Tuesday, May 24, 2011

week 9

Tell Josh and Deanne congrats from me! I about started crying when I read that! I hope she sticks to it and makes the right decision. She's such a great girl :)
So, I will take a picture this week...we just stay sooo busy. As for checks, I believe i have them. So, how much do I owe? How much is in my bank account? I hate not being able to know what's going on and able to take care of my taxes. It's stressful. I don't have my direct address. If you send it to the mission home it just takes one more day to get to me. Or, call my mission president and explain that you need to get tax information directly to me and he can give it to you.
I have a few requests as well. Can you find out Pama and Brea's addresses? And, I need some facewash pretty soon. Please? Thanks!
Miranda! Congrats on BYU-Idaho! That's exciting. You are lucky to not be there in the winter!!
So, Saturday night Sis. Sorensen and I went to Catholic Mass. It was interesting. Our District leader challenged us all to go to another church to try to understand how our investigators feel coming to our church. It was different.
Wow, I can't think of what happened this week. Bro. Moses Logan is getting baptized on the 9th. We've taught him everything and he has accepted it all. His wife comes home on Tuesday, so we can finally meet her.
We received a referral for a woman named Cynthia and her family. They just moved to our area and her mother joined the church within the last few years. She has seen how it has helped her mom and wants to learn more. Her boyfriend and her will hopefully be getting married, she said she wanted to. We will meet with them this week. We spent a little time speaking with her this past week, and she is excited about it. It would be so wonderful to watch her whole family join the church and be able to get sealed!
Oh, so the first week that I was here we were looking at the map of our area trying to find an area to tract in on Sunday. We both felt impressed to visit a particular street. However, that Sunday was a snow storm and we weren't able to go. Over the next several weeks we went back twice. Each time keeping track of who had and hadn't answered. So, this past week we went back to knock the last 5 doors. When we drove down the road I saw one of the houses and my heart just started beating fast and I felt the Spirit. We started down the road a bit, but when we got there my heart started pounding again. After I rang the doorbell I looked at Sis. S. and told her that. She told me that hers was pouding too and that the Spirit was strong. The man answered the door, we introduced ourselves, he told us he wasn't interested, we gave him a mormon.org card and left. I don't know what is going to happen, but I know that he is the reason we were on that street. In time, he will come to know the truth.
Last week the snow melted (except for the huge piles from the plows) and it was beautifully warm (in the 50's). Then, it snowed again. Ugh. I can't believe you are planting a garden, because here, the ground is still frozen. This week it will get into the 40's. I can't wait for spring!
Today was transfer calls, Sis. Sorensen and I are both staying. However, Sister Sorensen has been asked to do exchanges with all the sisters in the cities. So, I'll be out and about with other people in other places over the next transfer. That will be an interesting experience.
Thanks so much for your love and support. Did I tell you that Eugene and Charlotte sent me a package? It was super cute and I felt so loved! It made me smile. I sent them a thank you card. It was super sweet of them and was a fun surprise.  Hm, I feel like there is more to say, but I can't think of what it is. You asked who I write, I think. I email Randall, and sometimes Tonya. Rocio wrote me in the MTC but I didn't have her home address. Emily Beu and I have been writing. I need to find a way to get a couple more addresses. Two of my Arizona friends Reggie Nichols-in South Korea and Marcus Harding in Chile?? maybe. Then, in my hotmail account there should be saved somewhere Torvald's address in Norway. And if not, if you could send him an email and find out what it is? That would be awesome. I want to know how my missionary friends are! I have also gotten letters from other friends and past roommates :) Well, that covers basically what all is going on.
I love you all, I hope you are all enjoying your many activities and projects and what not. You all sound like you are good at staying busy. I love you!!
Sister Randall :D

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