders should stay, because they have investigators and they are doing really well. We essentially have nothing going right now. But, President will do what the Lord tells him to do. We assume that if we get sent out, we will just move to Northfield (I think) which is where Sis. Stokes was before her companion got her visa. That area is currently closed. So, we will see what happens. As of right now we are living 3 miles from the institute, in downtown Minneapolis.

Wow, there isn't much to report on. Next week is mother's day!! We usually are done at the institute around 1:30ish, but then we will go out and work for a couple hours. I will call between 3:30 and 4. That way we can have dinner at 5, Sister Stokes will call home at 6 and then we will do our 2 hours of study. Thanks for the number, I think I had mom's cell phone number. Is that the house phone then?

Curious, when is dad's birthday? 3/19/ xxxx  I'm gonna need that when I go to the dr's. I need to do that. I've been taking my inhaler a lot. Well, I guess this covers it for now and I will talk to you all on Sunday :D

Love ya lots!
Sister Randall :D

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